Beauty of Democracy

Pakistan’s democracy is playing a tool of Magical Wand for the ruling elites and Pakistan People’s Party . It seems in the name of democracy  they have acquired a license to issue weirdest  of  ‘political Fatwas’  from the ‘house of gods’.

In a latest display of unprecedented stupidity  The Sindh Assembly has passed a unanimous resolution against Transparency International for ranking Pakistan 34th in global corruption index. The resolution was tabled by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MPA Sharjeel Memon.  According to them Transparency International launched a propaganda against the government.

Earlier the Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution condemning the role of media and alleged it of ‘irresponsible behavior’ amid the on-going fake degree controversy and this time the Sindh Assembly politicians never minded to make a fool out of themselves.

From Kamran Khan of Geo Tv to the common Pakistani who protests against price hikes on streets. All sort of criticisms are treated as  “conspiracy” and attempts to derail democratic regime which is restored by the blood of Hazrat Benazir Bhutto Rehmat ullah Aleh and protected by one-time Laadla of General Zia ul Haq, Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Nawaz Shareef Rehmat ullah Aleh.

I now tend to agree with the statement that  ‘democracy is the best revenge’  said by none other than Hazrat Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (a would be-Rehmatullah Aleh)



    1. How could you say they are illiterates, Do you think Salman Taseer is an illiterate who has condemned TI for breaking Pakistan ?

  1. So Abida what do you think is the solution, apparently there is no other way to resolve this issue nor do we have any ideal alternate governance system ..

    1. LOL@ 30-40 years. I don’t think this restless Qaum will accept the governance for such a long period… but what if we get Zia type dictator ? Will you stand by your words ?

  2. Democracy sucks when we have current politicians who are good for nothing. Until and unless PPP and PML doesn’t get democratic themselves till then I dont see any thing progressive regarding democracy.

  3. Tanzeel, I was wondering what was your view on Benazir Bhutto ? I am reading her autobiography – Daughter of Destiny – but there seem to be so much controversy around her that truth seems elusive. Do reply when you can.


    – Sanket

    1. Benazir Bhutto was seen as one of the most corrupt leaders in Pakistans history, no remarkable development was taken place in her tenure.Infact The then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan had toppled her Government and said his actions were justified because of corruption, incompetence, and inaction; the release of convicted criminals under the guise of freeing political prisoner — a failure to maintain law and order in Sindh province where she conducted military operation against the biggest political party of Sindh (which later proved unjustified); and the use of official government machinery to promote partisan interests.

      Benazirs government is a true reflection of what PPP is currently doing in Pakistan

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