Crazy attempts for Naya Pakistan


As an audience in Karachi if I analyze Imran Khan’s role in Pakistani politics, it seems despite losing elections he’s making waves of change and trying to persuade people by every unconstitional tactic that he can govern Pakistan better than rests especially PMLN & PPP.

I have spoken to many IK supporters who lack knowledge of constitution, democracy and rule of law and supporting Imran Khan for “CHANGE”. When ask WHAT CHANGE, they blame two parties for destroying Pakistan or otherwise indulge in ad hominem cross fire.

I see no logical argument by PTI supporters on how to bring change or what Imran Khan’s plan is.

We have recently witnessed attempt of CHANGE in Faisalabad where IK warned Faisalabadis to Lockdown their city and provoked elected Government to use every means to keep city smooth. IK knows if 10 people sit in on any main road and burn few tyres traffic would be blocked leading to disruption. Whatever happened in Faisalabad was unfortunate, IK knew his supporters would be confronted by PMLN supporters but he turned a blind eye towards them resulting loss of two lives and further deterioration of Pakistan’s image.

Lahore is next where I expect chaos by PTI and PMLN supporters. However there is a million dollar question. What if IK comes to Karachi?

It can safely be predicted that some hundred “Change Lovers with painted face” would sit in on main arteries of the city, try to disrupt traffic but would not be able to shut Karachi in anyway.

Karachi’s hesitation to support IK is not because of his slogan but due to his lack of attention towards core issues such as corruption of Sindh Government, Good for nothing CM, and no care for  poverty & starvation stricken Interior Sindh  especially THAR.

We are more interested in resolution of core issues first rather than who sits on PM Chair. All what IK needs to do is reject violence and prepare a comprehensive plan on how to fix Quaid e Azam’s envisioned Pakistan rather than creating a new one with people like Sheikh Rasheed and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Revolution can come through courts as well, all what Ik needs is little bit patience and continuous follow ups.

Imran should be given a chance but for that he needs to peacefully struggle and put forward his agenda on constitutional grounds. By hurling insults to opponents, opposing Zarb e Azb and calling every other party corrupt and random closure of cities might be entertaining for some but majority would not appreciate the idea.


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