Governor Punjab

Celebrating Taseer’s Death

I always read the country is going nowhere, I hear rhetoric that the country has no future but recently I understood that why Pakistan’s future is bleak. When the people of my country can get happy on the cold blooded murder of a human being then definitely something is majorly wrong somewhere.

To test the waters on the shocking assassination of the fearless Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer , I discussed the heartrending incident with the people belonging  to different school of thoughts including moderate Muslims.

I thought sharing my opinion with them would definitely provide me a bit of relief and a sense of empathy as Taseer was one of the most competent and knowledgeable politicians Punjab has ever produced, he was a man who never deserved to be treacherously and brutally murdered but to my surprise I confronted a good number of cheery faces including professionals, housewives and even students who didn’t take a second to justify his killing by declaring him an “Ayyash Aadmi” who had no respect for religion and the Prophet PBUH.

In their opinion the assassin has definitely done a devout duty by eliminating a blasphemer from the face of earth.  Salman Taseer deserved that, said by one of my moderate Muslim friend living in Islamabad. He justified the attack on Governor as a religious duty of Muslims by quoting references from Hadiths. (Read not Quran and Sunnah)

I came to the conclusion that majority of the Pakistanis are contented with the assassination of the Governor who in fact tried to save the morality of Islam. Salman Taseer never hesitated to side with humanity by being vocal against the religious extremists who wanted to assassinate a poor Christian lady (an alleged blasphemer) under the pretext of Blasphemy law designed by Zia ul Haq.

The same controversial blasphemy law that is responsible for the defamation of Islam worldwide and has increased the rate of cold blooded murders in Pakistan, although I have already presented my views against religious fanatics on many occasions yet another display of Islamic Machoism have shaken me up and due to the unexpected retort of Pakistan’s “silent majority” the religion Islam has created an unexplainable fear within myself.

What added to my grievances was when I read that lawyers from Pakistan Muslim League (N) Rawalpindi division gave that  self confessed assassin a warm welcome outside the court by showering rose petals on him but this is not an end both the Deoband and Barelvi sects leaders, who are otherwise at war with each other, appeared to be on the same page in celebrating the slaying of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader for terming the blasphemy law as a black law. As if criticizing a law is itself a blasphemy.

The largest body of the Barelvi group,  Jamaate Ahle Sunnat Pakistan (JASP), issued a statement saying that “No Muslim should attend the funeral or even try to pray for Salmaan Taseer or even express any kind of regret or sympathy over the incident.”

I have realized that I am a follower of religion which cannot be questioned or even discussed; I now have to abide by a strict set of rules about my religion set by the honorable religious scholars and pro Islamic politicians of this country which may contradict against the true teachings of Islam.

Unfortunately, I have to swallow the bitter pill of the current version of Islam which with the passage of time has certainly become more unacceptable to the civilized world.

With each passing day I am getting an impression that Islam is what the majority of Pakistanis represent and that we Muslims are not the ordinary people, we should not be called violent but the brave Mujahideen who are willing to sacrifice our  pro humanist fellows assuming God will give us a benefit of the doubt.

May God bless Mumtaz Qadri who with the power of ‘Iman’ provided the fellow Muslims reason to celebrate.