We Love you Bal Thakre!

The right-wing Shiv Sena on Thursday declared that party chief Bal Thackeray will decide if Pakistan can play in Mumbai if the team makes it to the final of World Cup 2011. According to a report published in The Hindu, party leader Manohar Joshi has said that the Shiv Sena chief will make the final decision of allowing the Pakistani team to play in Mumbai.

“You all know Sena chief Bal Thackeray’s views. If the Pakistan team reaches the final (scheduled in Mumbai), whether to allow them to play, the Sena chief will decide” : Source: Express Tribune

Few years ago when Shiv Sena  activists spoiled the pitch of Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi on the orders of Bal Thakre which caused a huge damage to India’s reputation in the world of cricket. A very good friend of mine then told me that Bal Thakrey is an ISI agent, Thakre does things that make India laughing stock in front of the world . I obviously rejected his claim and made fun of him but today when  the self proclaimed king of Mumbai indicated that he will decide whether to let Pakistan play in finals (if qualifies)in Mumbai , he seemed superficially correct.

Yet again Thakre has come  up with a creative strategy to defame India in the name of Pakistan and made his homeland embarrassed  but this is not an end. Thakre’s opposition to let Pakistan play in finals will automatically lead Team Pakistan win the world cup match as it happened during 1996 world cup in Calcutta when India, who had beaten Pakistan in the quarter-finals, were facing defeat against Sri Lanka at 120-8 chasing 252 when disturbances began.

The spectators, annoyed with the hosts’ dismal batting show, threw bottle missiles on to the field and lit fires in the stands, forcing match-referee Clive Lloyd of the West Indies to award the game to Sri Lanka. I wish  Shiv Sena do what they are known for and help Pakistan lift WC trophy that too in Mumbai.

We love you Bal Thakrey!

Jai Maharashtra!


  1. There’s hell of a difference b/w MQM and Shivsena, MQM never did anything that goes against interest of Pakistan, what are you talkin about ?

  2. Initially I did find your post funny, but not so much after this comment. Unless I am mistaken, I remember that MQM caused some problems when the lawyers movement came to Karachi right? Is that for or against Pakistan’s interest, I will let you decide. No one has the right to hold a city ransom no matter what the reason.

    1. Pradeep that was Pakistan’s internal matter. Even Punjab Government don’t let people of Punjab fly kites during basant days but on international level these acts count. India is holding crickets biggest event and this party not allowing guests to play ? Which Pakistani political party has created problems for foreignors, should international guests be treated like that ?

    1. Even i don’t believe in this’ hawaai fire’ , but I am sure whatever Mr. Thakre is doing is in the larger of Pakistan.

      By the way welcome to the blog : )

  3. Tanzeel – Bal Thackrey is a buffoon – and ordinary Indians have always shown common sense when it comes to religious extremism. This is why Shiv Sena never gets anywhere nationally. The BJP tried the hindu nationalist mantra 2 times and failed miserably twice. As literacy in India improves along with sustained economic growth the role of religion will continue to decline. However, this is a process and will likely take a while.

    As for Shiv Sena, it came into prominence only after the 93 bombings of Mumbai – courtesy Dawood Ibrahim – since that time till date, India has called for him to be extradited, so that he can be tried for prosecution.

    Are Indian courts free of prejudice, Can they deliver justice in a timely – effective manner ?? No – they are overburdened and the legal process is paralyzed. But they are far better than what they were since 47 – again as democracy matures, the courts will improve – more people will turn towards public sector.

    I take heart in the recent decisions by Indian courts, a) Ayodhya case – which had the potential to cause hindu muslim riots – but that was diffused – I don’t think India has gotten the credit it deserves for that decision and the way people accepted it – there is no country on the planet with the religious diversity of India that is still moving forward as a single mass.

    b) The sheer amount of time and charades Indian courts have put up with – with regards to Ajmal Kasab – despite it being a open and shut case of murder.

    If Bal Thackrey denies mumbai the world cup final, India has other stadiums to host it in – and Pakistan WILL play – you can rest assured. This will further disrepute bal thackrey – because simple fact is all Indians love cricket more than they can possibly hate pakistan. So no I am not worried, India is too big a nation too great a nation to be embarrassed by a stupid rogue like Bal Thackrey.

  4. Common Indians have always ignored Thakery and that is what he deserves.
    Indian authorities do need to take him seriously though because his people have desrupted matches in the past.

  5. haha ” MQM NEVER DID ANYTHING AGAINST THE INTERESTS OF PAKISTAN ” thats the statement of a century , unless you are you are joking which i think you are , i think you might be an agent of MQM .:)

  6. Don’t worry Tanzeel. We Indians Love Cricket, next to our motherland. If Pakistan reaches finals, they WILL play in Mumbai. BTW, thanks for loving Thackerey (His surname is never spelt Thakre-ha ha ha!!!!)

  7. MQM never did anything against Pakistani interest? I donot know but even for an opinionated blog i find you hilarious. No idea about Bal Thakaray but come on! MQM never did anything against national interest? What a sorry state of an educated mind in Pakistan.

  8. MQM is the only party in Pakistan which has brought a common man to Pakistani parliment n it also has worked for the people whenever the oppertunity is given thats why i love MQM n i dnt care if some1 calls me an agent of MQM or of the neighboring country..

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