Paving the way for Self-Destruction

Despite sheer insults hurled on Pakistan and its premier spy agency  by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, our President is all set for his official visit to UK from 3rd to 9th of August.  I wonder how Zardari would face Cameron especially after knowing that British Prime minister has now urged not to back away from his remarks about Pakistan promoting “the export of terror”. With this stubborn stance what on earth makes Zardari talk with Cameron is still confusing for majority of Pakistanis including nation’s armed forces as earlier in the wake of Cameron’s remarks ISI chief had already abandoned his due  visit to UK.

At this point of time when country’s facing worst floods of the history President’s priorities speak volume, he would go to UK, France or prefer to stay in lavish President House but avoid paying visit to plane crash site which is few kilometers away from President House. Nation is experiencing despondency but unable to protest because they have democratically elected the Pakistan People’s party and now can’t do anything to get rid of this non- progressive government, the man whose popularity has dropped all time low over the past year and he is now viewed unfavorably by a large majority of Pakistanis has simply hijacked the nation in the name of democracy.

In my opinion if our president had little honor left he would have paused War on Terror in Pakistan for sometime and engaged our military troops in flood relief operations as a protest against the insult hurled by UK premier until he apologizes, Zardari’s subtle shut up call to Cameron would not have only pressurized international community to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in war on terror but acquired the popularity among thousands of victims being starved and died in floods due to absence of  required relief operation however keeping history of our leader’s spinelessness in mind we are left with no such options but yet to be abused again. Our president’s actions will however damage Pakistan’s credibility internationally but increase level of trust and faithfulness he’s trying to exhibit to his lords.

On the other hand all political parties of Pakistan including those who are allied with People’s party have voiced their opinion against Zardari’s visit to UK but it seems this man has decided to pave his way for self destruction.



  1. I am an Urdu Speaking but I appreciate Zardari for being cause of unity in Pakistan, nation hates him indiscriminately.

    1. Tanzeel, your reply to Poke’s comments remind me following humor from Vinod Sharma’s blog:

      “Pak Humorist Ibn-e-Insha once wrote about his encounter with a person of overwhelming ethnic and sub-nationalist sensitivities “Aajkal Pakistan mein koyi apney aap ko Sindhi kehta hai to koyi Baluchi, Punjabi ya Pathan. Agar yahi sab karna tha tou Pakistan bananey ki kya zaroorat thi?”

      Insha responded “Maaf kijiyega, galti ho gayi, agey sey nahin banayenge …!!!”
      Ibn-e-Insha died way back in 1978.

      1. @ Tanzeel, the issue for discussion here is basically an internal matter of Pakistan. My commenting on such issues is unnecessarily poking my nose. However, while going through the comments from Indian perspective, I observe that many of the comments here reflect the contempt which many Pakistanis have towards its own leadership and the ground reality of terrorism. This reality is now also filtering through many utterances world over by different nations, their leaders and columnists. I do not understand that for what gain people in Pakistan are still are in mode of being analyst or just observers or in defiance. If you can talk to India than why can not to UK or USA. I sincerely feel that Shuja Pasha should have also accompanied Zardari for meaningful talks. We do not have friends or foes in International dealings and there is no reason to shy away, especially when the meetings are scheduled. Problem is that neither leaders are sincere nor general public has faith in its leadership. Both have just contempt for each other and this is because of fragile democratic set up.

        It is a fact that terrorism is emanating from Pakistan’s soil against its own people or against world at large. You may call the perpetrators by any name you desire. It may be state, non-state, in-state, out-state, over-state actors, establishments, enterprises, forces, jihadis, wahabies etc. I am also not going into the reasons of rhetoric or grudges the people have against the actions of West. My only suggestion is that rather than being in denial or rhetoric mode, the sane voices are required to wake up before it is too late. I sincerely fear, that the delay may again force the Dictatorial views to come on forefront for rescue of Pakistan’s pride.

        No one bothers to ask why if India was such a grave existential threat to Pakistan, (as has been reflected in Pew Poll) it hasn’t taken advantage of the existing situation, where Pakistan claims to have thinned forces on the Western border these last few months? Nothing prevent India from carrying out skirmishes along the LOC & IB and maintaining a low intensity conflict, not even the threat of nuclear arsenal. These are questions which no one really wants to look at because it will bring out the hollowness of all this talk of threat from India and how it wishes to destroy Pakistan. The denial from the Indian side is rendered meaningless and simply adds fuel to fire. This is the animosity we have developed in the minds of young ones. I don’t think India would bother PAK if India is not troubled by terror groups from PAK. Other then that India has neither interest in having troops in its borders nor intention in invade PAK, as it does not make sense. History proves both are brothers and have already split their wealth.

        The actions of terrorism against India in Afghanistan is only because of this fear psychosis of having two fronts on either side after US leaves Afghanistan. The entire actions are emanating out of this ill founded psychosis for which the pride of Pakistan is kept at stake. It is not me who have this feeling but even the international reports suggest the Pakistan Army’s or ISI’s interest lie by driving out India from Afghanistan. The entire accusations world over are therefore not ill founded. For our viewers, please read The Mail at which will clarify the issue.

        I have just spoken out my mind as an outsider on such issue. Please pardon or correct me, if I am wrong.

      2. Mr. Chaddha
        you are not wrong..
        but I feel the matter here is something different..
        the Fact about Pakistan is that they are big time messed up…
        Its like aagay kuan peeche khai wali situation for them…

        They are not able to figure out ke kya karein…

        but yeah India feels self pride when intrernational community slashes pakistan…
        rather than curbing out own problems …
        If india pak really start minding their own businesses what a beautiful world it will be

      3. Soumya – Let me say last thing first that World is BEAUTIFUL and Yes, India has problems. May be more than what Pakistan has. In democracy there is nothing wrongs in speaking your mind if you feel that you can bring some positive change. The God has given you a beautiful brain, not to have depressive thoughts, but to have hope, love and caring for humanity and respect of others thoughts. In a competitive world everyone feels pride when he leaves behind others. Isn’t it true in case of Pakistan? After all we are product of the same motherland. Treat it as sibling jealousy; it will always be there as long as we are not far far apart. Please don’t misinterpret such jealousy, competitiveness, envy, denunciations, distrust, despair etc. of India as hate, disgust or abhorrence for Pakistan or Islam. I am using Islam because all our problems started when this pious religion is dragged in by few vested interests in furtherance of their own political gain, forgetting its beautiful teachings of love and peaceful co-existence. Probably, this is also the cause of our partition 63 years back.

        In democracy, the momentum to sane voice automatically comes when masses listen or read. Diversified views are part of democracy. What you say or I say is not correct, it is the collective wisdom of all speaks which makes you realize what is correct. Due to past being dictatorial and media reporting being gagged, the voices now emanating are also taken by you as state dictate or state policy. It is not correct. Have faith in your leadership and government, whatever fragile or other weaknesses it has. Understand the difference in media speaks, individual speaks and Government speaks. I request you to analyze and appreciate difference of divergent viewpoint for moving yourself in right direction. God bless you.

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