What Mustufa Kamal means to Karachi politics


It seemed to be a real big day when all TV channels showed ex-mayor of Karachi Syed Mustufa Kamal’s unusual footages coming from Airport with the then deputy conveyor Anees Qaimkhani. As usual people who live in other parts of the country hoped that MQM cannot survive this dent and will suddenly collapse.

We in Karachi equally curious and logged on news channel websites to live stream the events concerning Kamal’s moves who rejoined politics as a separate entity after 3 year break,  during his Press conference he was supposed to reveal why he left MQM, why he came back to Karachi and what would be his next move. Although he spent about 3 hours maligning MQM with no clear future plans.

After few days Dr. Sagheer seen sitting in press conference with Kamal and Qaim Khani repeating the same grudges, so far no concrete development is seen in the newly formed group except inclusion of ex MQMers in new party, a part from membership drive we hear about same old MQM-RAW (Indian Spy Agency) relations, Altaf Hussain consumes alcohol, target killing and ransoms, Baldia factory fire etc.

Before Mustufa Kamal, it was Zulfiqar Mirza, Saulat Mirza, Nabeel Gabol, Afaq Ahmed, Rao Anwar and many other prominent personalities showed up on Tv channels after regular intervals and toed the same line.

So far there is a divided opinion on Mustufa Kamal among different political parties and majority of them believes he has no future at least in Urban Sindh politics.  Pakistan People’s Party, Jamat e Islami and PML N doubting intensions of ex-mayor and demanding proves of his allegations on MQM.

Contrary to general opinion Imran Khan and PTI’s top leadership see Mustufa Kamal as a ray of hope to counter MQM but Ali Zaidi in-charge PTI Karachi and other second tier leadership seems to be unhappy with PTI’s top leadership especially Jahangir Tareen’s statements and questioning their support since PTI would virtually wipe out from Karachi if Mustafa Kamal sets foot in politics and it will become PTI vs Mustafa Kamal Party.


Many PTI followers praising Mustufa Kamal and wanting him to control Karachi, this unconditional love for ex-Mayor at some point is worrisome for PTI Karachi leadership which seems on different page altogether, and it is true to some extent since PTI top leadership is unaware of dynamics of this city and its politics and any irresponsible statements or rhetoric by Imran Khan or Jahangir Tareen might backfire and put Ali Zaidi & Co in deep trouble.

Time will decide if PTI’s top leadership is rightly playing its cards or should they pay heed to Ali Zaidi’s concerns.

So much so, at this point of time Mustufa Kamal is busy giving interviews to TV channels and trying to extract support from MQM but at the same time negating any possibility to join hands with PTI.

MQM being the victim of repeated attacks on its credibility and style of politics has decided to wait and see and refusing to discuss this episode on media perhaps following the strategy to focus issues related to their party and public interests.

MQM sees its supremo as a Kingmaker and believes without his support no party member can prosper or deliver.

Mustufa Kamal’s strength was his performance during the time of his mayor ship as a result when local bodies system wrapped up, the mayor had no work to do but was promoted as senator and given top rank in party by Altaf Hussain.

Why Mustufa Kamal came to Pakistan and maligned MQM is another question but what most of the Karachites think if the ex-mayor really wanted to deliver something to the people of Karachi after three years as a separate entity couldn’t he do a decent press conference highlighting his strengths and future plans rather than MQM’s weaknesses.



18 mind blowing quotes by Pakistani politicians in 2013

I could see improvement in politician’s behaviour and they have stated owning their statements.

Last year, our nation went through many a tragedy. From being held hostage by terrorists to being engulfed by sectarian violence, the terror spree has gone on without any breaks.

In this madness, we have had our politicians providing us their ‘pearls of wisdom’.

While this year we have missed the late Pir Pagara, Zulfiqar Mirza, Pervez Musharraf, Rehman Malik and the like, who had given us truly memorably comments regarding national security in the past, I was still able to collect some quotes which managed to become top headlines.

Here is how our leaders and politicians have shared their valuable opinions on issues of key importance to Pakistan and its people.


Diesel syndrome

“Even a dog killed by America is a martyr” – Maulana Fazlul Rehman (Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam)

Maulana Fazlu Rehman’s brief statement on killing of banned TTP’s commander.


Guerrilla alert

“We are not going to succeed because Taliban are masters of guerrilla warfare” – Imran Khan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf)

On killing of the TTP chief, Imran Khan warned the nation and Pakistan Army against the Taliban’s tried and tested warfare strategy.


TTP Pvt Ltd

“Allow the Taliban to open offices in Pakistan” – Imran Khan (PTI)

Imran Khan’s demand despite knowing the fact that Taleban in Afghanistan are fighting a war against external forces unlike TTP attacking Pakistan Army and own people.


Killer apps

“Dear burgers, sorry about Skype/Viber/Whatsapp. Excuse us while we catch some terrorists and save some lives. SMS for 3 months” – Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (Pakistan Peoples Party)

This surprising justification came from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, when the Sindh government decided to ban different online communication apps.


Basant in Karachi

“Pakistan had won freedom from Britain in 1947 but our Karachi is still a colony of London. We’ll cut the kite controlled by phone calls from London” – Bilawal Bhutto (PPP)

Bilawal enlightens the youth on how Basant should be celebrated in Karachi.


Ministry of Fear

“The TTP should be given religious ministries in the federal and provincial cabinets as a good will gesture.” – PTI Central Vice President, Mian Mukarram Shah  (PTI)

In an attempt to protect the nation from the wrath of Taliban, the PTI vice president came up with the remarkable demand of distributing religious ministries to the banned TTP group.

Question of tamasha

Tamasha not an un-parliamentary word” – Chaudhry Nisar (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz)

The interior minister, after a thorough research, claimed that the word ‘tamasha’ (performance) had been used 45 times during the last five years in the parliament and no one had objected.


Call of duty

“Those people who are protesting – and grandstanding – near Three Swords – I don’t want to fight or quarrel but if I order my supporters now, they will go to Three Swords and turn them in reality”. – Altaf Hussain (Muttahida Qaumi Movement)

The MQM chief warned his opponents to either accept the election results or get ready to face the consequences.


From Britain, with love

“Even Jinnah held a British passport and took oath of allegiance to the then British King, George VI” – Altaf Hussain (MQM)

The MQM chief reminded the nation about the passport carried by the father of the nation, giving a lesson which seldom history teachers ever impart to their students.


An Ajrak wedding

“A wedding reception at Sindh Assembly is not a big deal” – Agha Siraj Durrani (PPP)

Agha Siraj Durrani concluded the debate by endorsing wedding receptions at the Sindh Assembly as no big deal.


A swift solution to all our problems

“Democracy has failed and martial law should be implemented in Pakistan.” – Syed Faisal Raza Abidi (PPP)

After witnessing the democratic government’s performance, former PPP Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi revealed his swift and easy solution to all of Pakistan’s problems.


Terrorists, by invite only

“We did not invite Osama bin Laden to Pakistan, or even to Afghanistan” – Yousuf Raza Gillani (PPP)

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gillani while defending Pakistan to the international community.


Seeing eye to eye

“I’ll see how anyone arrests me. The NAB (National Accountability Bureau) chairman is himself summoned, how can he summon me?” Yousuf Raza Gillani (PPP)

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gillani defends himself against corruption charges.


Rebel, much?

“Nawaz Sharif was, and remains, my leader, as I hold him in high esteem” – Jawed Hashmi  (PTI)

Jawed Hashmi showed complete faith and respect in his ex leader, whom he left because he was not in agreement with his ideologies in the first place. Okay, now I am confused.


The martyr debate

“Hakimullah was a martyr” – Munawar Hasan (Jamaat-e-Islami)

Munawar Hasan, chief of JI, gives the title of martyrdom to the TTP chief, ignoring the sacrifices of hundreds of Pakistani soldiers.


Of allegations and ideas

“Punjab University’s vice chancellor is a playboy type person” – Fareed Paracha (JI)

JI leader Fareed Paracha calls Punjab University vice chancellor a ‘playboy type’ because of his liberal ideologies.


Rumour has it

“Veena Malik is a bloody liar. Does she deserve coffee? I hate her.” – Shaikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed reacts aggressively when a ‘coffee invitation’ to Veena Malik goes public.


Jail Break

“I think K-P government should resign on the failure despite having report of the exact date. I do not know what the K-P Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, this teeli pehlwan (thin fighter), was doing” – Rana Sanaullah – (PML-N)

Rana Sanaullah shows his anger on the K-P chief minister’s helplessness over the Dera Ismail Khan jail break.


These were the most unquotable quotes by our leaders in 2013 and each comment had its own entertainment value – irrespective of how repulsive they might have been.

This also highlights one very important thing – our leaders really need to start practicing the age-old advice of weighing ones words before speaking them. It would do them well to follow it.


Pakistan’s Mullahpoly: My way or the highway

Copyright gives the author of an original work exclusive right for a certain time period in relation to that work, including its publication, distribution and adaptation, after which time the work is said to enter the public domain.

Readers must be surprised to see the implementation of  copyright concept in the religion of truth  revealed by Allah that actually has no connection with materialism but it’s a fact, in Pakistan Islam has been perceived as a corporation that exist as a product of corporate law (Pakistan’s Constitution), and its rules balance the interests of the management (Religious Fanatics) who solely operate the Islamic corporation in Pakistan. Creditors(Islamic sects) who loan its goods, services; shareholders (Madarsa Owners) that invest their capital (Madarsah Education) and the employees (Jihadi Brigade) who contribute their labor to achieve and save guard vested interests of Islam Inc.

We have learned and taught that Islam is the religion for everyone. Every Muslim has the right to study and practice it. Today we have different sects in Islam who are free to preach and practice their versions but unlike all there is a “Non Muslim” group too whom we usually call “Qadyanis” and have officially declared them Non Muslims.

I don’t want to go into the debate whether they are Muslims but my concern is even if they are declared as minorities why Pakistani Govt do not allow them to peach their religion. We all know that Islam is the fastest growing religion and can never be abolished yet we are not ready to believe in Allah who has taken sole responsibility to save the book and religion till the end.
Somewhere I have read that the time when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had appeared on the political scene with his political slogans of:

Islam is our religion
Democracy is our politics
Socialism is our economics

And won elections but over the year’s democracy and socialism faded into the background and Islam had come to the forefront especially when Bhutto had proclaimed Friday as the weekly holiday and declared Ahmedis as non-Muslims. That was the beginning of the nightmare of religious intolerance. The nightmare worsened during the era of Zia-ul-haq who handed over the religion to the illiterate “Mullahs” and tried to Islamize all aspects of civil life from schools to hospitals to government offices. He in consultation with the then religious scholars introduced law which resulted undermining of women’s rights. Introduction of Blasphemy Law worked as an insult to the minorities’ injuries which led to hundreds of innocent people being killed and jailed on mere allegations.

Today those draconian laws are still high in Pakistani society, we “the privileged” Sunni Muslims being in majority have the right to declare anyone Kafir or even kill in the name of religion just because we are made to believe that we are the true followers and custodians of Islam and its our prime duty to safeguard this entity that benefits us to achieve our objectives which we might not be able to accomplish on moral grounds however other sects do claim the same but being less in number they do not make their claims public but secretly.

If we go out on the streets we would find different brigades of bearded men wearing black, green, white, brown turbans belong to different sects and sub sects. They are more devoted to their religious doctrine than Islam. Apparently they claim to be brother of each other but if you talk to them separately they don’t spare a second to “prove” other sect Non Muslim.

However the Pakistan’s religious cartel has been agreed on the minimum common agenda that all Ahmedis are non Muslims and their entry into the religious market might reduce their profit share in the cake. Thus religious conglomerates of Pakistan have engineered separate laws to bar new player and even after declaring them Non Muslims they banned  them to preach their version of Islam, let alone preaching,  Pakistan is the only country where dominating religious scholars have established such a “Mullahpoly” that  don’t even allow their competitor  (Ahmedis) to even greet in Islamic way or recite Kalma however our traditional scholars are unaware of their competitor’s Guerilla Marketing strategy that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, Ahmedis campaigns are unexpected and unconventional; potentially friendly and people are targeted in unexpected places. Their way of unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept has successfully generated buzz and people in Pakistan hold a soft corner for them unlike before, they are not only heard but their eccentric and nonviolent propagations  have made people to probe their set of beliefs which they spread in very organized and peaceful manner.

Recently a private tv channel has aired a video of “Ahemdi” Mosque near Faisalabad where policemen were vehemently defacing the word Allah and Kalima from their mosque and that too during prayers. On the other hand when our so called religious scholar was asked to throw light on this callous issue he was not only adamant to his dim point of view but came up with  imprudent examples of copyright (i.e Kalima and Allah’s name are the copyrights of Muslims) that ultimately made fun of himself and the religion resulting support to Ahmedi group from the human rights organizations as well as majority of moderate Pakistanis.


Regardless of whatever logic our scholars present they cannot justify curbs on freedom of practicing religion as it is the clear violation of Pakistan’s constitution and Quaid e Azam’s thoughts who envisioned Pakistan as a moderate progressive nation where minorities are allowed to preach and practice their religion freely.

Jinnah in his opening speech to the constituent Assembly, said: “You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” but today’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan is entirely a different country than the one Jinnah had envisaged for us.

We are certainly living in the geographical location that Jinnah fought and struggled for, but in terms of vision and policy we are living in a chaotic mess with no improvement in future.

Beauty of Democracy

Pakistan’s democracy is playing a tool of Magical Wand for the ruling elites and Pakistan People’s Party . It seems in the name of democracy  they have acquired a license to issue weirdest  of  ‘political Fatwas’  from the ‘house of gods’.

In a latest display of unprecedented stupidity  The Sindh Assembly has passed a unanimous resolution against Transparency International for ranking Pakistan 34th in global corruption index. The resolution was tabled by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Sharjeel Memon.  According to them Transparency International launched a propaganda against the government.

Earlier the Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution condemning the role of media and alleged it of ‘irresponsible behavior’ amid the on-going fake degree controversy and this time the Sindh Assembly politicians never minded to make a fool out of themselves.

From Kamran Khan of Geo Tv to the common Pakistani who protests against price hikes on streets. All sort of criticisms are treated as  “conspiracy” and attempts to derail democratic regime which is restored by the blood of Hazrat Benazir Bhutto Rehmat ullah Aleh and protected by one-time Laadla of General Zia ul Haq, Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Nawaz Shareef Rehmat ullah Aleh.

I now tend to agree with the statement that  ‘democracy is the best revenge’  said by none other than Hazrat Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (a would be-Rehmatullah Aleh)

Paving the way for Self-Destruction

Despite sheer insults hurled on Pakistan and its premier spy agency  by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, our President is all set for his official visit to UK from 3rd to 9th of August.  I wonder how Zardari would face Cameron especially after knowing that British Prime minister has now urged not to back away from his remarks about Pakistan promoting “the export of terror”. With this stubborn stance what on earth makes Zardari talk with Cameron is still confusing for majority of Pakistanis including nation’s armed forces as earlier in the wake of Cameron’s remarks ISI chief had already abandoned his due  visit to UK.

At this point of time when country’s facing worst floods of the history President’s priorities speak volume, he would go to UK, France or prefer to stay in lavish President House but avoid paying visit to plane crash site which is few kilometers away from President House. Nation is experiencing despondency but unable to protest because they have democratically elected the Pakistan People’s party and now can’t do anything to get rid of this non- progressive government, the man whose popularity has dropped all time low over the past year and he is now viewed unfavorably by a large majority of Pakistanis has simply hijacked the nation in the name of democracy.

In my opinion if our president had little honor left he would have paused War on Terror in Pakistan for sometime and engaged our military troops in flood relief operations as a protest against the insult hurled by UK premier until he apologizes, Zardari’s subtle shut up call to Cameron would not have only pressurized international community to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in war on terror but acquired the popularity among thousands of victims being starved and died in floods due to absence of  required relief operation however keeping history of our leader’s spinelessness in mind we are left with no such options but yet to be abused again. Our president’s actions will however damage Pakistan’s credibility internationally but increase level of trust and faithfulness he’s trying to exhibit to his lords.

On the other hand all political parties of Pakistan including those who are allied with People’s party have voiced their opinion against Zardari’s visit to UK but it seems this man has decided to pave his way for self destruction.


“Today’s generation is getting rid of its culture, in our times Urdu had sophisticatedly been spoken but now a days Indian culture is  invading our young minds, if you talk to the younger generation they would amalgamate Hindi words into Urdu language. This is unacceptable – we have lost our cultural values” said by an old aged man during an informal discussion with me.

According to him India through movies, music and their dramas have systematically been brainwashing our minds which is ultimately leading us towards Hinduism, we have unconsciously adopted many customs of their religion and culture.

The question I posed in return was how would he justify blending of “English” in Urdu which we use in our daily conversation. Is this not ruining our language and culture?

He seemed taken a back but suddenly admitted that English is a globally recognized language; we cannot deny importance of this language.

So, is it okay to get dominated by globally recognized culture and language?

I could see sheer discomfort on his face that made him walk away.

This is what I call resistance to change, our intolerant behavior that has become hurdle towards adaptability.

In my opinion, be it English or Hindi, we should speak whatever we want to. So long the listener is comfortable nobody should have problem with this. In Pakistan majority of the Pakistanis understand Urdu language and some how follow a culture with the blend of Indian traditions.

The glance of Indian culture may be seen in our daily lives especially in marriage ceremonies, Dholki, Mayo and Mehendi functions where we unconsciously follow Indian rituals on the contrary Islam strictly forbids Muslims to organize engagement and Mehendi ceremonies; not to forget the proudly celebrating Basant festivals, even the practice of visiting shrines have generated from India.

Our continuous denials and hostile attitude towards a country of having same culture and people speaks volume about our tendency of being radical. If our so called intellectuals have issues with the spread of Indian culture in our society they should equally condemn Americanization too.

Instead of selective resistance, we either need to strengthen our culture through media, text books and PR or leave it to the people to decide.

Taliban Stir Muted Sympathy

In mid 70s Pakistan’s so called secular Prime Minister Mr. Zulfiqar ali Bhutto had sown a malicious seed of religious extremism due to which a religious group called “Ahemdis” were branded as Non Muslims. Their Pre- Bhutto Muslim status was constitutionally snatched by restricting their freedom to worship, its propagation and their basic rights as a common citizen of Pakistan.

Since then Ahmedis have been the victim of target killings and suicide bombings in the name of Islam and the culprits are freely roaming in the country as majority of Pakistanis support violent ideology of Islam especially when it comes to Ahemdi issue.

Although yesterday’s attacks on Ahmediya mosques by Pakistani wing of Taliban were the series of on going indiscriminate violence in the country that has claimed thousands of innocent lives which qualifies Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan the most detestable group in the country. Giving the reprehensible nature of this violence that claimed almost 80 lives yesterday – its surprising that majority of secular Pakistanis (let alone Mullah Brigade) expressing a muted sympathy for the Taliban.

“First time Taliban have done a marvelous job, I am very much happy on what happened in Lahore yesterday, kill thos Ba****ds”—says a supporter of a secular political party in Karachi.

“Don’t say it was an attack on mosque, call it a worship place. Mosques are for Muslims [us] only” – says my colleague working for an MNC.

While discussing this news at my work place I forgot that even though I work for an American company, people around me are after all Pakistanis.

As the discussions widened I have realized that majority of Pakistanis silently support Taliban for this violence and are comfortable with “whatever” happened lately, though they are the same people who generally condemn Taliban terrorism.

On the other hand Punjab Government is quick assured that they will take necessary measures to curb Taleban violence but are equally quick to own Taliban as their natural allies. Law minister (Rana Sana ulllah) of violence affected province also maintains relationships with banned outfits that support killings of Non Sunni religious groups.

In such circumstances one can’t think of getting rid of violence in coming days, it’s high time we realize that Taliban want blood to achieve their vicious objectives and reason for killing Ahmedis was not because they hate Ahmedis and love Sunnis. They did it to gain losing support of a common Pakistani who generally hates Ahmedis.

Post attack reaction ended up in favor of Taliban — as majority of Pakistanis mutely praising them for this barbarianism which proves that Taliban’s PR campaign worked.

But the question now is whether the nation will come out of selective condemnation or will they keep sympathizing with Taleban on empathic concerns.

If we go by the latter, one day we will also end up on being “massacred” by a Taliban suicide bomber in some unknown mosque.

I hope Pakistanis will opt to bury  in single piece…