The Sindh Card

After taking charge of the Government the first step Pakistan People’s party took was to unite Sindhi people on ethnic basis by playing a  “Sindh Card”.  It was an attempt to realize people of Sindh province that their Sindhi leaders have been assassinated in Punjab province and except the Bhutto’s league there is no one to speak on Sindh’s behalf.

As a result Pakistan People’s Party had successfully secured sympathy- vote from Sindh province (minus Karachi).  Since that day the People’s party Government has decided to keep a grip on Sindh province through artificial means i.e not serving the people of this province but by keeping the element of Sindhi Nationalism alive in their hearts.  They know the illiterate and poor population of interior Sindh can easily be exploited by the hands of Sindhi nationalist political parties.

In a display of Sindhiness the President of Pakistan quite often seen wearing Sindhi Topi (cap) on foreign trip although nothings wrong wearing a cap on trips however being the representative of Pakistan a president must wear something that depicts culture of Pakistan and not Sindh alone for instance a Jinnah-cap would serve the purpose on such occasions.

To me Sindhi culture should be celebrated not by only by wearing an Ajrak and a Topi but through initiating literacy and women emancipation programs and operating against Dacoits in Kacha area of Sindh. I hope by reducing such stigmas associated with the land of Sindh, this province in true sense will be able to celebrate its cultural day. As of now Sindh is not known for Ajrak and Topi but by the social ills I have mentioned above.

In my opinion the people of Sindh should look for meaningful action, gestures beyond symbolism. They must demand concrete steps and clear policy for development of Sindh from the flag bearers of this province. They must ask themselves that despite the grip of  Sindhi ruling party on  this province why their province is still known as “Interior Sindh”.

People want development and progress.  The current PPP regime has just given a “Topi” to Sindh in the name of culture day.

I wish poor Sindhis could unearth the conspiracy hatched by their very own leaders.


Internally DISGRACED Persons (IDPs)

Right now battle of SWAT and Rehabilitation of IDPs are the two main fronts where Pakistan is struggling for. By the grace of God our forces have almost accomplished the task and successfully destroyed major militants’ hideouts but regrettably the excuse for fighting this war is still there. Some days back our Government along with all parties had unanimously decided to cleanse SWAT from terrorists and urged to resolve problems of Taliban affected areas once and for all. I don’t know in which state of mind those political parties had taken this decision because right after the beginning of operation, our nation has out rightly rejected the entry of our brothers and sisters of war affected areas into “our” cities.

All major as well as minor political parties seemed to be united on something which is perceived as barbaric in civilized nations; these political parties have shown grave concerns over the settlement of IDPs and have obstinately been exhibiting inhumane behavior towards them through various evil tactics. All what they want is to keep IDPs restricted to WAR ZONE and leave them dying of starvation and bombings.

Every political party according to its capacity is playing up by deliberately issuing confusing statements on IDP issue; for instance MQM talks of IDPs registration, JSQM, the nationalist party of Sindh has straight away stopped IDPs to enter in Sindh province and threatened to pull their camps if installed. Likewise PML N of Nawaz Shareef has adopted a strategy of self-denial. They would pass an Anti IDP statement today and another party member would deny it next day. PTI instead of speaking for IDPs- rehabilitation is still busy in bashing the Government and has remained silent on this issue. PPP being the big brother and weak coalition Government is getting black mailed by their allies and still trying to find out a solution of such a “complicated problem”. ANP and JI in the whole situation are getting maximum mileage out of IDPs and encouraging their influx in their dream cities to strengthen their vote bank.

I believe entire IDP matter is basically revolving around the issue of “Vote”. So called custodians of urban population believe that entrance of IDPs into their cities would negatively affect their vote bank and turn the potential local voter into minority and somehow shrink the existing giants’ market share.

Besides political parties, our own people by embezzling aid for IDPs are worsening this situation. In short all political parties of Pakistan and some individuals have not only worsened this crisis but have unanimously proven to the world and to those poor war victims that we, Pakistanis are the most hypocrite and self centered people on earth.

I don’t know if I should refer this here but after seeing our response to SWAT crises, that statement of American Lawyer has popped up into mind – who once said on record that “these Pakistanis can sell their mothers for money”……