Sprite couch in Karachi

Sprite’s Comfort Zone

To  access  mass market Sprite has come up with a novel marketing idea that serves the purpose of bus-stop with comfort. In a momentary look, witnessing commuters sitting on a comfortable green colored couch  in chilled mood waiting for their respective buses under an eye catching Sprite’s kiosk was indeed a pleasant surprise for me, perhaps this is what the Coca Cola co. wanted to.

Brand recall through keeping their prospect target market cool and relaxed in scorching heat will ultimately drive customer traffic towards beverages. As long as commuters wait for their vehicles they would definitely feel Sprite ambiance all over and tempt for the drink.

It would have been more ingenious had they installed Sprite dispensers along with bus stops but of course it sounds impossible in a city where drug addicts manage to steal even robust manhole-covers to “obey their thirst” however definitely it’s another creative and daring initiative by the Sprite marketing team that has opened new avenues for competitive brands.

Last but not least,  I must appreciate Karachites civic sense for not misusing the facility.