Relax, it’s just the NRO!

Nation seems to be way too excited on the recently passed preconceived SC judgment on NRO. Due to the media hype words like “Accountability” and the “Change” have yet again become talk of the town. Our intellectuals on different Tv channels, blogs, discussion forums and even on streets perceive this judgment as a revolution in Pakistan’s history.

Though I have no plan to rain their parade nor I am a PPP fan infact I fully support court’s judgment on NRO as the ordinance was against the very constitution of Pakistan yet I believe the judgment will not bring any drastic change in the country since the ruling mainly covers certain bureaucrats, MQM and the PPP but the PML N and those Baloch separatists who have systematically been killing a particular ethnicity in Balochistan, bombing national assets and above all struggling for separation with the help of India.

In my opinion Judiciary needs to be fair with everyone. They need to take notice of that NRO too in which Nawaz Shareef and co. were let fly to Saudi against corruption charges and during 90s the Army Operation he got conducted on civilians in Karachi resulted thousands of extra judicial killings.

Our respectable judiciary should not fall prey to those forces that had vested interests in restoration of judges. Along with “NRO beneficiaries” all those politicians and sardars should be brought to courts who became beneficiaries of covert NRO.

Unless such issues come under consideration I don’t foresee a just society, such selective actions would rather encourage the trend of “judicial victimization” which could be more disastrous than the political one.