Bin Laden not in Pakistan, not even in Cinemas

Pakistan censor board has finally banned screening of a long awaited tongue-in-cheek comedy ‘Tere bin Laden’ in Pakistani cinemas due to security issues.  According to the culture ministry’s press release “the movie mocks law and enforcement agencies and the character of Osama bin Laden which may stir terrorism in the country”.

As a result Pakistani Government and the censor board have been heavily criticized in the name of free media.

However in my opinion this is perhaps one of the rare right steps Government has taken to avoid terrorism in cinemas.

Its a fact that security is indeed an issue in Pakistan, at least we Pakistanis must not whine over the film which is monetarily benefiting India.

Secondly, Ali Zafar is just an actor representing Bollywood in Pakistan, so it would be unfair to brand him a national icon doing something internationally.  Its not a Lolly or Hollywood movie neither it has anything to do with Pakistani Nationalism. Its about career of an individual who’s representing India.( not even using Pakistani platform)

Instead of deploying heavy artillery outside cinemas why not ban the movie based on highly risky content which can possibly stir terrorism. Why to provoke terrorists for more damage by inciting their violent streak ?

Can India, Bollywood or Ali Zafar guarantee safety assurances to our audience ?



  1. Islamic militants are looking for excuse to bomb us. OBL is respectable to them, it won’t be safe to incite their sentiments and put audience’s life at risk.

  2. Having been heavily-pierced by terrorism-support allegations, Pakistan just don’t want to “officially recognize” the status of anything having a label of Bin Laden. That’s the only convincing argument I can think off right now.

  3. Honey, these jitters on safety and all are hallucinations. Banning this movie has actually given it more hype than required. Maybe that blowing-off brigade wouldnt have even come to notice that a movie about their ideological guru is being released. But we must tell them. So we must ban the movie and create a stir. Heck, it was the first time a bollywood movie with a Pakistani playing its true central LEAD was going to get on screen. For the first time were we going to see not a Javed Sheikh playing a pathetic father figure, a Meera grunting under cascades or a -who?-Moammer Rana doing some stuff across border not many of us even know about, but a role that did not cost ALi Zafar his (or our) dignity. Its getting acclaims everywhere BUT where it should have been-Pakistan. It would be better to screen a movie starring one of our own than all the whacky fall-flat stuff that Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor or other overrated whatevers do in thier films that OUR own audiences just lurrve to watch.

    And for all your lame justifications,I can sense a barely concealed anti-indianism and no other better reason of adoring the ban. If you want to ban them, ban them ALL. If not, then atleast allow those very FEW that are worth watching. I can bet my wit that you will be one of those who go watch the movie if its ever released or to get a pirated CD.

    “at least we Pakistanis must not whine over the film which is monetarily benefiting India.”

    All other films also monetaliry benefit India, yes all those rubbish fils like i hate luv storys, housefull etc have been allowed. AND they are allowed because we Pakistanis watch them. Why is it only this film thats triggering a monetary concern? If they absolutely have to ban anything, I’d rather they ban Star Plus than Tere Bin Laden.

    And if you’re so considerate of the sentiments of our blowing-brigade, I can see you supporting a clamp down on cinemas altogether, a ban on TV, radio and nailpolish in order to prevent a provocation that might lead to our state being thrown off. The fact is,weetheart, if they everwant to attack something, provocations are aplenty. And whoever told you they need reasons to bomb?

    Sigh, I could go on and on for this post of yours. What made you post it?

  4. The high risk content was dripping from the foaming mouth of a Blood thirsty Religious Fanatics , and there was every likely hood that it would have ended a few exploding themselves to earn the 72 houris and wait for their Master mentor this Bin Laden , to join them…………….. if he Do joins them .

  5. Ali Zafar is good on the the eye but a lot of the comedy in the movie falls flat. However the film wisely steers clear of religion!

    At the end of the day Pakistanis will not miss anything!

  6. Pakistanis get fanatic when it comes to religion

    For Many, Islam = Osama Bin Laden
    So, making fun of OBL == Making fun of Islam

    hence, the move would have provoked religious minded people and subsequent bomb blasts , attacks etc..

    On a seperate note, the movie is good fun to watch !!

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