Mountain Dew embraces Islam

Taliban Beverages recently held a conversion ceremony for one of the Pepsi Co’s famous brands Mountain Dew, which took place at the local retail outlet.

Mountain Dew, a soft drink distributed by PepsiCo, but remains its own brand recited  Kalimah in the presence of Makkah Cola and other Muslim soft drinks.

They later chose Mountain Dews Muslim name ‘Muslim Dew’. Meanwhile Pepsi Co and Coca Cola Beverages have shown deep concerns over growing Islamization of their brands and called it a forceful conversion.

In a recent interview a Pepsi Co. official on the condition of anonymity said that  radical Mountain Dew fans, who hit the headlines recently after their activists were accused of introducing Makkah Cola, were aiming to convert Pepsi Co. Pakistan into a “Muslim Beverages Organization” in the next 20 years.

Source: Taliban Times



  1. Hmm….r these guys inspired by RSS, Shiv sena walas??…last i heard cow piss cola wasnt really a success. Nothing serious, just a precaution.

    1. I don’t know but they have introduced Makkah Cola as well which happened to be a big failure, today I saw this brand on some thela (cart) and captured it . This shows our obsession with Islam and how people exploit religion for commercial purposes.

    2. there was never a cow piss cola..
      stop justifying or comparing any Acts by a muslim group with that of RSS and VHP….

      @ article

      Religious obsession is at its extreme everywhere..
      they say irreligious behaviour will cause destruction of the world.. but I now think the other way

      1. Noone is justifying anything Missy!!…and yes there was a cow piss cola orwatever crap started last yr by hindutva wing…not quite sure whether it hit the markets in India or not…but surely was in the newspapers!….google the archives!

  2. If this is serious (which wouldn’t surprise me that much) please provide other references. Also, is this counterfeit branding or being endorsed by the beverage companies who hold the original brands.

    1. I am not into law firm or have anything to do with these brands. I saw these pet bottles, took their pic and wrote a sarcastic article. Its not our duty to catch and take them to courts. However you may post this link to Pepsico Head Quarters.

  3. Is mountain dew harram ?

    Had it been occurred in Europe. The original brand would had sued some one like ‘muslim dew’ producers big time. It is clear case of copy right violation and maligning the original brand by portraying it as not suitable drink for Muslims.

  4. Regardless of what you think the intention is rather admirable. Economic independence is definitely a good thing. Even the Hindu Gandhi sought economic independence from Britain as a first step towards complete independence.

    I have to say your sarcasm could use some work. It reads rather like something you would find in a dawn news article. Instead you should have complained about how disgusting Muslim dew sounds. It sounds a lot like the perspiration of a Muslim!

  5. Like Seriously??Its gets pathetic when people go to desperate measures to represent “Muslim Ummah”or whatever they may call it!

    I feel ashamed, why do always have to make a carbon copy of some jewish product and rename it by uselessly inserting “Muslim/Makkah/Islamic/etc etc”?? What exactly does a soft drink has to do with Islam or Muslims???

    The person who did this should be sued!!

  6. Tanzeel – did you taste it?
    Oh man, I am now so curious, wonder if Makkah Cola and Muslim Dew taste better than Coca Cola and Mountain Dew. I doubt the brand success of Cow piss cola tho’, with a name like that, it can’t go too far. But, I’d like to taste it none the less 😉

    what is it with us Asians can’t we name our brands better?

  7. Tanzeel,
    If any country in the world can be described or branded as a ‘victim of religion’, then, undoubtedly, it is Pakistan. Everybody seems to be going nuts, in the race to become ‘true muslim’. Nowhere in the world a religion has been as much abused, twisted and distorted as in Pakistan. Yesterday, when I watched the mayhem taking place in Lahore on tv, I was furious and wondered at these ba….ds’ audacity to commit such a heinous crime amidst unprecedented devastation caused by the floods, that too in the holy month of ramzan and in the name of Islam! But,I hoped for a respite from further atrocities at least for week or two.
    Alas! I was wrong. Look at what is happening in Quetta and couple of other places today.It is so depressing and disgusting. I admire the resiliency of people like you, for keeping your sanity, in spite of living in a madhouse called Pakistan.
    Whatever little I care for Pakistan (despite 26/11) is because, my father was born in Peshawar. Otherwise, I would have been reading a sleazy story in a tabloid right now, instead of writing on your blog.

    1. Thank you for your comments Neeraj, Let me tell you about Quetta as well. The event where bomb blast occurred was not a religious issues but a solidarity day for Palestinians, the same Palestinians who never rallied in support of Kashmir for Pakistan.

      Officially International Al-Quds Day, is an annual event on the last Friday of Ramadan,expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem (both West Jerusalem and occupied-East Jerusalem).Anti-Zionist demonstrations are held on this day in some Muslim and Arab countries, and by Muslim and Arab communities around the world.

      Its not a religious gathering in anyway. When Palestinians/ Iranis don’t take out rallies on Kashmir Day why Pakistanis observe Yaumul Quds ?

      Although Quetta suicide bombing is not justified yet lots of lives would have been saved if people refrained themselves attending the “Non Religious” gathering.

  8. Thank you Tanzeel for your prompt reply. As I was not expecting a reply so soon, I left your site after submitting my post. Coming to the content of your reply I agree with you partially. When you say that rally shouldn’t have been take out, you make sense.
    But, dubbing the rally as non-religious is not right. When goras and gories demonstrate in London, Paris or New York against policies of US and Israel, they appear genuinely concerned about human right violations etc.. But same cannot be said about the Quetta rally. Nothing happens in Pakistan without invoking religion. Quetta rally may not have been related to the religious rituals, but it was certainly motivated by not just religious feelings but sectarian one as well.
    The Shias were expressing support for their Palestinian counterparts in Israel and Lebanon, the later is known for Hezbollah, a Shi’ite militia. As for lack of support for Pakistan over Kashmir issue is concerned, I think that explains rational thinking of Palestinians and Iranians.
    Trade with India is vital for Iran’s economy which is struggling because of sanctions, whereas, whenever Mahamood Abbas visits New Delhi,he goes back home with a fat cheque containing tens of millions of dollars in aid!

  9. Neeraj, I don’t understand what kind of people we are. Unfortunately other Muslim countries neglect their “religious duty” of solidarity when it comes to Pakistan’s problems(as you mentioned due to trade reasons (Saudi as well as Iran). Even in Palestinian case, many Palestinians are still kept in refugee camps for years and not given nationality of those Arab countries which makes me wonder, is it a solidarity of supporting Palestinians or a solidarity of bashing Israel?

    Why no Pakistani come out on streets against inflation, corruption or crime ? Why we need religion as a factor of incitement in every case.

  10. Tanzeel, Arabs are most selfish people in the world and they are racist to the core too. Just common religion cannot make them compassionate or generous towards other nationalities and the people of different ethnicity. Religion can never be a binding force. I can give you Nepalese attitude towards us Indians as an example. India and Nepal share a common religion and culture and Government of India extends every kind of and very generous assistance to Nepal. But, still Nepalese just hate us Indians. They consider us as arrogant. I have a first hand experience of it. Trust me, you as a Pakistani Muslim, would be more welcome in Nepal than I as an Indian hindu.
    Separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan can be cited as an another best example for failure of a religion as a binding force.
    Pakistan’s failure lies in it’s desperate attempt to use religion as an unifying tool. Pakistan is as diverse as India. Pakistan’s national policies should have been based on inclusiveness of all cultures and communities. Instead of relying on subcontinent’s common history, rich heritage, art, diverse ethnicity, multiple languages and rich culture for nation building, Pakistan denied every one of it and tried to create a new and artificial identity for itself, based purely on pan-Isamism. If your history books start with invasion of Muhammad bin Kasim and his subsequent glorification, then what is left to take pride in your real roots?
    Look at us Indians, we never negated anything from our past. As much we felt proud of great Mauryan and Gupta empires, we eqally owned Mughals as our own people and took pride in their achievements. Similarly, our founding fathers asked us to take pride in diversity of India. Take it as a strength and not as a weakness, we were told. Young generations were taught that India’s beauty lies in it’s colorful diversity of all kind. Unity in diversity was the slogan. Religion was kept at a distance.
    It paid rich dividends. Today India, certainly,is a better place to live compared to Pakistan. Ask an Indian Muslim to migrate to Pakistan, I am hundred percent sure you will get negative reply, that is not because he is better off economically or didn’t face communal riots, but for the simple reason that, he has faith in India’s civil society. He is well aware of the fact that, whenever he was in trouble, the powerful Indian civil society rose as a single man to defend him!
    You guys must take cue from India. Make common man believe in himself rather than in religious dogmas. That is the only path left open for Pakistan.

  11. My forefathers were migrant from India. I fully understand the diversity of India. I sometimes feel our forefathers were better off in India than here.

  12. So, I was right. Your roots lie in India and so are mine in Pakistan. What difference you and I are going to make for the current situation, where both of our countries and their people are just hell bent upon hating each other? Nothing! We just cannot do anything about it my friend! Practically nothing!
    A while ago, I posted my comment on an ET blog which was written by an aspiring young journalist and I don’t need to name her as your own single line comment was present there. To me she is not a bad girl, absolutely not. I think she and her thoughts represent a classic example of a society that has derailed and denied it’s young generation from evolving into an healthy citizenry.
    More than her reply I await your opinion and subsequent remedies if you think there are any.
    By the way, I am a little embarrassed to keep writing and forcing you into replying me on the subjects, not directly related to the blog. If my assessment is right then please indicate, I will desist from doing so in future.
    Thank you,

  13. Neeraj its good to discuss issues with you and you are more than welcome here. You can always write whatever you want and I will be glad to respond you. On ET I regularly write, would like to know which blog article you are talking about because I don’t keep a follow up of every article.

    Secondly I am also going to write something on 1947 perhaps in ET. It will be great to discuss that issue with you : )

  14. soumya :
    there was never a cow piss cola…

    Yes, there was one attempt. Don’t know what happened to it.

    And now on the article…

    MUSLIM DEW! Do they even think what they are naming? Please, I am OK with Islamic brands popping up but shouldn’t we name them sensible. Muslim Dew is wrong, very wrong at so many level.

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