COVID-19: Bring out the best in humanity


Amid corona virus pandemic, we don’t know how many days or months it will take us to get out of the catastrophe that is still unfolding, but one thing is established. We are in a crisis which has a 360° impact on our behaviors. We are asked to socially distant ourselves, avoid non-essential travel and frequently wash hands as prescribed.

That shared susceptibility and the global response to a universal threat is evident in the face of the virus known as Covid-19. As of now Corona virus Cases tally reached to 215,513 out of which 8,889 deaths recorded.

The three-pronged strategy until the readiness of vaccine is considered as survival guide which is undeniably contradicting to general characteristics of human behavior. Majority of us being socially active, outgoing and never practiced frequent 20 second- hand hygiene somehow finding it annoying to adopt controlled lifestyle, but survival demands extra ordinary measures.

What we know so far is the outbreak reach is global, its nasty, lethal and sneaky and no race, religion, gender, ethnicity or country is safe from the virus. Developing and developed nations trying to cope up with the situation according to best of their potentials.

Nature providing us time to pondering different aspects of life and making sense of it. It’s the right time to be calm, to breath and create a harmonious balance with other stakeholders of our planet. During pandemic medical condition faced by a person living in a slum of Mumbai would be sufficiently understood by a person living in California’s Beverly Hills as they both follow same standard operating procedure.

Bedsides Covid-19’s drastic effects on human behaviors, there’s a ray of hope somewhere which can provide us a chance to mend fences with each other. These efforts could be on any level, be it personal or global. It’s totally up to us how we utilize this calamity into an opportunity and get the best out of it.

By maintaining social distance, applying strict hygiene, saving commute time by working from home, constructive discussions on social media, maximum utilization of technology and walking alone in fresh air we can explore the brighter side of life and this is what nature demanding us.

Those healthcare professionals helping humanity day and night also want us to act responsible and let them work for the ones in need.

We are given a chance to communicate – which has always been the biggest barrier during conflicts, circumstances already pushed all nations to come on table, show solidarity with other countries and gather on one-point agenda i.e. to save humanity. In such times coordination and working together play the role of synergy to achieve desired results.

We witness China despite worst affected by the pandemic sends essential Corona virus supplies to Italy. United Nations, US Aid, World Bank pledging support to countries in dire need of funds and supplies. South Asian countries sitting together to chalk out plan to protect region from pandemic and so on so forth.

Some countries already announced emergency and there’s an evident panic everywhere, on personal or community level we can do-little things to help people around us for self-satisfaction and to bring smiles on many faces.

This is the chance, to communicate, cooperate, coordinate and collaborate and undo mistakes we have made in past.

Let’s give ourselves a break and start a fresh when the sky is clear.

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