Pakistan’s Mullahpoly: My way or the highway

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Readers must be surprised to see the implementation of  copyright concept in the religion of truth  revealed by Allah that actually has no connection with materialism but it’s a fact, in Pakistan Islam has been perceived as a corporation that exist as a product of corporate law (Pakistan’s Constitution), and its rules balance the interests of the management (Religious Fanatics) who solely operate the Islamic corporation in Pakistan. Creditors(Islamic sects) who loan its goods, services; shareholders (Madarsa Owners) that invest their capital (Madarsah Education) and the employees (Jihadi Brigade) who contribute their labor to achieve and save guard vested interests of Islam Inc.

We have learned and taught that Islam is the religion for everyone. Every Muslim has the right to study and practice it. Today we have different sects in Islam who are free to preach and practice their versions but unlike all there is a “Non Muslim” group too whom we usually call “Qadyanis” and have officially declared them Non Muslims.

I don’t want to go into the debate whether they are Muslims but my concern is even if they are declared as minorities why Pakistani Govt do not allow them to peach their religion. We all know that Islam is the fastest growing religion and can never be abolished yet we are not ready to believe in Allah who has taken sole responsibility to save the book and religion till the end.
Somewhere I have read that the time when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had appeared on the political scene with his political slogans of:

Islam is our religion
Democracy is our politics
Socialism is our economics

And won elections but over the year’s democracy and socialism faded into the background and Islam had come to the forefront especially when Bhutto had proclaimed Friday as the weekly holiday and declared Ahmedis as non-Muslims. That was the beginning of the nightmare of religious intolerance. The nightmare worsened during the era of Zia-ul-haq who handed over the religion to the illiterate “Mullahs” and tried to Islamize all aspects of civil life from schools to hospitals to government offices. He in consultation with the then religious scholars introduced law which resulted undermining of women’s rights. Introduction of Blasphemy Law worked as an insult to the minorities’ injuries which led to hundreds of innocent people being killed and jailed on mere allegations.

Today those draconian laws are still high in Pakistani society, we “the privileged” Sunni Muslims being in majority have the right to declare anyone Kafir or even kill in the name of religion just because we are made to believe that we are the true followers and custodians of Islam and its our prime duty to safeguard this entity that benefits us to achieve our objectives which we might not be able to accomplish on moral grounds however other sects do claim the same but being less in number they do not make their claims public but secretly.

If we go out on the streets we would find different brigades of bearded men wearing black, green, white, brown turbans belong to different sects and sub sects. They are more devoted to their religious doctrine than Islam. Apparently they claim to be brother of each other but if you talk to them separately they don’t spare a second to “prove” other sect Non Muslim.

However the Pakistan’s religious cartel has been agreed on the minimum common agenda that all Ahmedis are non Muslims and their entry into the religious market might reduce their profit share in the cake. Thus religious conglomerates of Pakistan have engineered separate laws to bar new player and even after declaring them Non Muslims they banned  them to preach their version of Islam, let alone preaching,  Pakistan is the only country where dominating religious scholars have established such a “Mullahpoly” that  don’t even allow their competitor  (Ahmedis) to even greet in Islamic way or recite Kalma however our traditional scholars are unaware of their competitor’s Guerilla Marketing strategy that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, Ahmedis campaigns are unexpected and unconventional; potentially friendly and people are targeted in unexpected places. Their way of unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept has successfully generated buzz and people in Pakistan hold a soft corner for them unlike before, they are not only heard but their eccentric and nonviolent propagations  have made people to probe their set of beliefs which they spread in very organized and peaceful manner.

Recently a private tv channel has aired a video of “Ahemdi” Mosque near Faisalabad where policemen were vehemently defacing the word Allah and Kalima from their mosque and that too during prayers. On the other hand when our so called religious scholar was asked to throw light on this callous issue he was not only adamant to his dim point of view but came up with  imprudent examples of copyright (i.e Kalima and Allah’s name are the copyrights of Muslims) that ultimately made fun of himself and the religion resulting support to Ahmedi group from the human rights organizations as well as majority of moderate Pakistanis.


Regardless of whatever logic our scholars present they cannot justify curbs on freedom of practicing religion as it is the clear violation of Pakistan’s constitution and Quaid e Azam’s thoughts who envisioned Pakistan as a moderate progressive nation where minorities are allowed to preach and practice their religion freely.

Jinnah in his opening speech to the constituent Assembly, said: “You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” but today’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan is entirely a different country than the one Jinnah had envisaged for us.

We are certainly living in the geographical location that Jinnah fought and struggled for, but in terms of vision and policy we are living in a chaotic mess with no improvement in future.



  1. You cannot preach any religion instead of Islam to Muslims inside an Islamic government. Before sparks start coming out of your ears and your so called logic overwhelms your senses, I didnt made it up, it is been there since the time of Prophet and Caliphs. Secondly, dont quote Quaid here, he is not in any way bigger than the Principles of Islam or what Holy Prophet taught us. Minorities can practice their religion, yes but they cannot preach. You can refer to this in many books. Again, these books are not written by any so called Mullah but great people. Go on, study them and you will find the answers.

    And if you are coming up with ususal argument of what will happen to Muslims in non-muslim country, it is clearly stated that if Muslims are finding it difficult to practice their religion at any place, they should migrate to land where they can practice their religion. Again, I didnt made it up.

    And plz, dont think I m supporting all the actions of so-called-mullahs. They are right – sometimes but most of the times they are wrong 😀

  2. Angelos: “You cannot preach any religion instead of Islam to Muslims inside an Islamic government”

    Then that makes Islam an intolerant religion and you should quit deceiving people that it is. Preventing others from preaching their religions is a testament to your own cowardice and lack of faith in your own religion…because you think that if the minorities start preaching openly, their religion would be better than yours and Muslims would start converting en masse.

    If you think Islam is the best religion, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the competition.

    Thankfully, all Muslims don’t concur with your fascist ideology and allow the freedom of belief, as well as speech.

      1. I didn’t directly disagree with you. I just pointed out that if you’re right and the Prophet PBUH never allowed non-Muslims to preach their religion in Muslim-majority lands, then that would make Islam an intolerant religion..

        ..and confirm the Western stereotype about Islam being a threat to interfaith peace and harmony.

    1. You cannot compromise on principles. Let the stereotypes think what they want. We cant change the principles of our faith for their convenience. Sacrifice animals on Eid-ul-Adha; animal right activists say it is barbaric etc etc, you cannot sacrifice animals by your own hands in england (as per my knowledge) then it should mean i stop practicing Sunnah of Prophet BPUH? Islam says four marriages are allowed per men; feminists come up with their rant, should i scumb to their belief and change what is in Quran/hadith (i am a bachelor and i dont think it will be easy for me to handle one :P).

      I can quote numerous such things which stereotype think are contradactory to peace etc, let them say wat they want. No compromise on prinicples, what Allah and hHis Prophet has said in Quran and Sunnah, it is right, it is part of my belief, it makes me Muslim. I am not gonna scumb to their smole screens of tolerance or peace and neither should any Muslim.

      1. You are very close to becoming a terrorist.

        Blindly believe in what is written in a book. That is what intelligent people do.

        And FYI, Since something has been there forever (prophet not allowing the minorities to preech) does not make it right. It only makes a better case for the prophets’ lack of faith in his own religion when citizens go preeching other languages within his islamic state.

        Iam surprised at someone speaking as clearly as you would say “there is no compromise on principles” AND also go on to claim the religion is tolerent. Sorry you lost respect there.

  3. The fact is that we (Ahmadis) are Muslim. We believe in each & every word of Holy Quran. We believe in all Fundamentals of Islam. The actual difference between Ahmad-Muslims & the other 72 sects is regarding “Whether Issa (as) Physically Raised to Allah or he lived, died & buried here on earth like all other Human Prophets”. As far as Holy Quran, Sunnah as well as established laws of Allah are concerned, the doctrine that “Issa (as) Physically Ascended to Allah” has no basis at all. Watch 3 hours Debate Between Non-Ahmadi & Ahmadi-Muslim Scholars on this topic & you will be astonished that in how dark Mullahs have kept masses.

    Whoever, will watch this debate will know that why Mullahs don’t allow anyone else to express his/her understanding of Islam & try to silence those who dare to disagree with their FAIRY TALES like Faith, even by taking his/her life.

    1. Thats not the only difference, you people dont believe in Holy Prophet PBUH in being last Prophet of Allah. Mirza sahib claims to be Mehdi, Jesus and Prophet who is in above the stature of all others. Also, if someone dosnt believe in mirza he is kaffir. All these things are confirmed from ahmedi missionaries. Watch the below mentioned video and all the other parts:

      There are other things too apart from it.

      All Aalims have consensus on Ahmedis that they are not Muslims. Everyone knows what happened to Salima (false Prophet) during the time of Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar. No Prophet will come after Holy Prophet PBUH.

      You believe otherwise fine, this is your belief but I consider you Muslim, sorry, never.

      No, I will never be a terrorist as there is no such thing which Quran/Hadith says that we should kill innocents. You can study the history of Islam for it.

      No more comments from my side.

      1. Brother, You are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. We (Ahmadi Muslims) do believe Muhammad (saw) to be LAST & FINAL PROPHET. We believe Hadhrat Ahmad (as) of Qadian to SUBORDINATE PROPHET – Subordinate & Slave of Muhammad (saw). We believe him to be the same Messiah & Mahdi who was to come according to the Prophecies of our Beloved prophet (saw). IF YOU PROVE THAT WE TAKE MIRZA SAHIB ABOVE OR EVEN EQUAL TO MUHAMMAD (saw) THEN I WILL DENOUNCE ISLAM-AHMADIYYAT ON THIS VERY FORUM. I have accepted Islam-Ahmadiyya after through research & extensive prayers to Allah. I have accepted Islam-Ahmadiyya after knowing for sure that whatever allegations are made against it by the Molvis are totally FALSE.
        If 72 sects really don’t believe in coming of any sort of Prophet after Muhammad (saw) then why are they WAITING for Prophet Issa/Jesus to come?

        The actual difference is that the 72 sects believe that Issa/Jesus (as) had Physically ascend to Allah where he is still living & that he will come FLYING down from Sky. Whereas Ahmadi Muslims believe that Issa/Jesus (as) had survive crucifixion & later died a natural death & the one who was to come after his name/title/status was to be from the Ummah itself.

        Brother, you are right that ALL the 72 sects of Muslim declare that Ahmadis are NOT Muslim. But don’t forget that the declaration of our beloved Prophet (saw) is Totally opposite it it. He (saw) had CLEARLY DECLARED that ALL THE 73 SECTS EXCEPT ONLY ONE will be Hell Bound.

        Watch the video analyzing the unnatural doctrine of 72 sects regarding Issa/Jesus (as) physically ascending to Allah in the light of Holy Quran. You will be amazed how Mullahs are making masses FOOL.

      2. Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:
        “One who dies without accepting the Imam (Appointed by Allah) of the time, his death is a death in disbelief”. [53] ( Musnath Ahmad Bin Hambal Vol : 4. P : 96. )

        “And there is no Mahdi, but Jesus, son of Mary” ( Ibne Maajah Vol : 02 . P : 509 . Kansul Ummal Vol : 07 . P : 156 . )

        Regarding Imam Mahdi, our beloved master said:
        “When you see him (Imam Mahdi) then certainly perform bait to him even if you have to crawl over your knees through the mountains of snow because he (Imam Mahdi) will be the Khalifa of Allah.” [54]. ( Ibne Maajah P : 310 . Aboodawood Vol : 02 . Biharul Anwar Vol : 13 . P : 21 . )

        “One who obeyed Imam Mahdi obeyed me, one who disobeyed him disobeyed me” [55]. ( Beharul Anwar Vol : 13 P : 17 ) ( DISBELIEVERS )( KAFIR )

        “One who rejected Imam Mahdi he did kufr” [56].

        Narrated by Ahmed in his Musnad, from Al-Nu’man b. Bashir, who said:
        ‘The Messenger of Allah said ‘Prophethood will be amongst you whatever Allah wishes it to be, then He will lift it up if He wished to lift it up.
        Then there will be a Khilafah on the way of the Prophet, and it will be whatever Allah wishes it to be, then He will lift it up if Allah wished to lift it up.
        Then there will be an inheritance rule, and it will be whatever Allah wishes it to be, then He will lift it up if He wished to lift it up. Then there will be a coercive rule, and it will be whatever Allah wishes it to be, then He will lift it up if He wished to lift it up. Then there will be a Khilafah on the way of Prophethood.’ Then he was silent.”

        Do we see the promise of Allah made in the words,
        “And thou seest men entering the religion of Allah in troops.”,

        being fulfilled again in favor of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.


      3. PLEASE VISIT…


        The gist of the faith to which I adhere is
        La Ilaha Illallaho Mohammadur Rasoolullah
        (There is non worthy of worship except God and Muhammad, peace be on him, is His messenger).

        What I believe in, here in this world and to which I would stick till I pass away from this world, with the grace of God, is that Our Chief and Master the Holy Prophet Mohammad, peace be on him, is the Khatamun Nabiyyin (Seal of the Prophets) and the best of the Messengers; it was at his hands that the religion was perfected and the Bounty of God which can lead a man to the communion of God, saw his completion. (Izala-i-Auham Part 1, p-137)

  4. Wow, so many Ahmedis ……….. What all of you are saying is wrong. You can read the books written by mirza and see his claims their. He claim to be Propeht and no prophet will come after Muhammad (proved through Quranic verses and Hadiths). I have discussion with loads of Ahmedis and they have accepted that Mirza sahib is also the Prophet and Muhammad PBUH is not the last prophet.

    watch this video and study the books metioned in it:

    Consult with Ahmedi missionaries, they all claim to be mirza sahib as a prophet. ‘Sub-ordinate Prophet’———>there is no such thing as this. They have decieved you or either you are skewing the facts.

    1. • Status of Promised Messiah (A.S) in comparison to the status of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the words of Promised Messiah (A.S) himself

      Whenever I have denied being a Prophet or a Messenger, it means that I am not a law-bearer, nor am I a Prophet in my own right.
      But I am a Messenger and a Prophet without a new law in sense that God reveals to me that which is hidden, and because of the inner grace that has been bestowed upon me on account of my obedience to the Holy Prophet, and because of having received his name.
      I have never denied being a Prophet in this sense. It is in this sense that God has called me a Prophet and a Messenger. My having said, I am not a Messenger and have not brought a book; means that I am not the bearer of a new law.
      It must, however, be remembered and should never be forgotten, that despite my having been called Prophet and Messenger, I have been informed by God that all this grace is not bestowed directly upon me but that there is one in heaven, that is to say, Muhammad, the chosen one, peace be on him, whose spiritual grace accompanies me.
      In this way the Seal of Prophethood has been fully safeguarded, for I have been given these names by way of reflection through the mirror of love.
      If a person is chagrined over the revelation that has been vouchsafed to me in which God Almighty has called me a Prophet and a Messenger, it is foolish on his part, for my being Prophet and Messenger, as I have explained, does not contravene the Divine Seal Ek Ghalati Ka Izalah, p. 8–9].
      The gist of the faith to which I adhere is
      La Ilaha Illallaho Mohammadur Rasoolullah (There is non worthy of worship except God and Muhammad, peace be on him, is His messenger).
      What I believe in, here in this world and to which I would stick till I pass away from this world, with the grace of God, is that Our Chief and Master the Holy Prophet Mohammad, peace be on him, is the Khatamun Nabiyyin (Seal of the Prophets) and the best of the Messengers; it was at his hands that the religion was perfected and the Bounty of God which can lead a man to the communion of God, saw his completion. (Izala-i-Auham Part 1, p-137)
      The last thing that I would like to say is that we have received every kind of light by following this Messenger / Prophet who is unlettered; whoever will follow him will become the recipient of these lights.
      His prayers will be accepted in such a way that he will not find anything beyond his power of accomplishment.
      The living God Who is hidden from the eyes of the people will become his God (i.e. it will be as if he sees Him) and all the false gods will be trampled under his feet. He will be blessed wherever he will be and God’s powers will be with him. (Siraj-i-Munir, p-73)
      There is no need to follow the prophethoods and the scriptures that were there before the coming of the Holy Prophet Muhhamad, peace be on him, individually or collectively, for, the prophethood of the Holy Prophet is a compendium of all of them and it encompasses them all.
      All other avenues are now closed; all the truths that lead a man to God are to be met with in it.
      No new truth will henceforth be revealed nor there was any truth in the previous scriptures which has been left out from this prophethood.
      That being the case, this prophethood brings all the other prophethoods to an end – and that is how it should have been, for, whatever has a beginning must have an end.
      But this prophethood – that of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, is not devoid of its spiritual influence, rather its spiritual influence is much greater than the influence of all other prophethoods.
      The follower ship of this prophethood leads a man to God very easily and it vouchsafes the love of God and makes one recipient of His converse, more than ever before.
      But of course such a person cannot be called a prophet, for, it is a disgrace for the perfect prophethood of the holy Prophet, peace be on him; both the words put together – the prophet and the Ummti (follower) – can be his title.
      That is no disgrace to the prophethood of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Rather, it can be said that this thing adds the glow of his prophethood because it comes into existence through his own blessings. ( Al-Wasiat, p-12 )
      It should be remembered that if an Ummati (a follower of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him) attains a rank of being the recipient of revelation and converse of God and to prophethood and he is honoured with the title of “Prophet”, this in no way goes against the Holy Prophet being the Khatamun Nabiyyin, for this person is a follower of the Holy Prophet and his prophethood is a proof of the excellence of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. Of course this person cannot be given the title of a prophet without adding the word Ummati (follower) to it. If a prophet who is not an Ummati (follower) comes back to the world, it would go against the Holy Prophet being the Seal of the Prophets. (Chashma-i-Masihi, p-69, footnote)
      The Sharia (Divine Law) has been concluded with the advent of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him; nobody can be called a Prophet after the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, unless he is also called an Ummati (follower). This actually means that he has received all the Bounties by following the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, and not of himself. (Tajaliat-i-Elahia, p-5 footnote)
      The perfect man to whom the Holy Quran was revealed did not have a limited vision and his general sympathy for the people at large was in no way faulty.
      Rather he was so sympathetic for all the people – with no distinction of time and space – that the Mercy of God was fully manifested in him; so much so that he became the Khatamul Ambiya.
      But, of course, he was not Khatamul Ambiya in the sense that no blessing would henceforth accrue to anyone.
      He is Khatamul Ambiya in the sense that no blessing can accrue to anyone without his seal and as for his Umma (his followers) the door of converse with God the Almighty is open for them till the Day of Resurrection, it will never be closed.
      No other Prophet is the possessor of the Seal: only he possesses the Seal, which grants prophethood – of course the prophethood for which it is essential that one should be an Ummati (follower) too.
      His sympathy has not left the Umma in a deficient position and he did not tolerate that the door of the converse of God which is the means of God – realization, should remain closed for them.
      Of course, in order to maintain the proof of his being Khatamun Nabiyyin he has willed it that all blessing should accrue to the people through him; whoever is not an Ummati (follower) should find the door of the converse of God closed to him. This is what God really means by calling him the Khatamul Ambiya. (Haqiqatul Wahy, p-27)
      My belief is that whoever claims to be a real and direct prophet having gotten away from the blessings of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, and does not drink deep at the blessed fountain of the Holy Prophet, rather claims to be directly commissioned by God, such a person is a heretic and irreligious. (Anjam-iAtham. p-27, footnote)
      What God wishes you to believe is that God is one and Mohammad, peace be on him, is His Prophet and the Khatamul-Ambia (the Seal of the Prophets) and superior to all other prophets.
      There is no prophet after him except the one who is made to wear the mantle of the Holy Prophet, in a reflective manner, for, the servant is not separate from his master, nor is the branch from its root. Thus he who gets himself completely merged in his master and gets the title of Prophet from God Himself cannot be said to be the one who interferes in the matter of Khatm-i-Nubuwwat. (Kashti-Nooh, p-15)

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