Karachi girls set a “Pathetic Record”

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Nineteen school girls of Karachi have made a “history” and managed to register their names in the Guinness Book of World Record by accommodating themselves in a smart car.

The group led by Aimen Saleem Yousuf squeezed themselves into the car to break the earlier World record set by the Climb Fit Team of Australia when 18 students compressed into a standard Smart Car at the Warringah Mall, Sydney Australia on January 25, 2010.

My impression for Guinness Book of World Record was ruined when I watched those 19 “talented” girls trying to accommodate themselves in a small car  climbing on each other in literally ‘weird positions’  for the sake of setting ‘world record’ surrounded by various  media men who were happily  taking photographs to print Pakistan’s competitive girls for next day’s newsprint.

I wonder what the hell that was but again its a matter of personal freedom and setting world records keeping the fact aside whether the circus they were indulging into was really productive.

To me, climbing over each other in a small car is not a big deal, I suggest Guinness Book people to just come out on the streets of Pakistan and see how the overloaded Public Buses in this part of the world carry more passengers than their seating capacity, its the record we set on daily basis.

If these girls really wanted to do something they should have come up with creatives ideas which could glorify nation in its true sense.  Like  Lahore Grammar School that made nation proud by winning NASA competition.

Likewise Last year Pakistan successfully managed to get into Guinness World Record by planting maximum number of mangrove sapling by breaking  Indian record which they set up in Assam on 13th July 2009 by planting 447,874 trees in 24 hour.



  1. So you are not only against culture but also against harmless fun? Would you suggest that I sell of my coin collection instead of stacking up foreign currency to invest or donate?

    1. I am not against harmless but I wonder what actually that was, if they were really into making record they could have done something better, something more constructive ?


  3. Well i never get such records really regardless of the gender or the nationality of the person. World over every year people make such records and i think like always media hypes it up. The argument that its being done for fun is understandable yet i am sure there are other things that are actually fun to do. Plus i wonder if it is really that much fun to be cramped like that lol. I have been travelling a lot in public transport in school and college days and i am sure everyone knows, like tanzeel’s reference about the transport busses, that its no fun 😛

  4. Chillout.Small things cumulatively count.Dont wait for big things at once,Might never happen for most people.Since Australians were “stupid” enough to pack 18 girls into small car,why not Pakistanis? It really communicate the other side of Pakistani..the fun part which most of us dont see or hear in news paper.Its a breath of fresh air,I mean even if it is tiny bit of good news…Btw most Guiness Records are seemingly stupid acts…there was nothing spectacularly stupid about this one..
    Girls were having their fun..and got world record to boot..no harm done 🙂

  5. People do weird things only to make a world record and this trend is getting popular in Pakistan as well.
    And you are right, the over-loaded train picture deserves to be placed first in Guinness Records.

    1. I am a free thinker who has used his right of freedom of expression in this post, your question on what I have done or not is uncalled for hence dismissed.

  6. u wrOte AbSOluTely wriTe.. SumEtimes i Watch GuinneSs world rEcOrds On AXn And I lAuGh tHat One CoulD DO sOmething StrAnge aNd Weird coulD set up a rEcOrd.. i can Eat mY Cat Is It A RecOrd??? and fOr The IslAmic pOint Of viEw SorRy tO Say PakistaN in nO mOre Islamic RepuBliC..nObOdy cares For His ReliGion.

  7. It’s great that we’re trying to set records other than “most people killed for blasphemy”

    Great job, girls. Although, I kinda wish they had forgotten to apply the handbrake. what a spectacle it would’ve been to see a smart car stuffed with 19 girls rolling down the hill and crashing into some lonely teenage guy’s home (“Hallelujah!!).

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