Nizam-e-Jadal: The Law of War

There has been a lot of talk about the Taliban who publicly whipped a teenage girl in a medieval fashion on the charge of her being involved in “illicit” relations. .According to the video running on Youtube and on our local media these days, the girl wearing red dress was forced upside down on the floor and was seen harshly whipped on the hip by 3 bearded Taleban. Local people said that this 17 year married woman was punished for illicit relations and this incident had taken place six months ago in Kabal area.

This controversial video has lately made us realize how violently the so called Shariah in the name of Nizame Adl [Law of Justice] is exercised in the most beautiful part of Pakistan. The place which was once known as heaven for the world has now turned into a hell. Those illiterate jihadi-mullahs and the so called custodians of Islam have been penetrating into rest of the parts of Pakistan to force their version of Shariah which could be more devastating in future.

On the other hand a common Pakistani is simply stunned and still trying to figure out what kind of Islam it is and more importantly why nobody’s stopping them. The Talebani Islam which lacks tolerance and peace has  been rapidly growing and maligning the religion on all levels  it is  also giving room- to- criticize to those  people who already have issues with Islam.

Islam never allows to brutally whip or stone someone in the name of Shariah, there are prerequisites of Shariah which need to be followed before penalizing someone. I wonder why this inhumane Talebani way of Islam is not being exercised in the countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan etc though I don’t agree with their laws yet in our part of the world they have touched the height of barbarianism.

Fortunately we the third generation of Pakistan are well aware of our shining past, the moderate nature of Pakistanis and rich culture but have we even thought what we are sowing for our future generations, what would they experience ? For the sake of saving future of Pakistan we the people of Pakistan must come forward and reject the theory of Taleban at least from our areas by keeping a strict check on what’s happening around, through Madarsah reforms and suspicious religious activities. We must not let Taleban state-of- mind grow and this can only be happened when we collectively discourage this sick mentality on all levels. Today they are in Swat tomorrow they will be in Karachi. We have already started receiving signals in our metropolis sometimes through graffiti and sometimes through strange phone calls.

Our law & enforcement agencies should take immediate notice to the atrocious activities in those areas and tackle them with force. Now things have gone beyond dialogue process.

Its high time to take up this matter seriously and stop the prevailing Nizam e Jadal [ Law of War] in those areas otherwise “friends of Pakistan” would come and resolve this issue by their DRONIC means which might end up on mass disaster.//