Holy Cow vs. Cash Cow

A day after intimating to public “bombs-like” evidences against the son of the PCO Chief Justice – Unlike ex Chief Minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza who despite heavy media coverage and holding Holy Quran in his hand could proof nothing, Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon holding the same book presented evidences to the Supreme Court that he  had paid a whopping Rs 342.5 million to Arsalan Iftikhar, who he claimed was running the judiciary like a “don”.

Call it Bahriagate or Familygate, one thing I liked about the whole Malik Riaz vs Arsalan Iftekhar episode is finally we have ‘judiciary’ to talk about. Earlier the anchors, journalists and the nation in general had only politician to target but the reemergence of Arsalan Iftekhar has given Pakistani media and common people a chance to thoroughly examine the so called Holycow.

In past corruption within judiciary especially in lower courts had conveniently been ignored under the garb of supremacy of judiciary but not now. The time has come to call spade a spade, thanks to Musharraf for setting the media free.

This time, the cash cow, Malik Riaz has come up with various allegations against Chief Justice’s son although top judge was aware of the scam for six months but by the passage of time as the case further unfolds we would be able to know why Chief Justice never took action on his son’s alleged corruption cases.

Arsalan Iftekhar is not new to the scandals. Earlier the then President Pervez Musharraf leveled allegations against him but none of them proven due to the politically charged environment during (in) famous Lawyer’s movement.

 Though apparently the case has nothing to do with CJ and to keep the judicial process fair and transparent Chief Justice is asked to distance himself from the case however to an extent this historical scandal is connected to him since it gives one hope to think that the chief justice has impartially taken action against the reports of his son’s alleged involvement in corruption and that the country is moving towards a progressive society where the elites are also reprimanded, if found guilty.

On the other hand political parties including PPP playing their cards wisely by silencing themselves except the pointscorers PML N and PTI jumped into the already  subjudice matter.

In his first public statement, Imran Khan “extended” his support to the judiciary in the alleged corruption scandal of Arsalan Iftekhar and said that the sequence of events clearly shows that the target of the entire “conspiracy” was the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as a result BBC URDU without wasting time exposed Imran Khan for enjoying financial support for PTI Lahore rally by Malik Riaz.

Our politicians need to understand the sensitivity of this case, its hightime for them to act mature and monitor the entire process with honesty since nation is in the process of change. Not the change that we hear in political Jalsas but the real one that is going to decide fate of many politicians, businessmen and above all “Holy cows”.


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