Enjoying the Silence

It was a happening day today. My morning started with the Breaking News that the US forces have killed Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps the hottest news after 9/11 ?

I considered myself lucky to be one of those few Pakistanis who got a chance to tune crazy news channels when my fellow countrymen were preparing to go work early morning. I , instead of paying heed to brush my teeth preferred concentrating on Tv and swapped various channels to extract more and more information until satisfied.

Once I got enough information I decided to spread bulk text messages to my long contact list on the issue that I named “Massive Development”. By doing so I wanted to astonish them and recognized as someone who is more updated than anybody else in the country. (The Geo Syndrome).  I so wanted to start off my day at work by discussing the news  already shared with my colleagues at workplace and it happened. They welcomed me with the sarcastic congratulation messages.

Time to time this particular news had been discussed with the extra spice of incoming information including the fate of OBL’s dead body etc.

However in evening when I took a journey towards home the scene on roads was entirely unexpected. I thought Osama’s become history now but wait, What the hell that man wearing Jeans and a T shirt with branded shades was doing right in the middle of the road!? He had a long tail of “frightened cars” waiting behind the DON that once he finished couple of magazine they could go to their destinations.

Was he an Al Qaida Man getting his frustration out on OBL’s death ? No, how could he be so cool and urbane — I thought!

Later I got to know about the second major development took place in Karachi , the target killing and all but thank God I reached home safely through alternate routes.

Now its 2 Am and — things are apparently calm around me though  media is still high —  I am fed up of watching the same Breaking news again and again.

Yes Osama Bin Laden is dead. Now what ? We’ve already  had enough of Terrorism, Mullahism. Extremism, Barelvism which is treated by a good doze of  Tanzeelism.

Now give it a break please and enjoy the silence…



    1. Let’s see what next. Do you think US forces will leave this region now ? Or focus the country where OBL was found ?

  1. Tanzeel – I dig your message. The common man on the street is always the victim, each news drawing him like a neon light draws a wasp. While the rulers and politicians run their gig, hide militants and then kill them at convenience. Every incident classifies people as WE and THEM. Does this sadden you? – then u’re one of us. Does this excite you? – then u’re one of them. Silence is the best option. Respect.

    1. It excites me because I am a part of country where every time such things happens, we are an entertainment starved country. What else do you expect a Pakistani who has grown up in such kind of environment. Although I have encouraged peace and silence in this post if you noticed ?

  2. well I have a doubt on his death!!it could be new trick may be they have another plot in their mind a new one more better and they might have thought that Usama is no longer interesting so America cut down the Usama’s role and removed his character from the whole story…..but hang on! it is told they buried Laden’s body at sea…hmm quite filmy..by doing so he might be given a new life whenever it is needed…so possibility of “OBL’s return” is there….lol

    1. Saira, epic, why don’t you send this story to Hollywood. Seriously you sketched a beautiful scene that gives a clear message to Osama’s fan that “Picture abhi baaqi hai…: P” and then Osama coming out from water like DON : D

      1. yes it is filmy and star plus drama kinda thing to me…

        Btw i lykd the new theme..its all Brown 😀

    2. Saira – yeah…(Imagine a purple dusk) A bearded man may crawl up on the shores of an Arabian country and say “OBL ko maarna mushkil hi nahin, na mumkin hai”….tan tan tan….

  3. Wow mood on this blog is exceptionally cavalier … I guess it comes from sustained exposure to things like this. That apart I am still to see Pakistani civilians question their own agencies about how such a terrorist kingpin could live deep inside their country without problems …

    Whats your take Tanzeel ? About Osama and the fact that eventually when he was killed – he was comfortably housed north of Islamabad ???

    1. Fact of the matter is intelligence is never perfect. United States has blown up an entire country on the basis of false information that Iraq keeps WMDs.

      Our agencies will try and figure out why we couldn’t spot it because our forces have been engaged in military operations in different parts of Pakistan and apprehending the terrorists too. Why Osama couldn’t be caught is a 100 million $ question that needs to probed but the good thing is Pakistan has cooperated in this operation by giving US free hand to her soil.

  4. I was watching how media of various nationalities were reacting to the news of OSAMA’s death. In this regard, I watched atleast four shows and read atleast four print media articles from Pakistan on the event. Two Pakistani shows come to my mind, namely, Crossfire on Dunya TV with Mehar Bukhari aired on 02-05-11, ARY News program with Kashif Abbasi aired on 02-05-11. In all the shows I watched, and all the print media I read (excluding blogs), the points being discussed were
    1. How not detecting OBL was a Pak intelligence failure
    2. How Pak sovereignity was breached by American military operations
    3. How the whole thing is a Hoax or a staged act
    4. What the ruling party and government should have revealed
    5. How the president should have reacted
    6. What is American/Indian reaction going to be.

    The above 6 points were the same points repeatedly discussed everywhere (give or take a couple of points) in Pak media. Which brings me to my question.

    Why didn’t any anchor or journalist take this line of questioning?

    What was Osama, the most hated person of the world, doing in Pakistan?
    Why did Osama think he’d be safe in Pakistan of all the countries in the world?
    Who was supporting him and providing him logistics?
    How did he enter Pakistan without being spotted?
    In whose name was that building registered?
    Who was providing him food and medicines?

    Why was nobody was willing to talk about the big elephant in the room? To me the discussions in Pak media looked like a beating around the bush, while constantly avoiding the main actor. Nobody spoke about Osama, or how he got there, and how he survived there, instead the discussions were all about Americans, hoaxes, conspiracies, Indians and Zardari. Nobody spoke about Osama and his relation with Pakistan. strange.

  5. Pak media is not allowed to enter Osama’s house, secondly Paki anchors are mostly rightists they would cook conspiracy theories and keep Pakistanis in the state of denial whether Osama was really there, in such situation I doubt they would put up more informative questions on recent debates. I really appreciate your concern and the way you judged Pakistani media.

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