Pakistan’s U-Turn on Foreign Policy

Not sure whether the acceptance of $ 15 bn bailout commonly known as a “Gift from a brother country” to Shareef Government would help Rupee stabilize or is it a mirage leading the already troubled nation into another misadventure in Syria where ‘Made in Pakistan’ arms, ammunition and mercenaries are planned to be exported through Riyadh to sabotage Bashaar Al Assad regime.

History tells us that rightist forces in Pakistan time to time supported Saudi Monarchs by exporting militias and weapons to countries of their interests.

By becoming player in proxy wars Pakistan today has no good relations with its neighbors, be it Afghanistan, Iran, India or even China and now the latest attempt of democratic nation to protect monarchy in Bahrain and strengthen terrorist groups in Syria exhibits Pakistan’s confused foreign policy which would further drag nation towards destruction.

Apparently Pakistan has no good reason to justify its intervention in two entirely different situations.  The only commonality we find in Bahrain and Syria is crushing Shia community and regime on the behest of Saudi Arabia.

Pakistanis have proved themselves a nation of ethnic and sectarian diversity where all factions live happily but latest set of desires from Saudi Arabia though not directly affecting majority of Pakistanis might turn into another misfortune. As the situation has deeply antagonized Iran, which supports the Syrian regime, and angered Pakistan’s large Shia community which could prompt further sectarian conflict.

It is also bad news for Afghanistan, where Pakistan-Iran rivalry may resurface once US troops leave that country.

Media reports say that Pakistan would send its retired soldiers and policemen to tackle unrest as Shia protests against Sunni ruling family have escalated.

Shareef’s not realizing the fact that list of our enemies is mounting and recent foreign policy U-Turn could possibly backfire in terms of relations with Iran, Syria and perhaps Russia which is a strong ally of Syrian regime. Not to forget challenges Pakistani forces and community would confront in Bahrain.

Earlier Shareef Government denied the report of money influx from Saudi Arabia but later due to media and political pressure they accepted origin of the gift.

Likewise denials regarding export of weapons to Syria are issuing from Islamabad but they are unable to justify agenda of recent visits made by Saudi and Bahraini crown prince and ministers to Pakistan.

Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef is particularly close to Saudis who rescued him from a long jail term in December 2000 when he was imprisoned by General Pervez Musharraf. Mr Sharif then spent years in exile in Saudi Arabia where he also developed extensive business interests.

Being the only atomic Islamic country, Pakistan is in a position to initiate a dialogue for the unity of Muslim states including Iran. It’s high time for Pakistan Government to play a positively-neutral role and hint Saudis to refrain from fanning sectarian divides.

On the other hand Saudi Arabia should reconsider its policies in the region as there is no point in supporting uprising in one country and crushing the same in another.  We must not ignore escalating tension between Qatar vs GCC states, again, Pakistan has friendly ties with Qatar as well as Saudi Arabia and UAE. Soon on the behest of Saudis we need to decide who we are with.

In the end if nothing changes, Pakistan should re-adopt the policy of being neutral and must not be exploited by any country in the name of religion/ sect or whatsoever.



  1. At this moment the role of iran is flaming situation. Sunni muslims throats are cutting. Sunni muslims are in majority and Syrian Regime and iran aid foreign fighters killing them brutally. Definitely they are doing with their faith. 2 million Syrians already migrated to their neighbouring countries. Living with miserable lives. Pakistan can plays pivotal role at this moment to stop more migration and killings.

    further more read my blog and read the article which was copied from the source “SHI’ITE FOREIGN FIGHTERS IN SYRIA” BY “THE MEIR AMIT INTELLIGENCE AND TERRORISM INFORMATION CENTER”

    1. Bashar Al Assad is Governing Syria for decades. Why on earth would he disturb its own Govt by indulging in Sunni massacre keeping in mind Arab Spring factor from Sunni forces. Even if anything wrong is happening there, its their internal issue. We or Saudi Arabia has no right to go and clean their land.

      1. All Of The World Anti Islamic Countries are Getting together to crush ISIS. Because they are afraid of the system of Islam and sharia. First Americans said that they will not help Bashar but now they are helping Bashar Against The Isis. America and his Allies don’t want any of the Muslim Country Established. That’s why they Attack those countries leaders Who are against America and near to Muslim People…

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