Those who think Pakistan is on the brink of revolution must understand that it is the ‘nation’ that undergoes revolution not ethnicities. Pakistan is comprised by a bunch of ethnicities that never experienced the joy of unity , a basic prerequisite to Revolution.



  1. Tanzeel,
    You chose a fairly good and probably relevant subject to write, but, what happened to your keyboard? You just stopped after a couple of lines. As Abida said, you haven’t been fair to your readers, not this time for sure.

    1. Hi Neeraj,

      Its just due to hectic schedule and professional commitments, I will definitely pen down a latest article this weekend. Thanks for the concern.

      1. It is one of the reasons, right now faces are changed after few years, remember when people came out on streets in the last days of Musharaf and he was removed and new government was formed. So like this establishment calm down people after few years.

  2. Your wish is my command. Soon you ‘ll see a BIG POST on this page. Till then keep reading this one-liner…

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