It seems Pakistani establishment has successfully been able to wipe off the infamous “MQM factor” from Urban Sindh especially in Karachi.

Although the party’s future is still unclear yet currently MQM is engaged in toughest ever political battle on all fronts with establishment,  Federal and provincial Governments, rival political parties and media not for the survival of its rock solid vote bank but for its very existence.

Right after MQM’s Supremo Altaf Hussain’s controversial statement during hunger strike and violent protest on media outlet, one of the most senior Leaders of the party Farooq Sattar along with local Rabita Committee under severe pressure decided to rebrand the party and quickly came up with the solution of disassociating MQM Pakistan from Altaf Hussain until his health conditions get alright.

Although Altaf Hussain apologized for his Anti Pakistan remarks and excused for venting out his anger against the undeclared military operation on MQM continuing for more than 2 years that include arrests of elected mayor and political workers, disappearance of political workers, demolition of party offices, media ban, ban on collecting hides, Zakat and Fitra, continuing charity services as well as all sort of political activities including removal of posters and banners of the MQM founder.

So far things are not alright for MQM but after the announcement of revamp there is a fair chance that party will be given some space to fresh start its political activities from scratch but once it wins the power center’s trust by disowning criminals within their ranks.

MQM no doubt is 2nd largest political party of Sindh province that represents urbanized population, it should be allowed to continue its struggle peacefully.

Attempts to arm twisting of the party from different power circles might backfire and the MQM sympathizer instead of opting for ‘recently planted alternatives‘ would further inclined towards MQM.

During entire military operation MQM has shown remarkable resilience and never attempted to counter security forces at any level unlike Balochistan, and North West where there is a full-fledged war going on.

On the other hand MQM and its leaders should try to win confidence of the high ups and think what’s wrong have been made from their part and immediately address the most common criticisms which is only possible if both parties sincerely engage in sustainable dialog process.

Just like other political parties of Pakistan, the legitimate and elected representatives of Karachi  should also be allowed to rule their electoral territory and contribute their share in development of the nation.

Ps: 051 is RWP/ISB Phone code while Ninezero is known as MQM Headquarters in Karachi.



Paving the way for Self-Destruction

Despite sheer insults hurled on Pakistan and its premier spy agency  by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, our President is all set for his official visit to UK from 3rd to 9th of August.  I wonder how Zardari would face Cameron especially after knowing that British Prime minister has now urged not to back away from his remarks about Pakistan promoting “the export of terror”. With this stubborn stance what on earth makes Zardari talk with Cameron is still confusing for majority of Pakistanis including nation’s armed forces as earlier in the wake of Cameron’s remarks ISI chief had already abandoned his due  visit to UK.

At this point of time when country’s facing worst floods of the history President’s priorities speak volume, he would go to UK, France or prefer to stay in lavish President House but avoid paying visit to plane crash site which is few kilometers away from President House. Nation is experiencing despondency but unable to protest because they have democratically elected the Pakistan People’s party and now can’t do anything to get rid of this non- progressive government, the man whose popularity has dropped all time low over the past year and he is now viewed unfavorably by a large majority of Pakistanis has simply hijacked the nation in the name of democracy.

In my opinion if our president had little honor left he would have paused War on Terror in Pakistan for sometime and engaged our military troops in flood relief operations as a protest against the insult hurled by UK premier until he apologizes, Zardari’s subtle shut up call to Cameron would not have only pressurized international community to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in war on terror but acquired the popularity among thousands of victims being starved and died in floods due to absence of  required relief operation however keeping history of our leader’s spinelessness in mind we are left with no such options but yet to be abused again. Our president’s actions will however damage Pakistan’s credibility internationally but increase level of trust and faithfulness he’s trying to exhibit to his lords.

On the other hand all political parties of Pakistan including those who are allied with People’s party have voiced their opinion against Zardari’s visit to UK but it seems this man has decided to pave his way for self destruction.

Relax, it’s just the NRO!

Nation seems to be way too excited on the recently passed preconceived SC judgment on NRO. Due to the media hype words like “Accountability” and the “Change” have yet again become talk of the town. Our intellectuals on different Tv channels, blogs, discussion forums and even on streets perceive this judgment as a revolution in Pakistan’s history.

Though I have no plan to rain their parade nor I am a PPP fan infact I fully support court’s judgment on NRO as the ordinance was against the very constitution of Pakistan yet I believe the judgment will not bring any drastic change in the country since the ruling mainly covers certain bureaucrats, MQM and the PPP but the PML N and those Baloch separatists who have systematically been killing a particular ethnicity in Balochistan, bombing national assets and above all struggling for separation with the help of India.

In my opinion Judiciary needs to be fair with everyone. They need to take notice of that NRO too in which Nawaz Shareef and co. were let fly to Saudi against corruption charges and during 90s the Army Operation he got conducted on civilians in Karachi resulted thousands of extra judicial killings.

Our respectable judiciary should not fall prey to those forces that had vested interests in restoration of judges. Along with “NRO beneficiaries” all those politicians and sardars should be brought to courts who became beneficiaries of covert NRO.

Unless such issues come under consideration I don’t foresee a just society, such selective actions would rather encourage the trend of “judicial victimization” which could be more disastrous than the political one.

Woman in Green

From wearing Green attire to visiting Allama iqbal’s mausoleum, Hillary Clinton’s well calculated and sincere gestures in an effort to restore trust deficit that has been widened due to the war against terrorism appreciated through out the country.

Ms. Clinton’s Three-day “charm offensive” to win hearts and minds of Pakistanis sounds quite much successful specially her frank discussions with the civil society, media, parliamentarians, artists, COAS and despite threats her visits to the public places of the most sensitive cities of Pakistan speak volume. On short yet comprehensive trip to Pakistan Ms. Hillary has successfully addressed many issues and misperceptions created between the people of two countries her logical replies to our journalists and intellectuals have helped Pakistanis changing negative views about American policy towards Pakistan; during her sessions with the Pakistani think tanks Ms. Clinton tried her level best to communicate the efforts USA is doing to strengthen Pakistan on various fronts, from the energy sector to education sector, she vowed to help their allies in all genuine causes but what she demanded was transparency, her major concerned was to transparently let US Aid reach to the right avenues.

An interesting situation was created when Hillary posed a question towards audience as how much money US has spent on Swat IDPs resulting pin drop silence in the auditorium, not even from journalists’ panel could anyone come up with the answer which proved her point right. A $ 300 Million aid gone unchecked.

For Americans it’s very frustrating to spend huge amount of money on Pakistan but Pakistanis just don’t know where the money is invested and this is exactly the demand of Obama administration to at least let people of Pakistan aware what US is doing for them and this could only be done through proper accountability which has mentioned in Kerry Lugar Bill.

In response to drone attacks she said there is a war going on there. If we look at what has to be done. Pakistani military using F16s in this war which are even deadlier than drones and in a war forces go after the people who are your enemies, but given the nature to this war, the enemy is very hard to catch who bomb markets of women, shops and schools and winning this war is in Pakistan’s national security interest. A lot of masterminds of insurgency are in the eye of Pakistani military because they know there are certain people who instrument these attacks and frequently move between two borders and there exactly drones help Pakistan with the help of Pakistani intelligence sharing.

In the end she admitted that she loved coming to Pakistan but words are not enough US have to build confidence and trust and I believe they have started out.

The conclusion I have drawn from secretary of states revelations is that Pakistani people have high hopes from US and there is a huge sense of misperception developed between people of Pakistan for the US Government which could only be addressed if Pakistani media and intellectuals play a fair role when reporting US-Pakistan issues and let public know how much America spending on Pakistan.

Internally DISGRACED Persons (IDPs)

Right now battle of SWAT and Rehabilitation of IDPs are the two main fronts where Pakistan is struggling for. By the grace of God our forces have almost accomplished the task and successfully destroyed major militants’ hideouts but regrettably the excuse for fighting this war is still there. Some days back our Government along with all parties had unanimously decided to cleanse SWAT from terrorists and urged to resolve problems of Taliban affected areas once and for all. I don’t know in which state of mind those political parties had taken this decision because right after the beginning of operation, our nation has out rightly rejected the entry of our brothers and sisters of war affected areas into “our” cities.

All major as well as minor political parties seemed to be united on something which is perceived as barbaric in civilized nations; these political parties have shown grave concerns over the settlement of IDPs and have obstinately been exhibiting inhumane behavior towards them through various evil tactics. All what they want is to keep IDPs restricted to WAR ZONE and leave them dying of starvation and bombings.

Every political party according to its capacity is playing up by deliberately issuing confusing statements on IDP issue; for instance MQM talks of IDPs registration, JSQM, the nationalist party of Sindh has straight away stopped IDPs to enter in Sindh province and threatened to pull their camps if installed. Likewise PML N of Nawaz Shareef has adopted a strategy of self-denial. They would pass an Anti IDP statement today and another party member would deny it next day. PTI instead of speaking for IDPs- rehabilitation is still busy in bashing the Government and has remained silent on this issue. PPP being the big brother and weak coalition Government is getting black mailed by their allies and still trying to find out a solution of such a “complicated problem”. ANP and JI in the whole situation are getting maximum mileage out of IDPs and encouraging their influx in their dream cities to strengthen their vote bank.

I believe entire IDP matter is basically revolving around the issue of “Vote”. So called custodians of urban population believe that entrance of IDPs into their cities would negatively affect their vote bank and turn the potential local voter into minority and somehow shrink the existing giants’ market share.

Besides political parties, our own people by embezzling aid for IDPs are worsening this situation. In short all political parties of Pakistan and some individuals have not only worsened this crisis but have unanimously proven to the world and to those poor war victims that we, Pakistanis are the most hypocrite and self centered people on earth.

I don’t know if I should refer this here but after seeing our response to SWAT crises, that statement of American Lawyer has popped up into mind – who once said on record that “these Pakistanis can sell their mothers for money”……