XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

XIX Common Wealth Games  in Delhi is perhaps the most criticized sporting event of the decade due to the management as well as infrastructural flaws.

As soon as the event kicked off the host city began confronting various problems highlighted by foreign media and the countries who were against to hold CWG in India however South Asia’s emerging power within the limitations of its financial resources, workforce skills, pressing competing demands and probable corruption, has  fully utilized its potential and made her dream come true.

Now the CWG games despite uncalled for criticism are progressing with full pace and world’s renowned athletes are busy securing their medals.

It is  is indeed a setback for those miscreants who are hell bent on finding faults in the ongoing event, India, a developing country that has snatched such a wide scale multi-sport event from the developed world and so far successfully leading it deserves appreciation for exhibiting its potential.

Being a Pakistani this event makes me realize where Pakistan actually stands.

We have no right to criticize India that has actually glorified our continent.  We Pakistanis  should rather worry whether we will ever be able to convince International community  for holding even a single cricket match on our “Jihadi Sarzameen”.

Well done India!



  1. Now thats what I call an utterly delightful thought. It was the same finger-pointing when Beijing was hosting the Olympics. God willing, if ever Karachi gets to host an international level Games, we would get the double the grilling.

    I was pretty moved by the welcome of our team. The roar of applause shows that the attitude are much friendlier if we start to behave like neighbors.

  2. I commend you for writing such an article.
    No body is perfect and we had some glitches here in India too.
    We both India and Pakistan should move forward in our relations too, it will be helpful for both of us.
    We have so much in common.

  3. Wow, What a great Thought!

    Being a Nepali i would like to See both India and Pakistan Collaborate hand in hand so we can make a happy and prosper South Asia.

    Europe despite having so much difference in culture, language and all other thing is so much united, Why cant we South Asian being so much similar in every aspect with each other cant be United.

    Hats off to you


  4. Tajim, in our case we made to fight on one piece of land and we will keep fighting and strengthen the West and US bu purchasing arms and ammunition for them. we can’t think on regional level, our scope is limited therefore we are known as least developed countries.

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  6. Well, the piece of land is a non-issue. Both the countries need to let go of the greed and let Kashmir stand as sovereign state. As the Kashmiri economy would grow both countries would benefit as it would be a land-locked country requiring ports and highways for trade.

  7. We all at south Asians want to led life in a peaceful culture.both da nations india and pak get freedom during same ages,n fight is on till 1947,but why matter is always saturated around kashmir from pakistani side,always the main agenda in pakistan politics is kashmir issue.if dis could be changed,evrything go fair,for both side,kashmir is india’s one of the national province.a part of mother India.

    1. Now why didn’t we think of that! Yep Kashmir is unresolved, lets just give it to Pakistan – if I uttered that sentence out loud – I’d get shot – but not before I shoot myself.

      Which is not to say that Pakistan doesn’t have any claim to Kashmir – I think the best solution I have heard so far came from the informal agreement between Musharraf and Vajpayee when it was proposed that Kashmir would be made a shared state – and that you wouldn’t need a passport to visit it. Of course for that to happen Pakistan would have to stabilize and stay stable for quite some time – so that a trust can build up and both countries can begin to live with a shared state without worrying about their national security.

      Given that terrorist attacks so far haven’t solved the Kashmir issue – why not ask the ISI to re-calibrate their strategy ??

      1. ISI has no role to play in Kashmir alone, Kashmir is the issue in Pakistan that can even topple governments. You can see the Jihadi interference has stopped in Kashmir but even then the very people of Kashmir fighting for their cause. I dont think Kashmiris would opt the idea of shared state anymore…plebiscite would serve the purpose, what do you say ?

  8. An independent state is naive utopia – giving rise to questions of national security, sustained economic engine, education – judiciary – governance – the list will keep going. No – I don’t think we can see that happening any time in the near future. There is no government either in India or Pakistan that will remain in power if they go anywhere near this agenda.

    1. So what do you suggest for Kashmir, you know its the bone of contention b/w two. Do you think India is happy over its negative perception being developed on human rights violation worldwide?

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