Life was never this Good

Yet again 26th December came, I expected just another birthday another set of stereotype greetings and the day would pass but contrary to my expectations  it turned out to be an unforgettable experience for me.

I never knew that the next Government which is due to take charge in July 2012  (I.A) would give its comprehensive plan regarding birthday celebrations and other upcoming events.

I was strictly ordered to start following the guidelines issued by the ‘establishment’.

The would-be Prime Minister planned to give me special protocol between 23rd to 26th December. This time I didn’t need to sneak chocolates of my brother nor had to stay without gifts since everything was ready for me.

Celebrations included an official visit to Port grand, a detailed conversation regarding the event  and  many gifts including a stylish chronograph to keep punctuality ensured, a beautiful and fresh bouquet of flowers and a birthday souvenir in quite fantastic packing were handed over to me.

I admit the 3 day protocol was one of the best moments of my birthday, before this, 26th December was referred as Tsunami day but now things have changed. Post Tsunami regime has gone and I am full of life.

Thanks indeed for  making it such a wonderful day for me!



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