I shall bear witness…

On the contrary to Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s famous poetry Hum Dekhengay‘ where he paints  doom’s day scenario as ultimate revolution and leaves the matter to God only, Strings have talked on realistic grounds, they have subtly invoked common Pakistani’s emotions who are eager  to witness revolution TODAY and for that matter Pakistanis are urged to bring about change by themselves and not by waiting for any messiah or God’s miracle on judgment day.



      1. TON: I still remember Nadeem Paracha’s article on Tomato Revolution where he made fun of LAAL band … what an epic piece that was.

  1. Wow, what a beautiful song and equally touching lyrics, “Main to dekunga tum bhi dekho ge, woh din aiga jab roti hogi sasti our mahangi hogi jan’. Really touching. The video too was filmed brilliantly.
    But, why are you doing ‘kanjoosi’ in writing man? Is it that hard? I used to write ‘dry’ project reports consisting of dozens of pages within a few hours that too checking and rechecking the relevant data many a times. But, while writing an article you would be just expressing your mind and heart and that shouldn’t be very difficult.
    As for your fondness for the revolution in Pakistan, then let me remind you of the age old question ‘revolution/revolt against whom? Obvious answer would be the oppressors. But, historically who were the main oppressors? They were feudal lords and their stooges, clergy. During the American Revolution there were no clergy, but the main oppressors were British overlords and exploiting merchants. However, it was a most successful revolution as Americans succeeded in getting rid of the British aristocracy.
    French revolution was directed both at feudal lords and clergy, momentarily they got rid of both, but, the revolution started eating itself and within a few years, Napoleon was seen crowning himself as the new Emperor of France, but there was glaring difference to his coronation, he did not seek Papal blessings for his coronation , instead he put the crown on his head by his own hands and that was an unmistakable sign of the death of Papal supremacy in Europe, which eventually resulted in an end to the feudal era in the continent.
    The same thing happened later in Russia and China, but, here too, the so called ‘revolutionaries’ like Lenin, Stalin and Mao forgot the goals of the revolution and started seeing themselves as crown less monarchs, but, thankfully clergy was dead and that played a key role in making these countries successful in the forthcoming decades.
    In contrast Iranian revolution turned out to be an abject failure, because here the monarchy was simply replaced by the clergy who turned out to be as much oppressive in nature as the Shah of Iran was and that is why Iran, despite its petro-wealth is still languishing in poverty, with simmering discontent among its people.
    That is why I am not much optimistic about a revolution in Pakistan, because its people, even the so called moderates, are addicted to the opium known as religion and refuse to come out of their foolish slumber.
    A revolution triumphs only on the grave of a cleric!

    1. Neeraj thanks for enlightening us with your informative piece but even if I write a comprehensive article on the subject of my interest I can’t compete your comments. Aap mahaan hain sir : D

      I wonder what you would have written in your researches, you write too much which is actually good but I think can’t extend my point that nicely the way you do.

      I just wanted to inform you about what I thought on this particular piece but your philosophical reply has opened the new avenues of discussion. As I mentioned in my earlier blogs I too am not very optimistic about revolution in this particular country because of the lack of unity factor but I am not a believer of miracles either, Faiz has talked about doom’s day and God’s wrath which I believe a common Pakistani is not ready to, we want results now and thats what ‘strings’ has talked about .

      1. Thanks buddy for your generous words. But, there is no competition between your or anybody’s write-ups and my comments. I know that my vocabulary is poor not just that of English, but, also that of my ‘mother tongue’ Telugu, ‘father tongue’ Punjabi/Hindi, ‘family tongue’ informal English’, ‘wife tongue’ Marathi and the tongue of my liking Urdu as well. However, I never regretted at my lack of verbiage on the above mentioned languages, except Urdu, because, in spite of my best efforts I couldn’t get mastery over the Urdu language. I love Urdu poetry, both in the form of ‘share’ and ‘gazal’, but, I couldn’t enjoy it, just because of my inability to understand the ‘tough’ words. Urdu is so near and yet so far for me. That is the reason why I could understand the simple lyrics of the song you posted, but, not Faiz sahib.
        Anyway, I am writing this to you in a triumphant mood, because, just a few minutes ago the mighty Indian Government succumbed to the demands of a fragile septuagenarian Gandhian and social worker Shri Anna Hazare and agreed to introduce 42 year old, anti-corruption Lokpal bill, in the next session of Lok Sabha. This old man said with a fragile but raised fist that, ‘enough is enough we will not tolerate corruption anymore. Lo and behold! The whole of India forgot about cricket victory, forgot the IPL and woke up like a lion to roar ‘Yes we are with you Anna’. Tanzeel, you cannot believe the way the entire country reacted, every nook and corner of India became a battleground and rallied around to the single slogan ‘bring the Lokpal Bill’ end the corruption!! And politicians quivered in their pants!!
        I don’t want to write any further as you have already accused me of writing too much : D
        But, in my writing there is a message for the people of Pakistan, collective will ultimately prevails, but, your demands must be based on justice for all. Hearts must be free of any prejudices and a social change should be inclusive by nature, not divisive.
        Therefore, I wish Pakistan a ‘Cultural Revolution’ which should shun public religiosity and must be focused on social changes, which may bring opportunities, happiness and peace to everybody, irrespective of his/her caste, creed, ethnicity or race.

  2. Again something new for us to read from brilliant tanzeel infact I just listened to this song first time and very surprised coz why don’t tv channels play this song 5 times a day to change pakistanis thinking to choose honest party for them.
    Let see when MQM kite will fly in whole Pakistan on basant day.
    Very good tanzeel

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