What’s wrong with Muslims ?

Couldn’t resist sharing the knowledgeable commentary of Pakistan’s renowned intellectual Mr. Hassan Nisar . Please listen to him carefully and understand the reasons behind failure of Muslims.



  1. Iqbal was a good poet but I will certainly not rate him as the visionary of Pakistan or something like that or even some great intellectual. If you see in popularity and stature Tagore comes come better than Iqbal

  2. I dont want to offend you guys but its my opinion that Iqbal was more religious than being socialist or reformist ! I happen to see few episodes for Zaid Hamid’s show Iqbal ka pakistan.. and I found it so misinterpretive and crappy :-/
    and what this man says in the video is also true, being a hindu or Indian I might not sound good to you but people from our part of the world always keep crying or conspiring against each other rather than working together. look at the jew community they are so well organized and educated, they are progressing so much while most muslim country are still third world and people are to blame for it more than west beuase we will always have enemies it is on people that how they can win over them

    1. Harshit, Zaid Hamid has no fan following in Pakistan but yes our victimized mentality is one of the reasons of our backwardness. We keep crying on whatever is happening with us and try hard to find foreign hands in our failures. There is no compare of jews with Muslims — they are far a head of us when it comes to progress and development.

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