The Chocolate Story

Chocolates are one of my few weaknesses I can’t resist. Give me any kind of chocolate I would happily consume it and if you don’t. I will manage to have it anyway and this is exactly what I did lately.

On my birthday night (26th December) while on bed when I was reliving some good old memories my eyes scanned a Cadbury Pouch and a can of Pringle chips on the table with a balloon tied on it, being an optimist I assumed that this surprise-gift must be presented to me by my ‘loving siblings’ that I wondered how went unnoticed by me, to confirm this pleasant surprise while carrying the stuff  I proudly walked into his room, to thank him.

Me: Sameer, who has given it to me, Adeel or you?

Sameer: What? Bhai keep it from where you have picked it. Faiza has brought it for me; this is my over due birthday’s gift she couldn’t present it on 23rd (Dec)

Me: Ohkay!

Sameer: You thought it was for you?

Me: Obviously, it’s my birthday what else would I assume, anyway open it. Let’s eat it.

Sameer: No, I will eat whenever I feel like, just drop it.

Me:  Okay but do share it with me because I also gave you lots of chocolates when you were too young, you don’t remember.

Sameer: I don’t know you. Just drop the packet or I will hide them and you will get nothing.

Me: Hmm Okay! (walked into my room with heavy heart)

Later when he slept and nobody was around my mind started working, I did all arrangement to accomplish what I call a “Tasty Crime” project. All what I needed was a scissor and a masking tape.

I took the

1-     Cadbury pouch in my hand

2-     Turned it upside down

3-     Subtly holed up the pouch’s base with scissor

4-     Took out at least 5-8 chocolates from its bottom

5-     Covered the base with the tape so that the chocolates remain in the packet and don’t drop down.

Now the pouch’s looking shiny and untouched but a bit lighter in weight — but who cares as the mission was successfully accomplished.

Right now I am indulging the chocolate experience and penning down my achievement — on the other hand  my innocent bro,  as expected — has already hidden the pouch and eating his few chocolates assuming that the pouch is safe from ‘Big Boss’

It’s widely perceived that with the passage of time we start getting mature avoid doing things that count “silly” but in my view how much older we grow such tiny but adventurous moments keep providing us a sense of joy. I love being what I am…

Pictorial version of Chocolate Robbery



  1. Very, Very happy birth day Tanzeel! Tum zio hazaron sal, sal ke din ho pachas hazar. And also, accept my congratulations on the meticulously planned and executed ‘operation Chocolate’! Boy! your operational detail has left my mouth drooling!!

      1. Nooo not at all. It was a genius plan, growing up with three siblings, I managed to sneak a lot of candy that didn’t belong to me, but never did I come up with something so well planned. Thus, applause!I wish I had candy. 😦 Happy birthday btw, my awe at the Great Chocolate Venture made me forget to wish you. 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Tanzeel 🙂
    And standing ovation for such smooth performance, partly because your post made me crave for chocolate, get some right now 🙂

  3. You went through all this for Cadbury and took these step-by-step pictures too :s

    You could have gone out and buy a whole pack for yourself : P

    Anyways, I dont know why, but I wish Sameer visits your blog today…

    1. To prove my macho-ness I made him read the blog and he was so shocked to see the pouch he thought he had kept it on safer place .. he then grabbed my neck that made me, ammi and everyone laugh alot : D

  4. Tanzeel :
    To prove my macho-ness I made him read the blog and he was so shocked to see the pouch he thought was kept saved from me… he then grabbed my neck that made me, ammi and everyone laughed alot : D

    Mind sharing the Pictorial version of this activity : P

  5. Unique confession of sweet and tasty crime:) especially pictorial version of robbery is really commendable n brave attempt:P

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