Musharraf Reloaded

In his recent candid public appearance Musharraf fired the first round of verbal bullets on the gang of criticizers who left no chance of back lashing his name while he maintained distance from the public and media. His first shot came for Dr. AQ Khan who was victimized being called “characterless”, while he titled Nawaz Shareef as “Brainless” and revealed that it was actually Chaudries because of whom NRO was introduced but the heated words did not come to a hold here.

It seems Musharraf has decided to go one on one with certain politicians and analysts who have been point scoring on his name and portraying him as a root cause of prevailing and past crises. I am not sure whether this is the right time to browbeat opponents but I believe he’s justified to respond them in ‘Awami style’.

The first terminology he used was “spent cartridges”(Chalay huey Kaartoos) directed for those good- for- nothing retired Generals who teamed up to have him held accountable for actions, which include alleged abrogation of the Constitution and Kargil debacle. The ex Generals sitting idle at home had apparently nothing to do in their lives so they took Musharaf’s activities as an opportunity that could help them come on TV and might allow little fame which they never had a chance to enjoy.

The flow of the strategy was devised during the Judicial crisis in Pakistan when every time comparatively an aged General would appear on TV and spew nonsense against Musharraf but on the contrary they had to witness guard of honor to Musharraf and no treason charges so far which further added insult to their injuries, then emerges another character Dr. A.Q Khan, the same Pakistani rogue scientist who had admitted to transferring technology and information to Iran and North Korea and confessed on national television to running a proliferation network.

Right after Musharraf’s resignation, Mr. Khan without worrying about his self esteem and the position he held joined the bandwagon of politicians and in a typical colloquial style wrote an article in Jang Newspaper where he called Musharraf despicable, traitorous foreign agent donned the costume of Presidency who failed in his dirty deeds, he further accused him of being the self-styled Commando who cannot even set his foot on the street of this country because ‘the public’ will tear him into tiny pieces and feed to the scavengers.

These low levels of statement’s made against Musharraf, forced him to retaliate and call Dr. Khan a “characterless” for obvious reasons.

On the other hand another character Mir Zafarullah Jamali , who in 1970s was a minister for the Pakistan Peoples Party, served as a minister in Balochistan . In the 1980s worked in the government of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq as a minister of various departments, in the 1990s became an important member of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) however after the removal of Nawaz Sharif, Mr. Jamali joined the PML-Q and now taking a U turn he blamed Musharraf for preparing to send Pakistani troops in Iraq Meanwhile, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain in his interview got the facts straight and told

media that that when he was Prime Minister for a brief period, he had in fact refused to send troops to Iraq. Now it becomes easier for us to figure out the reality.

Similarly, the PML N, who is endemic to drag Musharraf in every issue and holding him responsible for every catastrophe, be it Aafia Siddiqui case, Bugtis murder or even Nawaz Shareef’s hair loss, but when Musharraf responds — the “renowned Shareefs” are reminding him of his etiquettes.

Now the Musharraf has started making presence in media which is obviously a tough task to handle for Shareef brothers who shamelessly signed agreements in December 2000 with him and flew to Saudi Arabia with their families and servants leaving behind their hapless party men.

Musharraf was Indeed a dictator but he had few feathers in his cap. In some cases, the dictator has achieved more. The achievements of Pervez Musharraf become evident when compared with that of the present government.

When being dictator he could introduce democratic norms like local Government or media freedom etc, just imagine what wonders he can perform as a democratic leader.

Now the dictator has turned into a democrat, the democracy obsessed nation should not only welcome him but appreciate his AWAMI style of politics as well.



  1. Looks like Pakistani politics will become more exciting and spicy… With so much stacked against him, I wonder what is he up to?

  2. Similarly, the PML-N, is known to drag Musharraf’s name in to every issue and blame him for every catastrophe (be it the Aafia Siddiqui case, Bugtis murder or even Nawaz Shareef’s hair loss!)//

    Well done Tanzeel, another humorous and yet realistic analysis from your side.

    I personally think what Musharraf needs to do is

    Contact all the Nazims who are not from professional political families. And include them in the parties.

    Contact “NOT MUCH SEEN” young faces from PML Q. And yea the hum khayaal group leaving Musharraf in the last moment might be the BEST thing ever happened to Musharraf… ( before any moron starts with taht and think it was his/her triumph card … know this)

    Include youngsters and educated people in this party.

    Hold convention every month now regularly. Pick and choose his parties representatives from there.

    Start sending young faces to political talk shows to represent him. Rather than coming himself. Saif and Fawad should give more appearances.

    And YES…LIT THE MATCH AND ENJOY THE SHOW. That is one catchy liner every weekend against his components. Hes witty and hes present minded. He should continue verbal war … he would earn him free publicity WHICH is very important.

    1. “Senorita” — interesting and very pragmatic suggestions, never knew you have actually a plan for APML Good job!

      — Btw When you joining Musharraf league ?

  3. Good one, I agree, nobody is perfect so is the case of Musharraf. But Musharraf performed better than many obviously.

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