Lord nazeer

PML (N)’s 4th Foot: Lord Buffoon Nazeer

“I heard him playing tabla myself. It was during a (recent) music show in London, ok okay let me tell you – recently he was invited as chief guest to a music show where he felt that the “tabla Nawaz” (drum beater) accompanying the singer had gone out of rhythm. Dissatisfied, rather irritated, by tabla performer’s odd beats, dictator himself jumped to the stage and entertained the audience with the “best of beats” his agile fingers could extract”

After releasing from jail this was recent statement issued by the member of The British House of Lords and 4th foot of Nawaz Sharif “Lord Nazeer” who is busy in campaigning against Musharraf in UK these days, according to the news sources this sincere son of Pakistani soil has sought Panel of top lawyers’ advice on the legality of actions of Musharraf’s actions in Pakistan from UK’s well-known human rights law firm Bindmans LLP which had previously acted in the prosecution of General Pinochet of Chile and is currently challenging state immunity rules in the European Court on behalf of victims of torture in Saudi Arabia.

Nazeer a strong supporter of Shareef’s party has frequently been visiting Lahore and Raiwind to discuss Musharraf issues with PML N men as well as Anti Musharraf lobby to reveal those details in UK parliament.

According to Nazeer he has been receiving thousands of applications from Pakistanis whom Musharraf have tortured, abducted and killed. Nazeer had said that in Pakistan the case is civil and not criminal but it could be criminal in Britain, as some people have raised allegations of abduction and violence against Musharraf.

Nazeer has also issues with Musharraf’s security in London, may be because being a British Parliamentarian he could not enjoy those extra-ordinary State benefits currently Musharraf is enjoying.

For time being even if we keep Nazeer’s hate, jealousy and racism against Musharraf aside – The questions remains same. Being a British parliamentarian why he’s intervening in Pakistan’s internal matters and questioning them in British parliament?

When Richard Holbroke or Anne Peterson comes and interferes in Pakistan’s internal matters we see it as “problem” but at the same time when Nazeer is not only meddling in Pakistan’s affairs but bringing them to UK parliament nobody is raising voice.

In past Nazeer along with PML N and Imran Khan had campaigned against MQM leader Altaf Hussain  to get him arrested through Interpol. but failed –I hope he will be disgraced again.

I strongly urge Zardari Govt to bar racist Nazeer’s entry in Pakistan’s parliament until this funny UK parliamentarian stops being buffoon.