Evening Anxiety

At times I feel myself a victim of evening depression, I come across a  mood disorder in which  I experience depressive symptoms in the winter especially on silent nights. Though throughout the year I find evenings more depressing especially when Mullahs simultaneously give Azaan from mosques around and whenever the sun sets down, it’s like something left me and sadness has risen inside…

Right now its Sunday night and after a few minutes I will hit the bed, in between I got this  interesting pic from my brother’s FB profile.  I found it funny that has changed my mood (thanks to him).  He perhaps took this picture in Multan.



  1. I love this post, I have always felt this way ever since I was a young girl..something about evenings that make me sad.sigh!! Molvi sahib ki azaan used to make me cry..I used to dread azaan-e-maghrib.
    let me know if you find a cure. serioulsy. I started using sugary snacks with my evening tea to uplift my mood, the only thing that went up was my dress size, another reason for depression..

  2. When home I take a power nap, get into the room and try to sleep which continues for 40-45 mins this takes me out of depression. Otherwise I take shower with warm water
    . Usually when I am at work or coming home in evenings things go fine because of usual hustle bustle around.

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