The Sindh Card

After taking charge of the Government the first step Pakistan People’s party took was to unite Sindhi people on ethnic basis by playing a  “Sindh Card”.  It was an attempt to realize people of Sindh province that their Sindhi leaders have been assassinated in Punjab province and except the Bhutto’s league there is no one to speak on Sindh’s behalf.

As a result Pakistan People’s Party had successfully secured sympathy- vote from Sindh province (minus Karachi).  Since that day the People’s party Government has decided to keep a grip on Sindh province through artificial means i.e not serving the people of this province but by keeping the element of Sindhi Nationalism alive in their hearts.  They know the illiterate and poor population of interior Sindh can easily be exploited by the hands of Sindhi nationalist political parties.

In a display of Sindhiness the President of Pakistan quite often seen wearing Sindhi Topi (cap) on foreign trip although nothings wrong wearing a cap on trips however being the representative of Pakistan a president must wear something that depicts culture of Pakistan and not Sindh alone for instance a Jinnah-cap would serve the purpose on such occasions.

To me Sindhi culture should be celebrated not by only by wearing an Ajrak and a Topi but through initiating literacy and women emancipation programs and operating against Dacoits in Kacha area of Sindh. I hope by reducing such stigmas associated with the land of Sindh, this province in true sense will be able to celebrate its cultural day. As of now Sindh is not known for Ajrak and Topi but by the social ills I have mentioned above.

In my opinion the people of Sindh should look for meaningful action, gestures beyond symbolism. They must demand concrete steps and clear policy for development of Sindh from the flag bearers of this province. They must ask themselves that despite the grip of  Sindhi ruling party on  this province why their province is still known as “Interior Sindh”.

People want development and progress.  The current PPP regime has just given a “Topi” to Sindh in the name of culture day.

I wish poor Sindhis could unearth the conspiracy hatched by their very own leaders.



  1. //People want development and progress. The current PPP regime has just given a “Topi” to Sindh in the name of culture day.//

    Actually they (PPP) are playing it wisely, people (majority) of sindh are happy with only ‘topi’ and I think they find it better than schools, hospitals, roads and opportunities of jobs.

  2. They need to be but its impractical as you know Sindhi population think Karachi belongs to them and due to the inferiority complex influx of Sindhis increases in this city though majority of Sindhi is incapable to compete with the local Karachite. The political hiring have ruined the bureaucratic structure of this city and mindsets of Sindhis because they know even if they don’t study they would get a lucrative Govt job anyway .

    Sindh will be nothing if Karachi and Hyderabad separates from this province. It will take ages to develop this province and I am sure nobody would take risk like this when they already have short cut in the form of Karachi, i.e just send every Sindhi to Karachi to make him Khushhaal.

    1. The people who came in Karachi/Sindhi and got shelter can not claim on Sindhi/Karachi land. Beggars are not choosers.

  3. Very true. Well, this symolism can also be representative of wishes of prosperity of Sindhi people. I don’t think that mere celebration of a regional culture day can be a sindh card stunt. Rather, such cultural events should be a part and parcel of our community life. It will do no harm if intrinsic customs of different regions are preserved and celebrated. Moreover, inter provincial cultural exchange programmes can be used to streamline national integration.

  4. What has happened to Pakistan and Pakistanis? When will we become one? The countrymen are becoming racist day by day. And it’s all in politican’s hands. They re using people for their benefits. And all of we are becoming just a ball in their hands and being used.

  5. I mean seriously?! This article is just sad and a gross distortion of facts. The President’s wearing of Sindhi topi did not unite the Sindhi population, condemnation of it by the moron doctor Shahid Masood did.

    This government barely plays on the fears of Sindhis, people of Sindh were non-committal about Zardari in particular because of lack of progress on BBs murder but today they are united behind him, thanks to the incessant propaganda of Urdu media and the unceasing attack by the judiciary which they mind you does not have a single ethnic Sindhi judge(Supreme Court).

    The common nationalist of Sindh says that ‘pehle Punjabi fauj say lartay thay ab saath mein Punjabi adliya bhi hai’. In fact in eyes of most Sindhis, Zardari’s consistent plea of helplessness has been vindicated by Iftikhar Chaudry’s obsession with PPP and Zardari.

    Please note that the primary accused in Swiss cases is BB and the media, Supreme Courts and opposition’s persistence in reopening it doesn’t fare well either with the ordinary Sindhis. Likewise they were furious when a court in Punjab issued summons to Begum Nusrat Bhutto dismissing the application that she was unfit.

    Lastly, you might think that the government hasn’t given anything accept the topi to the Sindhis but you fail to understand that everythings relative. And while MQM lead Sindh government may have done wonders for Karachi and Hyderabad it resulted in gross marginalization of Sindhis from getting government jobs in particular. So getting their due share in jobs or increasing quota of interior Sindh students in Karachi, rightly or wrongly giving Sindhis eminent positions in public organisations, restoring the patronage of the mazars of the Saints which was silently stopped by the Nawaz government and carried on by the Mush regime, increasing support prices of wheat, rice and cotton to ridiculous proportions in order to help raise the farmers living standards, distributing hundreds of thousands of acres of government land among women might not be enough but it is ten times what Sindhi population was getting in the Mush era.

  6. I HAVE been reading the poetry of Shaikh Ayaz who the writer and critic Asif Farrukhi says is for Sindh what Garcia Lorca is to Spain Pablo Neruda is to Latin America and Nazim Hikmet to Turkey. As I perused Farrukhi s excellent translation of Shaikh Ayaz s work I came across the couplet which resonated with a question I ve been asking myself for a long time now who exactly is a Sindhi?

  7. Well yes well put. But then again thats how politicians are doing in every province in a way. Lack of education is making the common person fall for their tricks. I so agree with your point of initiating literacy and women emancipation programs because that is the prime requirement for us in every province. They would not do it ofcourse if ppl get educated they will start thinking for themselves and won’t be the cattle to guide anywhere anymore.

    PS: The che’s picture is hilarious lol

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