18 mind blowing quotes by Pakistani politicians in 2013

I could see improvement in politician’s behaviour and they have stated owning their statements.

Last year, our nation went through many a tragedy. From being held hostage by terrorists to being engulfed by sectarian violence, the terror spree has gone on without any breaks.

In this madness, we have had our politicians providing us their ‘pearls of wisdom’.

While this year we have missed the late Pir Pagara, Zulfiqar Mirza, Pervez Musharraf, Rehman Malik and the like, who had given us truly memorably comments regarding national security in the past, I was still able to collect some quotes which managed to become top headlines.

Here is how our leaders and politicians have shared their valuable opinions on issues of key importance to Pakistan and its people.


Diesel syndrome

“Even a dog killed by America is a martyr” – Maulana Fazlul Rehman (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam)

Maulana Fazlu Rehman’s brief statement on killing of banned TTP’s commander.


Guerrilla alert

“We are not going to succeed because Taliban are masters of guerrilla warfare” – Imran Khan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf)

On killing of the TTP chief, Imran Khan warned the nation and Pakistan Army against the Taliban’s tried and tested warfare strategy.


TTP Pvt Ltd

“Allow the Taliban to open offices in Pakistan” – Imran Khan (PTI)

Imran Khan’s demand despite knowing the fact that Taleban in Afghanistan are fighting a war against external forces unlike TTP attacking Pakistan Army and own people.


Killer apps

“Dear burgers, sorry about Skype/Viber/Whatsapp. Excuse us while we catch some terrorists and save some lives. SMS for 3 months” – Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (Pakistan Peoples Party)

This surprising justification came from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, when the Sindh government decided to ban different online communication apps.


Basant in Karachi

“Pakistan had won freedom from Britain in 1947 but our Karachi is still a colony of London. We’ll cut the kite controlled by phone calls from London” – Bilawal Bhutto (PPP)

Bilawal enlightens the youth on how Basant should be celebrated in Karachi.


Ministry of Fear

“The TTP should be given religious ministries in the federal and provincial cabinets as a good will gesture.” – PTI Central Vice President, Mian Mukarram Shah  (PTI)

In an attempt to protect the nation from the wrath of Taliban, the PTI vice president came up with the remarkable demand of distributing religious ministries to the banned TTP group.

Question of tamasha

Tamasha not an un-parliamentary word” – Chaudhry Nisar (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz)

The interior minister, after a thorough research, claimed that the word ‘tamasha’ (performance) had been used 45 times during the last five years in the parliament and no one had objected.


Call of duty

“Those people who are protesting – and grandstanding – near Three Swords – I don’t want to fight or quarrel but if I order my supporters now, they will go to Three Swords and turn them in reality”. – Altaf Hussain (Muttahida Qaumi Movement)

The MQM chief warned his opponents to either accept the election results or get ready to face the consequences.


From Britain, with love

“Even Jinnah held a British passport and took oath of allegiance to the then British King, George VI” – Altaf Hussain (MQM)

The MQM chief reminded the nation about the passport carried by the father of the nation, giving a lesson which seldom history teachers ever impart to their students.


An Ajrak wedding

“A wedding reception at Sindh Assembly is not a big deal” – Agha Siraj Durrani (PPP)

Agha Siraj Durrani concluded the debate by endorsing wedding receptions at the Sindh Assembly as no big deal.


A swift solution to all our problems

“Democracy has failed and martial law should be implemented in Pakistan.” – Syed Faisal Raza Abidi (PPP)

After witnessing the democratic government’s performance, former PPP Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi revealed his swift and easy solution to all of Pakistan’s problems.


Terrorists, by invite only

“We did not invite Osama bin Laden to Pakistan, or even to Afghanistan” – Yousuf Raza Gillani (PPP)

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gillani while defending Pakistan to the international community.


Seeing eye to eye

“I’ll see how anyone arrests me. The NAB (National Accountability Bureau) chairman is himself summoned, how can he summon me?” Yousuf Raza Gillani (PPP)

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gillani defends himself against corruption charges.


Rebel, much?

“Nawaz Sharif was, and remains, my leader, as I hold him in high esteem” – Jawed Hashmi  (PTI)

Jawed Hashmi showed complete faith and respect in his ex leader, whom he left because he was not in agreement with his ideologies in the first place. Okay, now I am confused.


The martyr debate

“Hakimullah was a martyr” – Munawar Hasan (Jamaat-e-Islami)

Munawar Hasan, chief of JI, gives the title of martyrdom to the TTP chief, ignoring the sacrifices of hundreds of Pakistani soldiers.


Of allegations and ideas

“Punjab University’s vice chancellor is a playboy type person” – Fareed Paracha (JI)

JI leader Fareed Paracha calls Punjab University vice chancellor a ‘playboy type’ because of his liberal ideologies.


Rumour has it

“Veena Malik is a bloody liar. Does she deserve coffee? I hate her.” – Shaikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed reacts aggressively when a ‘coffee invitation’ to Veena Malik goes public.


Jail Break

“I think K-P government should resign on the failure despite having report of the exact date. I do not know what the K-P Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, this teeli pehlwan (thin fighter), was doing” – Rana Sanaullah – (PML-N)

Rana Sanaullah shows his anger on the K-P chief minister’s helplessness over the Dera Ismail Khan jail break.


These were the most unquotable quotes by our leaders in 2013 and each comment had its own entertainment value – irrespective of how repulsive they might have been.

This also highlights one very important thing – our leaders really need to start practicing the age-old advice of weighing ones words before speaking them. It would do them well to follow it.


Team PTI’s unrealistic electioneering

Echoes of Naya Pakistan can be heard all around including the airwaves, social media and various tv channels. Kaptaan is doing Jalsaas across Pakistan and team PTI educating voters all over through election offices but unlike  Imran Khan’s tall claim of conquering Karachi we see no political activity in the most educated city of Pakistan.

Inspite of fielding candidates from Karachi’s all constituency there is hardly any PTI presence in metropolis – the party workers physically seem inattentive in Urban Sindh.

It is also noted that PTI who twice did huge Jalsas in Karachi is not even considered by the MQM in upcoming elections as they think their faithful and educated voters not going to change their mind for the party who seems least interested in the City.

If Insaafians  really planning to create Naya Pakistan on Facebook while MQM, and ANP workers literally losing lives to turn nation into a liberal and progressive Pakistan then it would be a sheer disappointment for their captain in Karachi as election 2013 are not going to be contested virtually.

Let alone camps, Karachites hardly see any banner or posters of PTI in the city which gives an impact that Karachi is least important in the PTI’s priority list and they are mainly focusing on Punjab or precisely PML N’s constituencies to win over as due to Punjab’s population, whoever scores majority will be in a good position to make Government or strong opposition.

The people of Karachi looking for an extremism free nation, the nation which could confront fanatics eye to eye. If PTI is ready to slash extremism its workers must bravely come out on the streets and condemn religious terrorism — else results in metropolis would not be different.

Tehreek-e-Insaaf workers have to work day and night in the right direction to keep party in limelight but if PTI sticks to its Punjab centric strategy and even secures majority, the nation would see no difference between the Nawaz Shareef and Imran Khan but a mere face change. If PTI claims to be a national party it must physically work hard to feel its presence across Pakistan.

It is also believed that PTI workers other than Punjab are more active on social media than to work genuinely on ground. Indeed no one can deny the importance Social Media but its just one factor to influence voters. Educating the voter and establishing presence physically always makes an impact on the people since elections being contested through ballot not Facebook.

What’s the status of PTI in Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and South Punjab speaks volume about PTI’s strategy towards upcoming elections.

While entering Peshawar a visitor happens to see billboards of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital  but apparently PTI has no concrete slogan to sell for KPK. The problem of KPK is not drones but day to day terrorism and poor economical conditions however Imran Khan finds stopping drone the only solution to all problems.

Why Imran Khan doesn’t speak against militancy, economic condition of KPK and over all misery of province is another question needs to be addressed by him.

In Balochistan there is no drone issue it’s purely an issue of Baloch rights likewise PTI has not come up with any solution for Balochistan as well nor do we see party presence there.

In short if Khan is eyeing Punjab to win upcoming elections, he might cut few Punjab seats but end up on being loser.

Its high time for 1st, 2nd and 3rd force to stop focusing one province but work diligently to secure rest of the nations’ seats as well, since Naya Pakistan would be fueled by everyone not one province.

Holy Cow vs. Cash Cow

A day after intimating to public “bombs-like” evidences against the son of the PCO Chief Justice – Unlike ex Chief Minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza who despite heavy media coverage and holding Holy Quran in his hand could proof nothing, Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon holding the same book presented evidences to the Supreme Court that he  had paid a whopping Rs 342.5 million to Arsalan Iftikhar, who he claimed was running the judiciary like a “don”.

Call it Bahriagate or Familygate, one thing I liked about the whole Malik Riaz vs Arsalan Iftekhar episode is finally we have ‘judiciary’ to talk about. Earlier the anchors, journalists and the nation in general had only politician to target but the reemergence of Arsalan Iftekhar has given Pakistani media and common people a chance to thoroughly examine the so called Holycow.

In past corruption within judiciary especially in lower courts had conveniently been ignored under the garb of supremacy of judiciary but not now. The time has come to call spade a spade, thanks to Musharraf for setting the media free.

This time, the cash cow, Malik Riaz has come up with various allegations against Chief Justice’s son although top judge was aware of the scam for six months but by the passage of time as the case further unfolds we would be able to know why Chief Justice never took action on his son’s alleged corruption cases.

Arsalan Iftekhar is not new to the scandals. Earlier the then President Pervez Musharraf leveled allegations against him but none of them proven due to the politically charged environment during (in) famous Lawyer’s movement.

 Though apparently the case has nothing to do with CJ and to keep the judicial process fair and transparent Chief Justice is asked to distance himself from the case however to an extent this historical scandal is connected to him since it gives one hope to think that the chief justice has impartially taken action against the reports of his son’s alleged involvement in corruption and that the country is moving towards a progressive society where the elites are also reprimanded, if found guilty.

On the other hand political parties including PPP playing their cards wisely by silencing themselves except the pointscorers PML N and PTI jumped into the already  subjudice matter.

In his first public statement, Imran Khan “extended” his support to the judiciary in the alleged corruption scandal of Arsalan Iftekhar and said that the sequence of events clearly shows that the target of the entire “conspiracy” was the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as a result BBC URDU without wasting time exposed Imran Khan for enjoying financial support for PTI Lahore rally by Malik Riaz.

Our politicians need to understand the sensitivity of this case, its hightime for them to act mature and monitor the entire process with honesty since nation is in the process of change. Not the change that we hear in political Jalsas but the real one that is going to decide fate of many politicians, businessmen and above all “Holy cows”.

Rehman Malik tops 2011 ‘Hall of Shame’

Be it Veena Malik, Shoaib Malik, or Rehman Malik, there is one thing I have realized; it’s not easy being a Malik in Pakistan.

The Maliks of Pakistan are forever surrounded by controversies. Despite stiff competition amongst politicians and artists who struggled to top the “hall of shame, 2011,” guess who has managed to secure the first position once again? Our very own, very dear, very entertaining, Dr Abdul Rehman Malik. To acknowledge his outstanding performance, he has even been awarded a PhD degree by the Syndicate of Karachi University in recognition of his “matchless services to the country.”

Some of his golden words uttered during the year 2011, that range from outlandish to hilarious, are listed as follows:

1) Statement: “If someone insulted Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), I, too, would shoot him”.

Event: On the assassination of Salmaan Taseer. The government responds in a way the authorities are supposed to: by promising the laws would stand, but Rehman  Malik comes up with this bizarre statement instead.

Look my dear friend, who knows one fine day some Qadri pops out of my convoy and kill me for XYZ reason under the garb of blasphemy law, would any media man come to rescue me?

2) Statement: “I am thankful to the Taliban who did not carry out any attack on Shia Muslims and showed respect to their rituals.”

Event: During the event of Ashura, Rehman Malik passed another shocking statement to the media. He actually thanked the Taliban for not attacking Shia processions! And no, he did not stop there. Rehman went on to say that he had appealed to the Taliban, asking them to spare the processions of Shia Muslims, and that he was grateful that they  responded positively to his appeal.

My friend, we must not pass sweeping statements on Taleban, like us they are human too. Shouldn’t we thank them for sparing us for at least one day, isn’t it a good deed?

3) Statement: ”The Tablighi missionary centre in Raiwaind is the breeding ground for extremism and terrorism in Pakistan as the centre has a major role in brainwashing the extremists.”

Event: Rehman Malik made this statement to the audience at the security think-tank International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) while speaking on the topic of ”Countering Extremism in South Asia’.

You need to watch movie “Khuda Kay Liye” and listen to Naseeruddin Shah closely, he says “Islam main Darhi hai, Darhi main Islam nahin”, now try to figure out what I mean.

4) Statement: ”If Google and Youtube do not help the Pakistan government, then Pakistan reserves the right to block these services to prevent terrorists from using it”.

Event: The Interior Minister when talking to the media at the FIA headquarters, urged the internet service providers to extend their help to the government for exterminating the menace of terrorism from the country.

I have warned Government of Googlistan and Republic of Youtube to cooperate with Pakistan at their best and they have agreed to keep a strict eye on terrorists using their web space to disrupt Pakistani soil. We will not spare them.

5) Statement: ”I had given a warning yesterday that there should be no match-fixing. This time I am watching it very closely. If any such thing happens we will take action”.

Event: Before the World Cup semi-final against India, Pakistani cricketers were warned beforehand not to indulge in any match-fixing by the Interior Minister Rehman Malik who said he was keeping a “close watch” on their activities.

My every statement has a philosophy behind it; we kept a close eye to watch players and didn’t let them match fix. They win, lose or even play under pressure due to my policing is not my headache. I want results.

6) Statement: “PML-N had embraced Osama bin Laden and was responsible for bringing Osama bin Laden from Egypt to Pakistan for his treatment”.

Event: Speaking at the National Assembly, Malik denied opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar’s claim that the government was sleeping while the US operation was carried out. He lashed out at PML-N for bringing Bin Laden to Pakistan.

All of you talk about 100 suitcases Nawaz Shareef brought to Saudi Arabia but forgets what he brought from there; Osama Bin Laden was packed in one of those suitcases, I will tell you the whole story at the “right time”.

7) Statement: ”Extortionists should quit extorting and leave the city”.

Event: Talking to the media after addressing a ceremony held at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce, Interior Minister Rehman Malik warned the extortionists and target killers to quit and leave Karachi else stern action will be taken against them. I bet they were scared.

Stupid warnings always work in my case; good extortionists would listen to me and leave the city, while “bad apples” will be left with no option but to disappear as well.

8) Statement: ”When it is reported that 100 people were killed due to target killing, investigations reveal that only 30 were its victims while 70 others died at the hands of their wives or girlfriends.”

Event: During the press conference in Quetta, when target killings were on an all time high in Karachi, the Interior Minister said that the reported figure of deaths due to target killing were not accurate because half the men were killed by the women in their lives. Now that’s some imagination Mr Malik has there. Too many action-thriller films I would say.

Along with Interior ministry I am given a task to handle “internal affair ministry” as well.

9) Statement: “They were wearing black clothes like in Star Wars movies, (one) with (a) suicide vest. They had small beards and two of them were between 20-22 years old while the third who blew himself up was about 25.”

Event: This classic comment erupted from Malik’s mouth when he was talking to the media after the PNS Mehran attack. Our dear Interior Minister came up with another bizarre analogy and compared terrorists’ outfits to Star Wars characters. Told you he was into action flicks and stuff.

One of your private Tv channels portrays me as Chulbul Malik but I proved them I am a Starwars Freak.

10) Statement: “All ground intelligence shows that Ilyas Kashmiri is dead. What I can say is that there is a 98 % chance he is dead”.

Event:  Interior Minister Rehman Malik told the media that although he had no physical proof, he was ’98 % sure’ that senior al Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri was killed in a US drone strike in South Waziristan. Let’s add clairvoyance to his list of countless other outstanding traits, shall we?

You won’t ever see me boasting about percentages or issuing loose statements.Can’t do much about this, I am a Maths Man too.

While the President munches Popcorns


Habib Jalib must be turning in his grave at the recent brouhaha of Shahbaz Sharif’s rhetoric and his poetic embarrassment in an uncalled for rally against President Zardari.

This same address conveniently ignored corruption charges, bad governance and lawlessness in the very Punjab government headed by the Khadim-e-Aala in disguise.

It is no secret that the current People’s Party regime has not lived up to expectations. However, claiming to hang the President of a democratically elected government in the presence of free judiciary just goes to show the restlessness of the PML-N for their promised turn following after the current regime.

What the Chief Minister of Punjab uttered in the rally against President Zardari is hypocritical to say in the least as the same corruption and bad governance model can be witnessed in Punjab too, where dengue is still at large. Moreover, lady health workers protesting against non-payment of their salaries, mismanagement in railway employees pension, and the violent agitation by the students in the online result fiasco are some of the clear cut indicators of what the Sharifs are up to.

On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s rally showcased around approximately 100,000 people, including youngsters who were hoping for a changing Pakistan.  The growing rift between the PTI and PML-N in Punjab is setting new trends of political boasting in the province.

The power hungry politicians, instead of conducting a decent round table conference to provide a solution to the people of Pakistan are impatiently looking for the power base of Islamabad.

So far President Zardari’s politics are considered to be smart. His strategy of reconciliation with the MQM, ANP and PML-Q has successfully helped him secure the President house and quite likely another tenure as well.

The sudden jump of the MQM into the PML-N vs PTI tournament has given a new attraction to TV channels and political enthusiasts of this unfortunate nation. Last weekend, the nation was all set to witness the beginning of a series of rallies and protests on non-issues that actually proved the seriousness of our leaders towards the prosperity of Pakistan.

However the consequences of the political circus in Pakistan and the fight for proving ‘our political show has a larger crowd than yours’ caused systematic frustration in the sensible lot of Pakistanis. In such circumstances a Pakistani with even with a bit of eminence has lost the charm he/she once had in the Pakistani nation. It goes thus, that they would feel no urgency in voting for any politician with the hope of change, since they all seem to be equally petty and childish. Surely we can all agree that current politics is no basis for real enthusiasm.

Unless the people of Pakistan stand up by themselves under the non-political entities and march for their rights towards a just cause, we won’t witness any change at all, since the most shrewd man of this country has  brought our politicians at each other’s throats while he’s munching pop corn in the safety of the President house.



Let’s play: 20 questions for Zulfiqar Mirza

Sindh’s former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza has announced his resignation from the government in yet another media circus.

During TV interviews he made personal attacks against journalists and politicians, making references to their facial features and appearance. However, his emotional outburst left lots of questions on the policy of the government unanswered.

A few questions I would like to ask Mr Mirza are:

1) If you claim to be so truthful, why have you never made these revelations before?

2) According to you, Rehman Malik does everything on the discretion of President Asif Ali Zardari. Why then is Rehman Malik accused of conspiring against the People’s Party and not President Zardari?

3) Is the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari a fool to not understand the shrewdness of Rehman Malik?

4) Mirza Sahab, why did you never raise your voice in 2001 (or afterwards) when you got to know that MQM chief Altaf Hussain wrote a letter against the ISI?

5) What exactly made you speak up after the discovery of the torture cells and ammunition from Lyari?

6) You acknowledge that Rehman Malik is a “good politician and a good human being” but maintain that he is also a compulsive liar. What does this mean?

7) You placed the Holy Quran on your head and said that MQM has a false mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad. How many petitions have you filed in court about this?

8.) Why are superior courts, Pakistani forces and Pakistani law enforcement agencies not taking any action on the MQM’s alleged crimes? Is the MQM really that powerful?

9) CPLC recovered most of the kidnapped people from Lyari. Is this the reason why the CPLC chief, Ahmed Chinoy, has suddenly turned into a villain?

10) You seem to be very worried about the people of Sindh. Why are you obsessed with Karachi only? Has karo-kari, dacoity and corruption ended in interior Sindh?

11) How come you know “ALL” the killers except Benazir’s ?

12) You say that you will fight against the criminal elements of Karachi in your private capacity. Is this legal?

13) Keeping in mind that a civilian cannot take the law into his own hands, how would you decide who is a criminal and who is not?

14) You claim that you haven’t recruited any MQM worker in the Sindh Police, and that recruitment in the police department was done on merit only. If this is so, then why does corruption and incompetency still prevail in the Sindh Police?

15) Why are the ISI chief and Army Generals not taking action on your “substantiated evidence”?

16) When are you going to the Supreme Court to submit this evidence?

17)  How exactly have President Asif Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto helped you in acquiring such a huge amount of money, villas, cars, sugar mills and thousands of acres of lands?

18) You alleged that during a meeting in London, the MQM chief Altaf Hussain had told you that America and other world powers had decided to ‘break’ Pakistan, and that Altaf Hussain had supported their idea. Since when has Altaf Hussain started sharing such secrets with you?

19) If America wants to break Pakistan up, according to you, then why did you go to the enemy country for a 40-day vacation?

20)  Sir, do you still stand by your slogan “Pakistan na Khappay” (We don’t want Pakistan)?

Bizarre Petitions

Pakistan is going through one of the worst periods of its history; our nation is engaged in watching current affairs programs and political talk shows which although become cause of raising blood pressure provide a sense of entertainment as well. The suitors might be emotional about their petitions but the audiences sitting in the court room definitely enjoy those cases. I have skimmed a few interesting petitions filed against celebrities that will help us understand social and religious fabric of this country.

JUI-S leaders demand ban on Bible

Petition: Addressing a press conference at the Masjid-e-Khizra, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Samiul Haq) leader Maulana Abdul Rauf Farooqi and others appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the “blasphemous” materials added to the Bible otherwise they would move the court for banning the book, for which a panel of lawyers was already working.

A perfect example of Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Its growth now be experienced in Bible as well.

Petition to conduct Meera’s virginity test

Petition: Atiq ur Rehman in an application sought to conduct a test to determine whether Meera was a virgin.

Instead of convincing judiciary about his marriage, Atiq ur Rehman came up with a creative idea of testing Meera’s virginity. Although judge has declined the plea keeping the fact in mind that such test might open another Pandora box for Meera.

Petition filed againt Meera for performing in “immoral scenes”

Petition: The petition was filed against Meera in the Sindh High Court in Karachi stating that she had performed in “immoral scenes” that did not match with Pakistan’s religious and social values.

The patriotic petitioner has perhaps forgotten the stage performances and weird rainy dances of Lollywood but I liked the idea of curbing export of talent from the land of pure.

Waseem Akram hurt Muslims religious sentiments

Petition: The petition filed by Mohammad Fayyaz, in civil court Lahore that former Pakistani cricket great Wasim Akram has damaged Muslim sentiment for posing in a liquor advertisement.

Muslims may not have problem endorsing terrorists blowing twin towers but their sentiments would definitely hurt seeing their Muslim brother having whiskey glass in a mere advertisement.

Parveen brings Abrar ul Haq to Supreme Court

Petition: The Supreme Court had summoned the singer for an explanation over the song.

“Ne Parveen tu bari namkeen; oper sey tu miskeen, andar sey tu bari shauqeen.” How could the only Parveen on earth Abrar was singing about could be so spicy when she herself denies being so?

 Fauzia for prioritizing constitution of Pakistan

Petition: Case filed against Central Secretary Information PPP Fauzia Wahab in Session Court Lahore regarding her statement for prioritizing constitution of Pakistan over Holy Quran.

In a country where Sharia is not implemented and constitutional is known as law of the land, Fauzia Wahab should have shut her mouth rather than being logical.

Imran Khan for being dad of illegitimate child

Petition: The reference had been filed by MQM under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution and the Public Representation Act, 1978 against Imran Khan that he was father of a daughter of Anna Luise alias Sita White born out of wedlock.

It was MQM’s first attempt to screen parliamentarians to make sure that only pious members could have admission rights in assembly.

Justice Rana Bhagwandas for being “Hindu”

Petition: The petition said no Non Muslim judge is authorized to administer oath to the president of Pakistan nor the constitution assigns constitutional obligations to the non Muslim judge in place of Muslim judge.

Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, can’t Muslims differentiate between evil and good. Why Hindu in superior judiciary and that too ‘BHAGWAN’das – The Bigger Hindu?

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan uttered improper words about God

Petition: The petitioner said that by singing the song “Aj Din Charhia Teray Rang Warga” Khan had denied the power and oneness of God.

Indeed protecting the powers of God is the duty of His followers.

Veena Malik for committing ‘immoral and un-Islamic acts’

Petition: A case has been filed in a Lahore court against Pakistani actress Veena Malik for committing ‘immoral and un-Islamic acts’ during her appearance on the Indian reality TV show ‘Big Boss’.

She could have done that in Pakistan as well. Why Big Boss and that too with Indians? Not Fair!

Petition to end the trial of assassin Malik Mumtaz Qadri

Petition: Mr Awan in his appeal had maintained that Mumtaz Qadri had killed Mr Taseer because no criminal case was registered against the governor for criticizing the blasphemy laws in public.

Petition further read that Pakistani law states that capital punishment will be handed to those who blaspheme. “Chief Justice Mumtaz Qadri” has just awarded Taseer his due death sentence.

Petition seeks to empower army chief

Petition: Tehreek-i-Inqilab Pakistan chairman Advocate Rana Ilmuddin Ghazi filed the petition, contending that the army had been unable to take prompt action to stop the American operation in Abbottabad because the power to take such a decision rested with President Asif Zardari and not Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

Empowering COAS General Kayani and assigning him the power of President and Prime Minister would definitely curb terrorism and mess this nation is going through but keep in mind, the petitioner is not supporting dictatorship.

Petition against Ms.Kim Barker for getting “sexually harassed” by Nawaz Shareef

Petition: Advocate Masood Gujjar filed the petition stating that the allegation of sexual harassment by Ms. Barker is part of a character assassination in which she claimed that Nawaz Sharif gave her an Apple Iphone as a gift and asked her to be his “special friend.

The gift was offered by would- be Amir ul Momineen of Pakistan. Ms Barker should not have been sexually harassed by the spiritual leader of ‘Noon League’. She indeed deserves punishment for not being a special friend of Mr. “Shareef”.

Petition against media from airing news related to fake degrees of legislators

Petition: A case filed by PML Q, MPA seeking for an order to stop media from airing news related to fake degrees of legislators.

Such news gives a bad impact on masses and in international community. Why media has problems with someone’s degree. Are they unaware of the fact that ‘a degree is a degree whether fake or original’?

Rehman Malik sued over incorrect recitation of Quranic verses.

Petition: A constitutional petition was filed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking the disqualification of Interior Minister, Senator Rehman Malik, over incorrect recitation of Quranic verses.

Wonder how this country would progress when we have interior minister who can’t recite correct versus. I am sure he wouldn’t be able to disincentive suicide bombers.

Case against Mubashir Luqman for inviting Qadiyani spiritual leader in Tv program.

Petition: The petitioner held that on June 2, 2010, the channel broadcast its programme (Point-Blank with Luqman) in which spiritual leader of Qadianis– was also invited “which hurt my and millions of fellow Muslims’ religious sensibilities”

I reiterate this land was made for Muslims, the same Muslims whom majority of the fellow Muslims accept. No other sect, religion or cartoon  should be allowed to appear on Tv that hurt Pakistanis Muslims’ sentiments.

Petition to remove Musharraf’s name from official record

Petition: Former President, Rafiq Tarar filed petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC), seeking to remove Musharraf’s name from official record.

Musharraf was a dictator, he grabbed powers unconstitutionally and whatever he did was against the constitution of Pakistan except the oaths subsequent assembly took from him, infrastructure, development and technology he has brought to this nation.

We Love you Bal Thakre!

The right-wing Shiv Sena on Thursday declared that party chief Bal Thackeray will decide if Pakistan can play in Mumbai if the team makes it to the final of World Cup 2011. According to a report published in The Hindu, party leader Manohar Joshi has said that the Shiv Sena chief will make the final decision of allowing the Pakistani team to play in Mumbai.

“You all know Sena chief Bal Thackeray’s views. If the Pakistan team reaches the final (scheduled in Mumbai), whether to allow them to play, the Sena chief will decide” : Source: Express Tribune

Few years ago when Shiv Sena  activists spoiled the pitch of Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi on the orders of Bal Thakre which caused a huge damage to India’s reputation in the world of cricket. A very good friend of mine then told me that Bal Thakrey is an ISI agent, Thakre does things that make India laughing stock in front of the world . I obviously rejected his claim and made fun of him but today when  the self proclaimed king of Mumbai indicated that he will decide whether to let Pakistan play in finals (if qualifies)in Mumbai , he seemed superficially correct.

Yet again Thakre has come  up with a creative strategy to defame India in the name of Pakistan and made his homeland embarrassed  but this is not an end. Thakre’s opposition to let Pakistan play in finals will automatically lead Team Pakistan win the world cup match as it happened during 1996 world cup in Calcutta when India, who had beaten Pakistan in the quarter-finals, were facing defeat against Sri Lanka at 120-8 chasing 252 when disturbances began.

The spectators, annoyed with the hosts’ dismal batting show, threw bottle missiles on to the field and lit fires in the stands, forcing match-referee Clive Lloyd of the West Indies to award the game to Sri Lanka. I wish  Shiv Sena do what they are known for and help Pakistan lift WC trophy that too in Mumbai.

We love you Bal Thakrey!

Jai Maharashtra!

Man behind ‘The Fall of Dhaka’

While going through the causes of the cessation of East Pakistan (excerpts from Hamood ur Rehman Commission report) and the development of post 1971 scenario I realized that Hitler was right when he said ‘the bigger the lie, more people will believe it’. Similar ‘bigger lies’ have been told by our previous governments (esp. PPP) since 1971.

On 16th December 2010, 39 years after the creation of Bangladesh, let us retrospect how our government in the past has told us a great lie about these political occurrences.

As per the details available in different form of electronic and print media, the Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report cites that incompetence, moral degeneration and political conspiracies were the major reasons for the 1971 debacle. It was maintained in the Report that the defeat suffered was not a result of military factors alone, but had been brought about as the cumulative result of political developments that took place between 1947 and 1971.

Looking at the other of the other side of the story I find that the Government then was actually the real culprit. It was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto‘s party which got 82 of the 138 seats allocated to the four provinces in West Pakistan but neither of them were represented in East Pakistan. Setting aside the slogan raised by him “Idher ham udher tum”, he even threatened the members of the Assembly from West Pakistan that he would ‘break their legs’ if they attended its inaugural session in Dhaka, East Pakistan, and if they insisted on attending theymust buy a one-way ticket.

Such step motherly treatment further increased the grievances of the  people of East Pakistan and a justified freedom movement emerged from their side, however at that time Pakistani Military had no other option but to supress the movement in order to save the territory of Pakistan while Bhutto on the other hand kept misguiding Yahya Khan that ended up on breaking the nation and massive bloodshed in the history of mankind.

Perceived as a ‘Hero’ amongst certain sections of Pakistanis for his political moves which on the contrary proved to be nonsensical and led the country into a chaotic humdrum.

His senseless steps of nationalization of the economy and confusing steps of implement Islamic socialism by declaring Friday as Public holiday were the worst steps taken by any ruler in the history of Pakistan. In order to appease religious groups he got Ahmedis declared Non Muslims that triggered an unending violent movement against a peaceful and progressive section of society. The brunts of this decision are still to be felt and fatally alienated the community in their own nation.

To remain in power Bhutto took decisions which caused irrevocable damage to the social and political structure of the country.

We also must not ignore the role of Jinnah in creating the language controversy in East Pakistan that Urdu was to be the common language for Pakistan. This proved highly controversial, since Urdu was a language that was only spoken in the West by Muhajirs and in the East by Biharis. The majority groups in West Pakistan spoke Punjabi, while the Bengali language was spoken by the vast majority of East Pakistanis. The Islamic state was not able to integrate and deal the prevailing ethnic and cultural differences which became the root cause of this debacle.

The language controversy eventually reached an extreme which lead East Pakistan to revolt while the other part of Pakistan remained calm even though Punjabi was spoken by the majority groups of West Pakistan.

Several civilians including students lost their lives in a police crackdown on 21 February 1952.The day is revered in Bangladesh and in West Bengal as the Language Martyrs’ Day.

In my opinion the policies Pakistani establishment set for East Pakistan were indeed biased and based on self interests, we never took the people of East Pakistan as our own since day one and as a result both the countries parted their ways. It’s time to stop selective blame game and hold responsible the politicians whose inability to lead this nation and structure it strong worked s a catalyst to the freedom movement in East Pakistan.

I wish neo-Bhuttos could now visit Bangladesh as they owe an apology to its people more than anybody else.

Beauty of Democracy

Pakistan’s democracy is playing a tool of Magical Wand for the ruling elites and Pakistan People’s Party . It seems in the name of democracy  they have acquired a license to issue weirdest  of  ‘political Fatwas’  from the ‘house of gods’.

In a latest display of unprecedented stupidity  The Sindh Assembly has passed a unanimous resolution against Transparency International for ranking Pakistan 34th in global corruption index. The resolution was tabled by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Sharjeel Memon.  According to them Transparency International launched a propaganda against the government.

Earlier the Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution condemning the role of media and alleged it of ‘irresponsible behavior’ amid the on-going fake degree controversy and this time the Sindh Assembly politicians never minded to make a fool out of themselves.

From Kamran Khan of Geo Tv to the common Pakistani who protests against price hikes on streets. All sort of criticisms are treated as  “conspiracy” and attempts to derail democratic regime which is restored by the blood of Hazrat Benazir Bhutto Rehmat ullah Aleh and protected by one-time Laadla of General Zia ul Haq, Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Nawaz Shareef Rehmat ullah Aleh.

I now tend to agree with the statement that  ‘democracy is the best revenge’  said by none other than Hazrat Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (a would be-Rehmatullah Aleh)

The Ultimate Politically Incorrect Quotes

They are supposed to be good orators but something which our politicians cannot avoid is Bloopers!!!!!

It’s only after they have said something in front of the media the politicians realize that how blundering it was. Often they end up saying something vague which can be easily sizzled by the media.

To their rescue comes the ‘official statement’ from their party blaming the media for misquoting their noble thoughts!  Or may be sometimes for getting the party hands clean out of the matter, they shun taking responsibility for any such ‘misquotations’.

More often than not politicians intentionally issue stunning statements to stir controversy that ends up on compromises with the promise of not indulging in war on words anymore but the drama goes on. This tactic is also used to divert public attention from on going burning issue.

Mentioned are few of such ‘golden’ quotations from the elected leaders which are memorable for the people not because they were strong or power but also because they really sounded hilarious coming from their mouth. Living in an entertainment starved country like Pakistan — media gives maximum projection to their crazy statements and leaves nation hassled in serious or sometimes lighter vein until a new statement pops up.

In the light of Pakistan’s political history below I have tried to pen down few ‘notable’ quotes that have incited controversy in political arena and made Pakistanis stunned.

1. National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) is a medal and I regret over not to be listed in NRO.
Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer

2. Everyone whether he is a Baloch, Sindhi, Seraiki, Pashtun or Punjabi should be given an equal right to do corruption

Minister of State for Defence Production, Abdul Qayyum Jatoi

3. The other issues are all domestic and could be discussed later on … I can co-exist with a pig but not with a Punjabi.

Nawab Kher Bakhsh Marri, Baloch Nationalist Leader

4. Accords not holy Quran or Hadith

President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari

5. I am not among those who offer sacrifice but I am among those who take sacrifices.

Chief of PML (F), Pir Pagara

6. Gen Musharraf planned a bloodbath of innocent Muslims at the behest of others only to prolong his rule, but we in the PML-N opposed his policies and rejected dictation from abroad and if the Taliban are also fighting for the same cause then they should not carry out acts of terror in Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif

7. Let’s persuade people to consume less sugar and then we will see where these hoarders sell their sugar.

Information Minister, Qamar Zaman Kaira

8. Dr Babar Awan is ‘Abu Jahl’ of lawyers’ fraternity

Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah

9. Governor Punjab’s status no better than ‘toilet paper’

Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah

10. I’m a badmash and know well how to deal with this lot.

Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza

11. You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.

Former President General Pervez Musharraf

12. Our Hero Is Raja Dahir Not Muhammad Bin Qasim

ANP representative, Senator Haji Adeel

13. Degree is a degree whether original or fake

Chief Minister Balochistan, Nawab, Muhammad Aslam Raisani

14. I don’t say that there is no corruption in my ministry, but the question is    where it is not.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Federal Minister Railways

15. These (Burying women alive) are centuries-old traditions, and I will        continue to defend them.

Federal Minister for Postal Services, Israr Ullah Zehri

16. We were ready to break Pakistan and were much more determined to chant slogan of ‘Pakistan Na Khapay’ – No need of Pakistan.

Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza

17. The division of the subcontinent was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind. It was not the division of land; it was the division of blood.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Leader, Altaf Hussain

18. I apologies to the departed soul of Sikh ruler (Ranjit Singh) for frequently quoting his name in meetings for wrong reasons. I was wrong. Ranjit (Singh) was a great administrator of Punjab.

Leader of Opposition, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan

19. Iftekhar Chaudhry is the scum of the earth – a third-rate man – a corrupt man.

Former President General Pervez Musharraf

20. Even more gorgeous than I had expected, now I know why the whole of   America is crazy about you. If he’s (cameraman) insisting, I might hug you.

President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari

21. Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah is a ‘manjan seller’

Central Secretary for Information of Pakistan Peoples Party, Fauzia Wahab

22. Even if contract is given to America it will also be unable to bring peace

Sindh Home Minister, Zulfiqar Mirza

23. His (Altaf Hussain’s) arrest seems only weeks away, and investigations being conducted by Scotland Yard and police are in their final stages.

Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf , Imran Khan

24. Look, you will soon see Shaukat Aziz ditching Gen Musharraf and joining the political leadership of the opposition parties.

Chief, PML N, Nawaz Sharif

25. I am not afraid of jail’s mosquitoes

President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari

26. Munawar Gill committed adultery with consent, can’t take action.

Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah

27. Kamran Khan, the famous Geo TV anchorperson, presented 560 news    stories solely on President Asif Zardari, mainly to target him. Ansar Abbasi is also working on the same agenda, i.e. to weaken democracy in Pakistan. Both the senior journalists are ‘Indian agents’.

Senior Minister of Punjab Assembly, Raja Riaz

28. I launched my Facebook page eight months ago; today I have more than 315,000 fans.
Former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf

29. All out efforts are being made to overcome the energy crisis and the load-shedding would end by December 2009.
Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf

30. Nawaz League is the enemy of Pakhtuns and still following the policies of Ranjeet Singh
ANP Provincial President Afrasiab Khattak

31. No Muslim is involved in suicidal attacks in Pakistan, and rather Blackwater (Xe) – a US private contractor – and Indian agents are involved in these incidents.

Ameer, Jamaat e Islamic, Syed Munawar Hasan

32. The MQM will openly support the patriotic generals if they take any martial law-type action against corrupt politicians and feudal lords.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain

33. Tehrik-e-Insaf will back military rule in the country for the sake of stability.

Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan

34. My own brother approached me and said lala (brother), ‘Can I also join your party?’  I told him to run away … you are a known gambler.

Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi, Member of All Pakistan Muslim Leagues

35. I have sent Gilani to the PPP and I will call him back to the PML, when he becomes tired.

Chief of PML F, Pir Pagara

36. The PML-N has appointed Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah as a “loudspeaker”

Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer

37. How a person, who used to sell tickets at Bambino cinema in Karachi, reached the Surrey Palace and became richer than Queen Elizabeth before his ascendancy to the presidency? It is a million-dollar question that only the PPP top leader has to answer.

Spokesman Pakistan Muslim League N, Siddiqul Farooq

38. If Musharraf is thinking he can stage a comeback it’s only because how things are now, his era looks relatively better

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Imran Khan

39. Yesterday, when I asked Khwaja Imran Nazir for a lift, he was listening to Munni Badnam, an Indian song, in his car.

MPA Punjab Assembly, Hassan Murtaza

40. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will take out a ‘long march’ if the decision (of bringing in NAB chairman) is not retracted.

Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif

41. I have been able to take the nod of one bride (ANP) and now I am going to take the nod of another (MQM)

Sindh Home Minister Zulfikar Mirza

42. If it is possible for Punjab’s leaders, they can unite their province with Indian Punjab

Senator, Representative of Awami National Party (ANP)

Musharraf Reloaded

In his recent candid public appearance Musharraf fired the first round of verbal bullets on the gang of criticizers who left no chance of back lashing his name while he maintained distance from the public and media. His first shot came for Dr. AQ Khan who was victimized being called “characterless”, while he titled Nawaz Shareef as “Brainless” and revealed that it was actually Chaudries because of whom NRO was introduced but the heated words did not come to a hold here.

It seems Musharraf has decided to go one on one with certain politicians and analysts who have been point scoring on his name and portraying him as a root cause of prevailing and past crises. I am not sure whether this is the right time to browbeat opponents but I believe he’s justified to respond them in ‘Awami style’.

The first terminology he used was “spent cartridges”(Chalay huey Kaartoos) directed for those good- for- nothing retired Generals who teamed up to have him held accountable for actions, which include alleged abrogation of the Constitution and Kargil debacle. The ex Generals sitting idle at home had apparently nothing to do in their lives so they took Musharaf’s activities as an opportunity that could help them come on TV and might allow little fame which they never had a chance to enjoy.

The flow of the strategy was devised during the Judicial crisis in Pakistan when every time comparatively an aged General would appear on TV and spew nonsense against Musharraf but on the contrary they had to witness guard of honor to Musharraf and no treason charges so far which further added insult to their injuries, then emerges another character Dr. A.Q Khan, the same Pakistani rogue scientist who had admitted to transferring technology and information to Iran and North Korea and confessed on national television to running a proliferation network.

Right after Musharraf’s resignation, Mr. Khan without worrying about his self esteem and the position he held joined the bandwagon of politicians and in a typical colloquial style wrote an article in Jang Newspaper where he called Musharraf despicable, traitorous foreign agent donned the costume of Presidency who failed in his dirty deeds, he further accused him of being the self-styled Commando who cannot even set his foot on the street of this country because ‘the public’ will tear him into tiny pieces and feed to the scavengers.

These low levels of statement’s made against Musharraf, forced him to retaliate and call Dr. Khan a “characterless” for obvious reasons.

On the other hand another character Mir Zafarullah Jamali , who in 1970s was a minister for the Pakistan Peoples Party, served as a minister in Balochistan . In the 1980s worked in the government of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq as a minister of various departments, in the 1990s became an important member of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) however after the removal of Nawaz Sharif, Mr. Jamali joined the PML-Q and now taking a U turn he blamed Musharraf for preparing to send Pakistani troops in Iraq Meanwhile, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain in his interview got the facts straight and told

media that that when he was Prime Minister for a brief period, he had in fact refused to send troops to Iraq. Now it becomes easier for us to figure out the reality.

Similarly, the PML N, who is endemic to drag Musharraf in every issue and holding him responsible for every catastrophe, be it Aafia Siddiqui case, Bugtis murder or even Nawaz Shareef’s hair loss, but when Musharraf responds — the “renowned Shareefs” are reminding him of his etiquettes.

Now the Musharraf has started making presence in media which is obviously a tough task to handle for Shareef brothers who shamelessly signed agreements in December 2000 with him and flew to Saudi Arabia with their families and servants leaving behind their hapless party men.

Musharraf was Indeed a dictator but he had few feathers in his cap. In some cases, the dictator has achieved more. The achievements of Pervez Musharraf become evident when compared with that of the present government.

When being dictator he could introduce democratic norms like local Government or media freedom etc, just imagine what wonders he can perform as a democratic leader.

Now the dictator has turned into a democrat, the democracy obsessed nation should not only welcome him but appreciate his AWAMI style of politics as well.

Echoes of Revolution

“Revolution” was not the talk of the town until Pakistan experienced the worst form governance in its history. The deadly floods couldn’t discipline Pakistan’s notorious ministers to focus on public service. The besieged government of Benazir’s husband is unable to deal with the conflicts both man made and natural, being handled by the “Information Ministry”, which has left them assailed by the echoes of revolution arising from Pakistan’s political sphere.

Altaf Hussain, from the MQM was the first who tested the waters by articulating the suspicion of Pakistanis when he accused feudal of deliberately diverting waters to the neighbouring villages to save their crops, live stocks and personal properties. The reaction was mixed from political parties but massive support of public to the idea of ‘change’ raised the eye brows of Pakistani Think-tank and Media.

The blunt yet pragmatic demand from Altaf Hussain is a further extension of his party’s political manifesto in which he’s critical about the disguised dictatorship working under the banner of democracy, this time he wants an action from Army, the real power base of Pakistan having a strong contribution in policy making. The call for Army has come from him as a response to betrayal from elected feudal representatives against catastrophe which Altaf has been pointing out since the birth of MQM.

Conventional political parties haunted by feudal lords and corrupt politicians are as usual criticizing Altaf’s statement by calling it an attempt to derail the ‘democratic’ set up. Instead of discussing the lead given by the MQM leader and debating the technicalities of his viewpoint for finding a solution the politicians are hell-bent on exploiting a rare opportunity of fixing Pakistan’s corrupted political setup.

Altaf’s call for revolution to rescue Pakistan and its people from the clutches of feudal lords, corrupt politicians and plunderers of national wealth is not an invite to the military to take over but is very much inline with the Constitution. The Supreme Court could invoke Article 190 and ask for aid from Army when the Executive refuses to take action on its verdict. It seems that there is no other way to get rid of this 63 year old elected despondency as the rotation of same families will continue and the public will keep bearing the same democratic dictators and their breed through out their life.

As far as criticism on Altaf Hussain’s statement is concerned, I believe it’s high time the politicians and the public keep the personal grudges aside and look for the real issues being highlighted by him. Living abroad in an ordinary house cum office and managing the party successfully is an art itself. We have witnessed various political parties being narrowed to their respective territories in Pakistan in the absence of their leaders.

Pakistanis have recently witnessed Army’s role as protectors of their lives from terrorists and natural calamities although approved by the nation at large, it received recognition by outspoken Altaf Hussain, who has urged them to clean the society from elected despondency. MQM has floated an idea for building the effective and inclusive government which Pakistan deserves.  It is now up to us as a Nation, whether to bring about change or opt to worship Bhuttos, Pagaras, Makhdooms and Shareefs.

An op ed in Tribune Blogs

Paving the way for Self-Destruction

Despite sheer insults hurled on Pakistan and its premier spy agency  by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, our President is all set for his official visit to UK from 3rd to 9th of August.  I wonder how Zardari would face Cameron especially after knowing that British Prime minister has now urged not to back away from his remarks about Pakistan promoting “the export of terror”. With this stubborn stance what on earth makes Zardari talk with Cameron is still confusing for majority of Pakistanis including nation’s armed forces as earlier in the wake of Cameron’s remarks ISI chief had already abandoned his due  visit to UK.

At this point of time when country’s facing worst floods of the history President’s priorities speak volume, he would go to UK, France or prefer to stay in lavish President House but avoid paying visit to plane crash site which is few kilometers away from President House. Nation is experiencing despondency but unable to protest because they have democratically elected the Pakistan People’s party and now can’t do anything to get rid of this non- progressive government, the man whose popularity has dropped all time low over the past year and he is now viewed unfavorably by a large majority of Pakistanis has simply hijacked the nation in the name of democracy.

In my opinion if our president had little honor left he would have paused War on Terror in Pakistan for sometime and engaged our military troops in flood relief operations as a protest against the insult hurled by UK premier until he apologizes, Zardari’s subtle shut up call to Cameron would not have only pressurized international community to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in war on terror but acquired the popularity among thousands of victims being starved and died in floods due to absence of  required relief operation however keeping history of our leader’s spinelessness in mind we are left with no such options but yet to be abused again. Our president’s actions will however damage Pakistan’s credibility internationally but increase level of trust and faithfulness he’s trying to exhibit to his lords.

On the other hand all political parties of Pakistan including those who are allied with People’s party have voiced their opinion against Zardari’s visit to UK but it seems this man has decided to pave his way for self destruction.

PPP: Legacy of hypocrisy


ISLAMABAD: The fake degree holders are insult of the parliament and they should not be allowed to participate in the elections, said Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Thursday.

Samaa Tv


MUZAFFARGARH: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani vociferously campaigned on Tuesday for a by-election candidate Jamshaid Dasti, who had to quit his National Assembly seat for holding a fake degree.

Addressing a public meeting at College Ground Multan Road here, the PM announced a mega uplift project for NA-178, and urged the people to vote for Dasti, who chose to resign to avoid being rendered ineligible by the Supreme Court, calling him a real leader of the poor.

The News

Peanuts for Pakhtoons

With majority consensus Pakistan’s democratically elected parliament has finally been able to pass a long awaited 18th amendment that not only clips presidential powers but ensures greater powers for the parliament as well. Apparently a win-win situation for all the political parties and nation at large, the same 18th amendment reduce tensions between the central government and the provinces over the distribution of authority and revenues date back to Pakistan’s inception and have prompted some of its most traumatic upheavals, most prominently the secession of Bangladesh and long standing retaliation in Balochistan.

It has widely been perceived that 18th amendment has finally closed dictator’s doors for good and Pakistanis are united under it.

During entire process of brainstorming and getting the amendment approved from parliament the Pashtoon nationalist party ANP has also succeeded to rename NWFP province as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa, to which they consider as “historical victory”.

ANP as they claim themselves ” Son of the soil”  since came into power have not started even a single project in their crises stricken  province. Pakhtoons are confronted with very banter situation of various kinds including loadshedding that surpasses more than 14 hours a day, unemployment, law and order situation and above all the lethal war against terrorism that left thousands of residents homeless.

Current provincial Government  is doing nothing for development in Peshawar and adjoining areas for the last two years and is only busy in either quarreling on Eid Crescents or playing Identity politics, despite promises to construct roads, underpasses and over-head bridges at various places in Peshawar, so far, not a single brick has been placed.

Surprisingly in parliament nobody has raised voiced against ANP’s zero-performance in NWFP, the opposition and government are engaged in settling their scores in Islamabad and turned a blind eye towards the deprived province, somehow other two provinces have managed to initiate constructive projects. Even for Balochistan a comprehensive package is arranged but what NWFP is offered? A mere rebranding ?

Pakhtoon masses were already oppressed; just a name change would never serve purpose. Unfortunately all political forces including “establishment” have supported ANP’s non sensical cause so that the party give same tranquilizer to people of their province and don’t let them demand more.

It was well understood by the establishment that renaming was the only readily available Gift for the people of NWFP that might shut Pakhtoons’ voices for at least a year or so. To achieve their vicious objective federal Government had even given free hand to the ANP in Hazara that claimed 10 precious lives without any inquiry against culprits.

In this entire 18th amendment episode Pakhtoons have ended up on being the biggest losers as they got nothing but just peanuts.

Relax, it’s just the NRO!

Nation seems to be way too excited on the recently passed preconceived SC judgment on NRO. Due to the media hype words like “Accountability” and the “Change” have yet again become talk of the town. Our intellectuals on different Tv channels, blogs, discussion forums and even on streets perceive this judgment as a revolution in Pakistan’s history.

Though I have no plan to rain their parade nor I am a PPP fan infact I fully support court’s judgment on NRO as the ordinance was against the very constitution of Pakistan yet I believe the judgment will not bring any drastic change in the country since the ruling mainly covers certain bureaucrats, MQM and the PPP but the PML N and those Baloch separatists who have systematically been killing a particular ethnicity in Balochistan, bombing national assets and above all struggling for separation with the help of India.

In my opinion Judiciary needs to be fair with everyone. They need to take notice of that NRO too in which Nawaz Shareef and co. were let fly to Saudi against corruption charges and during 90s the Army Operation he got conducted on civilians in Karachi resulted thousands of extra judicial killings.

Our respectable judiciary should not fall prey to those forces that had vested interests in restoration of judges. Along with “NRO beneficiaries” all those politicians and sardars should be brought to courts who became beneficiaries of covert NRO.

Unless such issues come under consideration I don’t foresee a just society, such selective actions would rather encourage the trend of “judicial victimization” which could be more disastrous than the political one.

President’s Bullying

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad, said Euripides. This saying exactly fits in to the current PPP regime who to mark the party’s 43rd foundation day in Karachi thrashed almost everyone including media. Such an unprofessional attitude from the party’s top leadership exposed the fear and stress they have been confronting for quite sometime. The ‘Awami’ president  from his highly secured president house via telephonic address “warned” the nation (minus PPP supporters) that they are here because they have a mandate and PPP will foil all attempts of political actors. Mr. Zardari and co. during his bullying referred MQM, PML N, PTI, JI and Geo Tv as political actors who want to derail democratic set up by not supporting PPP’s corruption and mismanagement, in a sense he lashed at almost all the political parties and mainstream media out of frustration however the response came from the so called political actors should be much appreciated as they understand what the Awami government is currently going through and how fragile they are. The nation knows that a single long march or a comprehensive media campaign can topple this highly unpopular Government.

I believe at this point of time PPP should reconsider their governing strategy (if any) and include all the party veterans in their central executive committee who would not only sincerely advise the perplexed president but help PPP’s brand building as well. Currently Zardari brigade seems to be on defensive side as they have widely been criticized across the nation but unfortunately instead of fixing their blunders they have chosen to capitalize sympathy vote by portraying themselves innocent which is a sure way to self-destruction, People’s party under the disguise of democracy are putting all energies to earn people’s sympathy without realizing the fact that the hurdles of free media, courts and  now an alert Army would never let the nation befooled as we are facing one of the worst times in the history of Pakistan. This is the time when even opposition is reluctant to take charge of country and demand mid term elections despite their growing popularity graph but again whom gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Woman in Green

From wearing Green attire to visiting Allama iqbal’s mausoleum, Hillary Clinton’s well calculated and sincere gestures in an effort to restore trust deficit that has been widened due to the war against terrorism appreciated through out the country.

Ms. Clinton’s Three-day “charm offensive” to win hearts and minds of Pakistanis sounds quite much successful specially her frank discussions with the civil society, media, parliamentarians, artists, COAS and despite threats her visits to the public places of the most sensitive cities of Pakistan speak volume. On short yet comprehensive trip to Pakistan Ms. Hillary has successfully addressed many issues and misperceptions created between the people of two countries her logical replies to our journalists and intellectuals have helped Pakistanis changing negative views about American policy towards Pakistan; during her sessions with the Pakistani think tanks Ms. Clinton tried her level best to communicate the efforts USA is doing to strengthen Pakistan on various fronts, from the energy sector to education sector, she vowed to help their allies in all genuine causes but what she demanded was transparency, her major concerned was to transparently let US Aid reach to the right avenues.

An interesting situation was created when Hillary posed a question towards audience as how much money US has spent on Swat IDPs resulting pin drop silence in the auditorium, not even from journalists’ panel could anyone come up with the answer which proved her point right. A $ 300 Million aid gone unchecked.

For Americans it’s very frustrating to spend huge amount of money on Pakistan but Pakistanis just don’t know where the money is invested and this is exactly the demand of Obama administration to at least let people of Pakistan aware what US is doing for them and this could only be done through proper accountability which has mentioned in Kerry Lugar Bill.

In response to drone attacks she said there is a war going on there. If we look at what has to be done. Pakistani military using F16s in this war which are even deadlier than drones and in a war forces go after the people who are your enemies, but given the nature to this war, the enemy is very hard to catch who bomb markets of women, shops and schools and winning this war is in Pakistan’s national security interest. A lot of masterminds of insurgency are in the eye of Pakistani military because they know there are certain people who instrument these attacks and frequently move between two borders and there exactly drones help Pakistan with the help of Pakistani intelligence sharing.

In the end she admitted that she loved coming to Pakistan but words are not enough US have to build confidence and trust and I believe they have started out.

The conclusion I have drawn from secretary of states revelations is that Pakistani people have high hopes from US and there is a huge sense of misperception developed between people of Pakistan for the US Government which could only be addressed if Pakistani media and intellectuals play a fair role when reporting US-Pakistan issues and let public know how much America spending on Pakistan.

The ‘Feel-Good’ Effect

When everything goes wrong and life doesn’t seem fair to us, we seek for happiness in petty things. Same happened to me, while coming towards home I found a street recently named on former President Pervez Musharraf. To me it was a pleasant surprise which simply brought smile on my face.

Let alone opposition this is the time when even the then loyalists of Musharraf are finding ways to sideline themselves from ex president and for point scoring majority of politicians are hell bent on trying him in courts, MQM’s City District Government Karachi has again surprised the Karachites and the nation by uniquely paying off “dictator’s efforts” of strengthening democracy.

To recognize his struggle more monuments and parks being constructed on the name of former President which indeed give the feel-good effect to the people like me who have witnessed progress in Musharraf’s regime.

We hope that Musharraf will come back again and restore Pakistan to its true glory.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Not that famous American soap opera but an embarrassing Pakistani political talk show “Kal Tak” . This time the brawl was between Federal Minister of Population and welfare Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan of PPP and Ms. Kashmala Tariq of PML Q who during a live program aggressively held each other responsible for being “Lota” and “Prostitute” respectively.

This was indeed a matter of shame for the nation when the two loose tongued characters on a satellite tv channel nearly scuffled with each other to save their losing grace.

No wonder why Pakistani politics has miserably been losing trust and the level of respect in the eyes of common Pakistani and the world at large. Our “elected representatives” hail from respectable families are ending up on being rapist, liars, thieves, murderers, cheaters and what not.

To an extent the fault lies on our side as well, today we curse politicians  like Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Shumaila Rana or Munawwar Gill etc. but we conveniently ignore the fact that we are actually the ones who religiously pave their ways to the parliament.

We, in love of democracy have handed over the country to the people like Ms. Firdaus Aashiq Awan, Zafar Ali Shah, Khuwaja Asif , Abid Sher Ali and Mr.Ahsan iqbal who can’t even keep their cool in candid talk shows, who don’t know what to speak when. I am afraid if this is their approach in local media then how do they exercise their right of freedom of speech internationally. Nothing could be more embarrassing than this thought!

Unfortunately future of this nation is still grim since no one is there to replace the current lot of filth from our politics as  ruling gangs are actually the remnants of their crooked ancestors who were also  part and parcel of the same Pakistani politics which has  now become a family business.

Although Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken notice to this not-so-new-act of Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan yet I see no hopes in the attitudes of our politicians who lack basic communication etiquette.

Skeptical about democracy

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former Sindh Chief Minister Syed Ghaus Ali Shah has said President Asif Ali Zardari had made it clear to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in their meeting in Raiwind in July that he cannot press for the trial of the former President Musharraf due to his compulsions.

It appears that the popular stance of Nawaz Shareef on dictator Musharraf seems to be fading away. N League were the only political party who were genuinely interested to try Musharraf on the breach of constitution and no doubt they had served all their energies to grill the dictator but lately a notable change has be seen in Nawaz Shareef’s behavior who now would not only allow democracy to prevail but respect each others mandate also according to the statement he has recently issued which means he will not demand for tyrant’s trial anymore.

A sudden flexibility by the man of principles has surprised entire nation, not sure about repercussions of PML N’s “U turn” on their rising stature but the way they are subtly distancing themselves from Musharraf’s trial exposes the culture of Nawaz Shareef’s “principled politics”. The excuse PML N has come up with is they would only table resolution against ex Army General if PPP and other political parties support them otherwise the proposed resolution will be a waste that would ultimately benefit Musharraf.

The phenomenon of being skeptical about democracy by its very custodians often amazes me yet they did it again. How on earth Nawaz league could go against the basic theory of democracy when it comes to fulfillment of their own interests. In democracy voice of the nation should be given respect and being the most popular party of Pakistan N league should not hesitate to submit resolution against the dictator. Expecting support or opposition should be left on the parliament depending upon the fairness of plea.

If Nawaz league is confident on their stance and Pakistanis really take Musharraf as usurp (as Shareefs claim) – N league would be backed by the democratically elected parliament but the pressure building tactics on other political parties to turn results in their  favor is against the basic theory of democracy.

The core objective of presenting resolution in parliament is to try Musharraf in court with the will of people of Pakistan but the same N league who won the elections against dictatorship is hesitant to “rely” on democracy this time and are afraid of tabling resolution in the parliament with the fear of being disapproved which not only demonstrates dictatorial mindsets of Shareef brothers but also these actions are against the glory of Pakistan’s most popular party.

PML (N)’s 4th Foot: Lord Buffoon Nazeer

“I heard him playing tabla myself. It was during a (recent) music show in London, ok okay let me tell you – recently he was invited as chief guest to a music show where he felt that the “tabla Nawaz” (drum beater) accompanying the singer had gone out of rhythm. Dissatisfied, rather irritated, by tabla performer’s odd beats, dictator himself jumped to the stage and entertained the audience with the “best of beats” his agile fingers could extract”

After releasing from jail this was recent statement issued by the member of The British House of Lords and 4th foot of Nawaz Sharif “Lord Nazeer” who is busy in campaigning against Musharraf in UK these days, according to the news sources this sincere son of Pakistani soil has sought Panel of top lawyers’ advice on the legality of actions of Musharraf’s actions in Pakistan from UK’s well-known human rights law firm Bindmans LLP which had previously acted in the prosecution of General Pinochet of Chile and is currently challenging state immunity rules in the European Court on behalf of victims of torture in Saudi Arabia.

Nazeer a strong supporter of Shareef’s party has frequently been visiting Lahore and Raiwind to discuss Musharraf issues with PML N men as well as Anti Musharraf lobby to reveal those details in UK parliament.

According to Nazeer he has been receiving thousands of applications from Pakistanis whom Musharraf have tortured, abducted and killed. Nazeer had said that in Pakistan the case is civil and not criminal but it could be criminal in Britain, as some people have raised allegations of abduction and violence against Musharraf.

Nazeer has also issues with Musharraf’s security in London, may be because being a British Parliamentarian he could not enjoy those extra-ordinary State benefits currently Musharraf is enjoying.

For time being even if we keep Nazeer’s hate, jealousy and racism against Musharraf aside – The questions remains same. Being a British parliamentarian why he’s intervening in Pakistan’s internal matters and questioning them in British parliament?

When Richard Holbroke or Anne Peterson comes and interferes in Pakistan’s internal matters we see it as “problem” but at the same time when Nazeer is not only meddling in Pakistan’s affairs but bringing them to UK parliament nobody is raising voice.

In past Nazeer along with PML N and Imran Khan had campaigned against MQM leader Altaf Hussain  to get him arrested through Interpol. but failed –I hope he will be disgraced again.

I strongly urge Zardari Govt to bar racist Nazeer’s entry in Pakistan’s parliament until this funny UK parliamentarian stops being buffoon.

When Gojra became Godhra

On February 27, 2002, 58 Hindus, including 25 women and 15 children were burnt alive in a railway coach by a Muslim mob in the town of Godhra, India — following an altercation between local Muslims and activists of the VHP returning by the Sabarmathi express train from Ayodhya. Initial media reports blamed the local Muslims for setting the coach on fire, in what Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and the VHP leader Giriraj Kishore alleged was a “pre-planned” attack.

A Pakistani city Gojra has witnessed similar kind of carnage on August 01, 2009 when announcements through mosques in the town urged the Muslims to gather and ‘make mincemeat of Christians’ — according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan report.

Witnesses told the HRCP mission that when they informed the police about the announcements, the police officials also confirmed hearing them. The following day,
Aug 1, around 1,000 people gathered in the town and marched towards Christian Colony.

A police party present in the neighborhood did not try to stop the mob which included a number of masked men, the report said.

Witnesses said the attackers went about destroying Christians’ houses in a very professional manner and seemed to be trained for carrying out such activities.

They had brought along petrol and other inflammable substances and torched over 40 houses of Christian families in less than half an hour. There was loot and arson in which the adjacent houses of Muslims were spared, resulting around 12 deaths.

Be it India or Pakistan I don’t see any difference in above incidents. Both were preplanned massacres with the involvement of local administrations. In India it was Gujrat’s Minister Narendar Singh Modi who engineered one of the worst genocides of Muslims to please extremist elements and to satisfy his hate and in Pakistan it was Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shehbaz Shareef who has given free hand to extremists to disrupt peace and harmony of our country though Shareef was not directly involved in this barbaric act of terrorism but being the Chief Minister responsibility lies on him.

Where was Shareef’s Administration ?

Shehbaz Shareef’s administration despite intimation of severe terrorism had ignored the concerns of Christians and intelligence agencies and turned a blind eye towards the horrendous massacre. PML N’s administration has criminally neglected clear warnings from the locals who had been complaining about the possible upcoming wave of terrorism against Christians for quite sometime. Why local administration never paid heed on the open hateful sermons given from the mosques, Why Chief Minister of Punjab reached Gojra (his own constituency) after 3 days and what made local police to delay lodging FIR of this genocide. Answers to these question are pretty clear — motives behind this incident were to destabilize Government, portraying negative image of Pakistan across the world so that Int’l community especially ‘Masters of Pakistan’ reconsider their relationship with an already weak PPP Government and to make grounds for their next option i.e Mr. Shareef who is restless to see Mid term elections these days. International media as well as foreign powers don’t really know about the local administration of Gojra but what they view is PPP is the whole sole in charge of Pakistan.

I believe Attacks on Christian families in Gojra expose the PML N government’s inefficiency, as things in Gojra started heating up on July 20 and the government did not take action to control them. Further more, killings in Gojra proved that the government’s claim of good governance was false, the violence could have been averted if the government had taken timely action but the acts like delaying FIR, ignoring residents’ qualms about law and order situation and removing DCOs and DPOs for criminal negligence but not getting them arrested for inquiry speak volume.

On the other hand Pakistan’s Judiciary — The 7th most corrupt institution of Pakistan( according to the Transparency Int’l report – 09) which is busy in undoing former president Musharraf’s acts, playing up with courts and putting country into trouble has conveniently ignored the horrendous massacre of Christians in the history of Pakistan.

The chief justice of Pakistan who takes Suo Moto actions even on minor issues decided to stay away from Pakistan’s national tragedy. They instead developed just-another Inquiry tribunal of the Lahore High Court which will be faded by the passage of time.

In short Shehbaz Shareef’s Provincial Government as well as our political judiciary both have completely been failed to provide security and justice to common people, our nation has been hijacked by the politicians who have a vested interest in destabilization of country. Shehbaz Shareef’s Government has recently withdrawn petition filed by Federal govt in court and has decided to disassociate from Hafiz Saeed (renowned religious extremist and international terrorist) case and filed a plea for withdrawal of the case. Another blot on Pakistan’s face!

I believe religious extremism can never be curbed from Pakistan unless we strictly implement laws with justice. Right after this incident voices in support of setting up laws on blasphemy had come but again are we ready to execute those laws in case of any mishap ?

A Pakistani Judge

Supreme Court of Pakistan  has directed former President of Pakistan. Mr. Musharraf to appear on court on 29th July.  The case has not even started but a quick judgment prior to hearing from The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and that too in front of hundreds of lawyers and media has already been passed.

Addressing the oath-taking ceremony of the Ferozwala Bar Association in Shekhupura district, Lahore High Court Justice Mr. Khwaja Sharif  passed a statement that Musharraf had seen good times and now should be ready to face bad times because of his deeds.  He also said that Punjab  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif would resolve issues of the judges’ salaries because he considered quick dispensation of justice vital according to The News, July 25, 09.

I am not sure if a serving high court judge has the right to pass any judgment or even comment on the extremely sensitive issue which is going to be started in Supreme Court of Pakistan after couple of days.

Mr. Khwaja’s views on former President and the current Nawaz Shareef Government clearly tell us the inclination and behavior of judiciary in Pakistan.

After witnessing that particular behavior of our “esteemed judge” many doubts have been raised in my mind not only regarding the fair trial of Pervez Musharraf but the overall behavior and professionalism of Pakistani judiciary.

In next few days big things going to happen in our country. This is just a very first loop hole revealed in Musharraf’s trial.//

Pakistan’s Plantation Miracle

Terrorists grip Pakistan, At least 30 people killed in recent wave of target killing, Pakistan witness highest ever inflation, 20 killed in suicide blast, plan to dissolve local governments finalized ….and so on and so forth

We are the nation generally known  as not-so-stable country in the world let alone our contribution in protecting human rights or efforts to increase forest cover in the country but to my surprise also we did the latter. Yes!

After the distasteful wave of non-stop bad news we have finally been able to do something great, something that sounds pleasant to hear about, that portrays our positive image to the world and more importantly something to make us proud.

Couple of days back when I was on my way to home I heard the BBC newscaster on radio updating that Pakistan’s

environment ministry has completed all arrangements to set up new Guinness World Record by planting maximum number of mangrove sapling in next 24 hours to break Indian record which they set up in Assam on 13th July 2009 by planting 447,874 trees in 24 hours.  Keti Bander’s coastal line will be the area in Thatta district of Sindh province –some 150 km from Karachi and three hundred people will take part in the exercise to break the world record.

This was indeed something new and amazing to me as Pakistan is not considered as environment friendly country. This information had obviously made me curious and I kept thinking for sometime how they would do that. I mean 500,000 is a huge figure! – On the other hand my lateral thinking had also been stimulated, pondering the deception aspects of their activity since our record in Fair Play is not so fair.

Next day the first thing I did was to check Newspaper whether they have really fulfilled their vow — surprisingly they had smashed Indian record. Guinness book of World Records confirmed that 541,176 trees were planted in the 750 acres of the Indus river delta region. Each group was issued saplings by a panel of experts and officials who also monitored the planting process to ensure standards set by Guinness World Records.

The record has been set under the two conditions of Guinness Book of World: 1) plantation was allowed only in day-light and was not allowed in artificial light; and (2) not more than 300 people were allowed to participate in the plantation.

Every line of that particular news was telling the story of triumph, the more I read the more I delighted but alas! Our highly commercialized mainstream newspapers didn’t allocate much space to this good news nor did our Tv channels since this world record do not sensationalize masses.

Our media’s ignorance towards such significant developments speaks volume.  Had Ms. Hillary Clinton called President Zardari they would have been publishing this NEWS as Headline or running as News alert to the extent of annoyance but who cares for environment and that Pakistan’s pride which cannot be capitalized.

I am also surprised that many fellow Pakistanis have either no clue of this event or they simply have no or little interest towards this development but whatever behavior they demonstrate at least in this case I am proud of Govt. (especially ministry of environment) and give credit to their sincere attempt to protect nature and to positively bring Pakistan in limelight.

In the end I would quote environment minister Mr. Hamidullah Jan Afridi’s words who beautifully replied to that BBC correspondent’s question who asked that how these 0.5 million plants would help stabilizing Pakistan’s polluted environment. He said “these plants would not only help Pakistan in eradicating pollution, floods, storms, global warming but protect global environment too since nature has no boundaries

Touching on Taboo | Partition a Blunder

Lahore: “MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said the Partition of India in 1947 weakened Muslims, as it divided their power. In an interview with Najam Sethi on Duniya News, Altaf said there would have been no Partition had the Congress accepted Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s 14 points. Altaf said few people knew that even Allama Iqbal had not demanded a separate Pakistan in his famous Allahabad address in 1930. “He had, in fact, demanded the creation of Muslim states in the Muslim-majority areas,” he said, adding that Iqbal’s  son justice (retired) Javed Iqbal could confirm this”. [Duniya News]

If we view partition from the perspective of Muslim unity it was indeed one of the biggest blunders in the history of mankind since it divided Muslims however it benefited tiny percentage of Muslims who were already settled in the land of pure, who never had to migrate at all. For rests it’s no better than India where everybody has to struggle hard for his basic rights.

Was partition blunder or not it is still a debatable topic but I would like to explain MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s comment’ who in his recent interview justified his disputed statement in which he called partition of the subcontinent a blunder. Lots of hue and cry being heard mainly from our not so conversant population of Pakistan, anti MQM factors across the country are also spicing up the issue and trying to capitalize their politics.

In my opinion no one can give expert opinion on Partition than the ones who have witnessed pre-partition situation and experienced the bloodshed during migration however I would like to clarify under which circumstances MQM leader has called partition a blunder.

In Today’s Pakistan Muslims are fighting and killing each other on the basis of tribal and linguistic affinity, sectarian strife is worse than ever before. Mosques and Madarssas are flourishing businesses. The advocates of Jihad are killing followers of the faith as they leave places of worship, we are the only country who can always legally kill other Muslim who has different beliefs than our version of Islam.  A truism reiterated in the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. For further evidences let’s look at the plight of 300,000 Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh for four decades in their passage to the chosen land — Unwanted by both Bangladesh and Pakistan, led by an unknown destiny. Who suffered? MUSLIMS

So where Muslim of sub-continent stands today — What Pakistani Muslims have achieved? Pakistani Muslim is competing with Indian or Bangladeshi Muslim in poverty, illiteracy, and religious hatred. In fact Pakistan is step a head in terms of sectarian enmity. Moreover, the rights of the people who migrated to Pakistan from Muslim Minority Provinces of the Subcontinent were usurped and they had to face highhandedness and injustices in Pakistan. Even today they are directly or indirectly branded as “Indians” when they raise voices for their rights. Talk about the Muslims of Balochistan, they are spending miserable life since the very creation of Pakistan but no Govt paid heed on their basic problems. Again “MUSLIMS”

In the light of above facts if some leader merely “criticizes” partition and comment on disintegration of Muslims he’s called traitor and advised by our so called patriots that Altaf Hussain should immediately leave Pakistan. Interestingly these advices come from the ones who and their forefather never experienced migration. Their idiotic reason for being patriotic is since their ancestors living in Pakistan since ages that’s why they are “Pure Pakistanis”

Right after questioning partition on the basis of provided facts Altaf Hussain said:  “since it happened we now need to live peacefully with each other” but no one noticed that part.

IMO A leader must not misguide his people for whatsoever reason. Altaf’s statement in anyway doesn’t go against interest of Pakistan and Pakistanis, rather it’s a matter of concern for the “establishment” to realize their mistake and give due rights to rest of the Pakistanis so that they don’t have to question creation of Pakistan again.

The spirit and essence of Altaf  Hussain statement is that we must accept the ground reality without blinkers.

In the end I would suggest those Pakistanis who are calling Altaf Hussain traitor or Indian to use their common sense, stop being patriotic to an abnormal extent and try to digest the fact that partition of subcontinent is a debatable issue. Pakistan is our very own country hence its our right to criticize or praise it. No one has the right to curb our freedom of speech.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” — Winston Churchill

Pakistan’s Armed Politics

A country which is yearning for peace and stability since ages has again turned into a battle ground by her very own democratic forces.  Its quite surprising that we blame  Military and Taliban for being non democratic and getting every job done through GUN but conveniently ignore the rapidly spreading gun culture into our politics.

From Jamat e Islami to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf all political parties have finally carried guns and established private militias to resolve their issues “democratically” which I am not sure how helpful for the country’s democratic culture and up coming generations but for sure this menace is turning Jinnah’s progressive and peaceful Pakistan into another Afghanistan.//

You know you are from PTI when…

* You curse each and every political leader on earth.

* You freely discuss personal life of Salman Taseer and his daughters but never let anyone discuss Imran’s past.

* The only arguments you use to counter MQMites are “12th May”, “Altaf Hussain’s Salaam” and the word “Chooran”

* You don’t hesitate to gang up with even Jiyalas when it comes to argue with MQM

* Through out the year you PROTEST

* You criticize USA for challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty but conveniently ignore Taleban/ Al Qaeda for  doing the same in FATA

* You lodge more protests in UK & US than your home land

* Your leader has more fame than his vote bank

* You pretend to be moderate Muslim but your political compass tilts towards Jamat e Islami

* To remain in limelight your leader often holds small rallies in Islamabad

* You never realized that PTI’s voter’s average age is actually 15 year.

* Your party scatters after regular intervals.

* Your leader spends considerable time in giving Tv interviews

* The only excuse of defeat your party leader gives is “it’s a new party”

* You actually spend more time on internet to justify party manifesto than to work for it.

* Through out the year your leader campaigns for the change but when change comes he goes into hiding

* You don’t accept the fact that there is one man show in your party

* You actually support Taleban

* You don’t know any other PTI leader’s name.

* Your ultimate demand is Musharraf’s trial

* You often cry against NRO but conveniently ignore Nawaz / Musharraf agreement.

* Your presence in Karachi is still ZERO.

*When you enter in Karachi you call  MQM “natural allies”

* Your attention seeking argument is “Insaaf Zindabad”

*Your leader calls up Altaf Hussain , appreciates his bold stances on national issues and you start praising MQM.

Demo [of] Crazy

The only point on which entire nation is united is all politicians are corrupted but we still vote for them and get them elected as a result they come in power ruin the country and quit. In next elections we get the next candidate elected keeping in mind that he would have been tamed but he proves himself more crooked than his predecessor, later their children take over and then their children’s children and the cycle goes on. We have the same old faces in politics which are simply unable to run country the way it should be. The most amazing thing about this country is it’s we who get these crooked leaders elected and later curse them however as compared to politicians — military dictators (though come in power by force) they do well for the country in terms of economy, development, foreign policy etc.

Interestingly we in the beginning welcome them, distribute sweets on military coups but later the nation starts expressing grief, our demand for democracy starts and we ultimately bring the same hypocrite political leaders again who we knew are the worst creatures on earth. The question arises why we are so much influenced with the word “Democracy” despite knowing the fact that it never worked in Pakistan because of obvious reasons. Even today we have democratically elected government but I never saw even a single day when they were not cursed or even abused.

I would not blame any leader for this mishap. I believe it’s we who don’t deserve development. In dictators’ regime productivity and the “essence of democracy” (freedom of media, minority rights, women empowerment, local government etc) could be experienced but in democracy we have parliament, politicians, provincial assemblies etc but we still don’t have ‘democracy’.

Our leaders still prefer to resolve issues on streets instead of parliament. Our President who represents the biggest political party of Pakistan is one of the most corrupt men in Pakistan. If this is the case I believe the Pakistani nation is not made for democracy or we still need to understand what a true democracy is. We are still not civilized enough to fulfill the demands of democracy.

The country where feudalism and dynasty politics have strong roots cannot emerge as true democracy, logically it can’t. Current situation of the country and the attitude of our political leaders make me realize that “A Good dictatorship is better than the worst democracy”. The survival of Pakistan is in Dictatorship or the “Democracy under the umbrella of Dictatorship” (Musharraf’s Model) at least for some more time.