Taliban Stir Muted Sympathy

In mid 70s Pakistan’s so called secular Prime Minister Mr. Zulfiqar ali Bhutto had sown a malicious seed of religious extremism due to which a religious group called “Ahemdis” were branded as Non Muslims. Their Pre- Bhutto Muslim status was constitutionally snatched by restricting their freedom to worship, its propagation and their basic rights as a common citizen of Pakistan.

Since then Ahmedis have been the victim of target killings and suicide bombings in the name of Islam and the culprits are freely roaming in the country as majority of Pakistanis support violent ideology of Islam especially when it comes to Ahemdi issue.

Although yesterday’s attacks on Ahmediya mosques by Pakistani wing of Taliban were the series of on going indiscriminate violence in the country that has claimed thousands of innocent lives which qualifies Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan the most detestable group in the country. Giving the reprehensible nature of this violence that claimed almost 80 lives yesterday – its surprising that majority of secular Pakistanis (let alone Mullah Brigade) expressing a muted sympathy for the Taliban.

“First time Taliban have done a marvelous job, I am very much happy on what happened in Lahore yesterday, kill thos Ba****ds”—says a supporter of a secular political party in Karachi.

“Don’t say it was an attack on mosque, call it a worship place. Mosques are for Muslims [us] only” – says my colleague working for an MNC.

While discussing this news at my work place I forgot that even though I work for an American company, people around me are after all Pakistanis.

As the discussions widened I have realized that majority of Pakistanis silently support Taliban for this violence and are comfortable with “whatever” happened lately, though they are the same people who generally condemn Taliban terrorism.

On the other hand Punjab Government is quick assured that they will take necessary measures to curb Taleban violence but are equally quick to own Taliban as their natural allies. Law minister (Rana Sana ulllah) of violence affected province also maintains relationships with banned outfits that support killings of Non Sunni religious groups.

In such circumstances one can’t think of getting rid of violence in coming days, it’s high time we realize that Taliban want blood to achieve their vicious objectives and reason for killing Ahmedis was not because they hate Ahmedis and love Sunnis. They did it to gain losing support of a common Pakistani who generally hates Ahmedis.

Post attack reaction ended up in favor of Taliban — as majority of Pakistanis mutely praising them for this barbarianism which proves that Taliban’s PR campaign worked.

But the question now is whether the nation will come out of selective condemnation or will they keep sympathizing with Taleban on empathic concerns.

If we go by the latter, one day we will also end up on being “massacred” by a Taliban suicide bomber in some unknown mosque.

I hope Pakistanis will opt to bury  in single piece…



  1. What happened yesterday is condemnable. A human life is precious than ANYTHING else on this earth. Whatever religion they follow, they are human like any one of us, whose families were waiting for them to return from prayers.
    Ahamadis/Qadiyans must be given full right and security to practice their religion like other non-Muslims in Pakistan.

  2. Dear Mr. Tanzeel,

    That attack is condemnable. Every human life is as precious as any other. But when we spoke to be pro-democratic, we need to respect the democratic decisions made with consensus.
    Whether its right or perceived wrong. Yep if one disagrees he can lobby against it or gain power through democracy to change it, that how it should be done. By the way Taliban are no good either. They are worst enemy of ours.
    Qadiyanis shoould declare them selves as minority and have then they can enjoy rights given by the same constitution as a minority.


    1. Unfortunately our dirty democracy has sidelined them but even then why Ahmedis are unable to enjoy rights to freedom of speech and propagation of their version?

      In Pakistani constitution minorities are free to preach and practice their religion but even then we target Ahmedis.

      1. @Tanzeel,

        If every decision of a majority and a court is always to be taken as correct, then Hadhrat Ibrahim should not have cut the noses of the idols. Moreover, the Holy Prophet should have accepted the name “Saabee” for Muslims and Hadhrat Imam Hussain should not be referred to as Shaheed as Yazeed had secured a decision from the Qazi of the time who had awarded capital punishment for Hadhrat Imam Hussain.

        It is because of these unfortunate and patently incorrect decisions of our parliament and courts that Pakistan is in this mess today. The religious extremism started with the persecution of Ahmedis in Pakistan and unless we redress their grevience, we won’t be at peace.

  3. What i found most shocking is that when you mention ‘that Ahmedi Muslims lost over a 100 people ‘

    the typical response from a Pakistani is – Ahmedis are not muslims . after that they issue their condemnations

  4. @Waleed Khan and A W Gilani

    I am not an Ahmadi but am deeply hurt by your comments as it is people like you who have ruined my country.

    For your kind information, Yazeed had secured a decision from the Qazi of the time who had given the verdict that Hadhrat Imam Hussain was liable to death. Why do we call Hazrat Imam Hussain as Shaheed then? Should the decision of the Qazi not respected? No democracy (or for that matter no society) in the world has a right to re-determine someone’s faith or name. Kuffars of the time used to call Muslims as “Saabee” and they were in majority. Why did the Holy Prophet not accept the name as “Saabee” for Muslims?

    It is most unfortunate that we have assumed the role of God and are feel no shame in declaring someone as non-Muslim. It is not difficult to figure out why Pakistan is in this mess.

    1. Dear Rational I take your words “it is people like you who have ruined my country” as a great compliment coz you have every right to express.
      Dear, Talking about Ahl-e-Bait (The most Honored Family), do you know what the Mirza Qadyani said about the most pious and respected lady Hazrat Fatima tuz Zahara (R.A). Perhaps not, thats why you are there to respect those who used the most pathetic language about her. Allah Almighty the omniscient knows I’m trembling with fear of HIM and cannot use the words he attributed to the Lady for whom Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) himself used to stand in respect and love for her.

      For God sake. Zaban-e-Khalq ko Naqara-e-Khuda Samjho. Probably you haven’t studied the history what the Muslims Khalifs did to the false prophet-hood.

      I humbly request you not to distort history.

      Fear from Almighty that we may not stand with those who maligned Ahle-e-Bait. Who maligned Imam-e- Hussain (R.A). Fear that we may not stand on the side of Qadyanis.

      Humbly signing out,

      1. @Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani : Brother, for Allah’s sake do not forward an allegation without verifying it. In Holy Quran Allah orders us to investigate any news you receive even from a bad person before forwarding or spreading it. You have seen ONLY one side of the picture consisting of sheer lies of Mullahs & are forwarding/spreading it without verifying it. The Founder of Ahmadiyya was perfect Lover of Prophet Muhammad (saw) & Ahle-Baait. Neither, he ever said derogatory words about any of Prophet’s Family members – Nor any of his follower can even think of doing so. READ WITH your own eyes that what the Founder of “Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam” has written about Hadhrat Fatima (ra). He wrote that “In early teen-hood I saw a DREAM in which our Beloved Prophet (saw) along-with his family came to my house. Then I saw that Hadhrat Fatima (ra) put my Head on her lap like a LOVING MOTHER”. Putting ones head on the lap by a LOVING MOTHER can be objectionable ONLY & ONLY for Mullah’s who can think of their mothers with evil MIND.

      2. @Mr. Gilani

        Are you saying that it is justified to kill Ahmedis?

        I only know what the Holy Prophet himself did to his opponents, including the lady who used to throw garbage at her.

        You have conveniently chosen to not answer my question. Why was Hadhrat Imam Hussain a Shaheed if the Qazi of the time had given him death sentence? Should you not be respecting the order of the Qazi?

        Your posting exposes your animalistic naure. You are a shame on the face humanity, let alone Islam.

      3. Read my comment earlier “That attack is condemnable. Every human life is as precious as any other” I never said it was justified in any case. but my point is when its a law, not a single person voted against this. I repeat not a single person. I respect them as a minority. I repeat as a Minority.

        Dear, Rational. When somebody maligns Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) it not him but Allah who says “Tabat yada” Abu lahab kay hath tootain gay. ?Thats the Quran, the word of God. I opned my eyes already by recitingf Surah e Lahab. Almighty cannot tolerate that, HE HIMSELF asnwers to those.

        I repeat again, I never justified this killing. Talking about the Qazi, look critically it was a single Qazi not a Shoora whom their subjects trust or even took bayit. 2ndly Aqal walon k liye ye nishani hai k Nabi Kana nai hota hota. Nabi Khhobsurat hota hai koi Jismani Aib nai hota.

        @Rational please refer to Sarmad’s post what he said about Hazrat Fatima m tremebling with fear. Fatima binte Mohaamad (S.A.W.W) putting her head in that damned ladp of Kana Prphet. If you are no Qadyani i think its an eye opner for you . Refer to previous post again If you find something justifying not condemning it I you culprit.

        @Sarmad: for you just remember the type and place of death that false prophet your had .
        @Afroz I cent percent agree.
        @Tanzeel Refer to my first post again I never justified. 2ndly Minorities have the right propagate but only Minorities dear. They can propagate by declaring themselves as Minority. I would definitely welcome them.

        After Sarmad’s Words I cannot open someones eyes, I may not continue any more where such Pathetic words are being used for Hazrat Fatima.

        thanx again Sarmad you heped me what i fear to wrote in previous post you wrote in your. @Ratinaol and all other Please Read Sarmad’s Post. I may not add more or justify my point coz Sarmad justifed mine already.

        May I, Abdul Wahab and others, be listed in the list who respect and love AP (S.A.W.W) and tried their best to protect the KHATM E Nabuvat.
        “La Nabiyya Ba’di” Meray Ba’d koi nabi nahin nahin. I stand by this Hadees.
        I never Justifed this killing and never will.

        Sarmad made my Comment to be the last one

        Blessings for all those who truly Believe in Mohammad (S.A.W.W) the Last Prophet.

    2. must see thishttp://endofprophethood.blogspot.com/2009/05/impressive-letter-to-mirza-masroorurdu.html

  5. This was a shocking and a revolting massacre of innocents. It is a time for mourning, for joining the bereaved in their moments of grief and for condemning the killers as conscienceless dogs. I am sorry that these overwhelming sentiments are alloyed in two cases.

    I am sorry that a section of my compatriots start by condemning the murders, and then within the same sentence, start intoning the entire sorry history of all that happened in the past. This is not the time nor the place to start reciting who started the infrastructure of terror, and all that followed. Decent Pakistanis already know that some things done in the past went horribly wrong. They are just as determined as anybody else to set things right.

    I am also surprised at those otherwise decent Pakistanis who allowed their religious orthodoxy to come in the way of their sharing the common grief and pain immediately. Those who are busy defining what is a Muslim, who is a Muslim; what is called a mosque and what is not. They are so dangerously wrong. They should be standing with the rest of us, condemning this evil act, and mourning the dead.

    Sad how nationalist and religious prejudices can tincture our humanity.

  6. i m 1cent agree with gilani. i also condemn this act. but i think we are all going to a wrong direction discussion. sarmd is lieing about the qadyaniat( request to all muslims not say them ahmadi, they are qadyani or gilmadi). sarmad i chellange u to give me a single proof about the target killing of qadyanies in pakistan by any muslims.??????????? they r minorities bt thy cant accept themselves as minorities. thy r violaiting the laws of pak stste. we should thinnk as a rational. we r muslims but from the 1st day muslims were killing by target. recently thousands of muslims were killed in Masjid, schools, bases, police camps and courts, but no one cry for them. why???????????????? because they r muslims?????????
    mr tanzeel i support the mr gilani against you in the favour of Zulfqar ali bhutto. he done a very good job.coz qadyanies are a group of lier. they lie about the islams. thier whole mazahab is based on the lie. thier founder mirza kana lanti tell lied ab8 the islam and our BELOVED PROPHET S.AW. and i can prove all lies from mirza lanti books. bhutto took this decission after a long discussion with mirza nasir lanti in national assembly for 27 days.. it was a perfect rational decission after mirza nasir was stranded
    speechless. mr tanzeel muhabbat e RASSOL s.a.w is our eman. chahye is k liye jan he q na daini par jay. HAZRAT ABU BAKAR R.A k door me jhoty nabi k khilaf jin musalmano ne jihad kia un me se 1200 shaheed hoy ap history parhen to apko pta chaly k is se pehly jitni bi jangain lari gain us m just 259 shaheed hoye. why?????????? this shows the importance of AQEEDA KHATAM E NABOVAT. i again appriciate the decision of bhutto
    i chellenge the qadyaniat and their supporter for munazira on t.v. ta k dunia ko pta chal jaye k kon jhota or kon sacha hy.

    1. I see nothing wrong in what Sarmad has written. Mr. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (“MGA”) said that in his dream he saw his head laid in the lap of Hadhrat Fatima referring to her as a loving mother. Gilani has read it the other way (that Hadhrat Fatima’s head was in the lap of MGA. I am not surprised by this. This is a typical example of the blind Mullah mentality of Pakistan; “Deen-e-Mulla fi Sabeelillah Fasaad.”

      If you don’t respect others’ prophets then you should not accept that anyone else would respect your God and your Prophet. What moral reason you have to object against Christians and Jews saying wrong words about our Holy Prophet and drawing his caricatures if you yourself do not respect someone who is considered a prophet by another person. Christians and Jews do not accept our Holy Prophet and we do not accept MGA as a prophet. How do we justify our demand for banning facebook and otehr material containing blasphemous material against our Holy Prophet if we ourselves are involved in the same act and to a much higher degree. Shame on you guys.

      If they like to call themselves as Ahmadis, would be happy to call them Ahmadis. Kuffars used to call Muslims as “Saabee”. I won’t follow any such examples. I am happy to keep my religion to myself and I am sure I will be judged for my deeds on the day of judgment and not those of anyone else including Ahmadis. I have enough sins in my own account and am least concerned with others beliefs. We need to care about our own graves. Quran very clearly says that the use of force is not permitted in matters of religion.

      It is our this intolerance that has led us to sinking so low in today’s world. Wake up!

      1. @Rational: Jazak-Allah brother, for reading my post with due care. otherwise, I was shocked to read Gilani’s comments on my post. It is true that enmity makes a person BLIND. Thus Gilani has took my post like a TOTAL BLIND person. Enmity of the divinely guided reformers by the BLIND followers of Mullahs of their time is NOT a new phenomenon. Whenever, Allah had sent anyone for the reformation of faith – Mullahs of that time along-with their BLIND followers always treated them & their initial followers the way our opponents are treating us.

        Only those who cannot think of their mothers without sexual thoughts overpowering their mind can object the quote of the Founder of “Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam” about her Spiritual Mother – i.e Hadhrat Fatima (ra).

      2. ager tm draem ( khawab) ka lafaz mjy mirza ke book se dikha do me aienda qadyanion ko kuch ni kahon ga. kashaf or dream me bhot fark hota hy. pehly kuch parhna likhna seekh lo. urdu ko parho. 2ndly mirza kon hota hy k wo kashaf ke halat me HAZRAT FATIMA ko daiklhy???????????? Q????????????? UNKO to kisi sahabi ne ni daikha yh khabees kesy keh skta hy????????? plz think rationally if mirza or anyyone says same words for your sister or your mother what will be your reaction??????????? if you r suuni muslim this example is enough.otherwise every thing should de spoiled for you. i LOVE MORE WITH AHLE BAIT and SABA MORE THAN MY FAMILY. IT is part of my eman. jo kHABEES BHONKY GA ME USKI ZUBAN KHAINCH LONGA.

      3. What is the problem is he saw Hadhrat Fatima in Kashf?

        I have heard so many people saying that they have seen Hadhrat Muhammad (pbuh) in Kashf?

        You don’t care about the word “Mother”. Guess you have no respect and you do believe in having a sexual relationship between a mother and her son. You mullahs are all gutter mentality @$$h0l€$. EFF OFF…

      4. @$$h0l€ No. 2 aka ASHIQ,

        Language, please. I live in the west and I hate it when people around me use bad language about our Holy Prophet, whom they do not recognise as a prophet.

        How can we complain if people like you do the same thing about a person who is respectful to someone else.

        It is not without reason that I am calling you an @$$h0l€. You are one. Shame on you.

      5. people like sahaba had not ever seen hazrat fatima. plz read shahab nama. he was liberal not amullah. so read the we will talk.-

      6. Shahab nama was written was Qudratullah Shahab who was not a saint. His writing does not make it the word of Quran.

        I have my own mind and you rely on the mind of others. That is the basic difference, @$$h0l€!

        God guides mankind towards the cure of physical ailments why would He not do so in the sphere of spiritual ailment? In every age He sent Prophets for this reason and when human life became an amalgamation of spiritual ailments He sent the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and revealed His perfect teaching which made beastly people into godly people. After an age, when even the Muslims forgot to put this teaching in practice, in accordance with His promise, God sent the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) who discovered pearls of knowledge in the existing teaching of the Holy Qur’an and cured spiritual ailments. He asserted that the cure of the ailments of the ummah was in this teaching. In medical field doctors make discoveries after long and arduous research, however God gave the cure for spiritual ailments 1400 years ago in the perfect Shariah and pious people in every age availed of it. In the latter-days, the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) informed us of the cures for the new ailments. He removed all doubts about any form of abrogation in this teaching and then alone the real cure and antidote could be appreciated.

  7. mr tanzeel if qadyanies accept themselves as minorities, kafir and clearly say no relation wid islam then they have the right to preach thier beliefs. but currently thy r using the logo of islam. 1 taraf islam ko galian dosri taraf islam wah g wah

      1. And he is a Hafiz….. I don’t know if Ahmadis have abused Islam but the likes of Hafiz and Gilani have for sure abused Islam to a much greater extent.

        Seeing people like these makes me think that contraception should be permissible in Islam!!!

      2. @Rational and Tanzeel

        I am a Liberal not even moderate, and a believer for which I stand for.

        M confident

        Thats y I challenged for munazira for the world to see

        Don’t Shy away if you are confident of yours moderate views, let the world see.

        Accept the Challenge

      3. mr tanzeel i have proofs. plz read only one book of mirza qadyani rohani khazain just one book plz

    1. @HAFIZ mahmood: Why should we accept ourselves as Non-Muslim? Is Allah & Muhammad (saw) your personal property or your copyright? These are ONLY we (Ahmadi-Muslims) who are being persecuted for Islam, Quran & Kalima لا اله الا الله محمد رسول اللہ . Watch EXPRESS TV report in which your Mullahs are Justifying the act of Punjab Police regarding erasing & Disgracing of Kalima لا اله الا الله محمد رسول اللہ from our mosques & homes at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XynKJMo9MIE

      We believe in Quran & all fundamentals of Islam – thus Alhamdo-Lillah we are Muslims. Today Mullahs belonging to 72 sects are saying that they all (i.e 72 sects) are Muslim while ONLY ONE i.e Ahmadis are non-Muslims. But they forget that the VERDICT of our beloved Prophet (saw) is totally OPPOSITE. Speaking about our age the Holy Prophet (saw) clearly declared that “All the 73 SECTS will be Hell-Bound EXCEPT ONLY ONE”.

      1. ager tmary guro ghantal mirza nasir k pas himmat thi tu tmny apna eman national assembly me sabit krna tha. q ni hua us se?????? ager hota to sabit krta na. bhuuttoo ne tmhen aisy he non muslim ni qarar dia. one thing more this decision was not only bhuutto bt the whole parlement signed this why?????? after seeing the reality of yor believes. you r not allowed to write kalma on your worship place. so ulama done a very good job. they have removed from the filth. it was responsibility of every muslim to remove. accept the chellenge of munazrah. everything should be clear in munazrah.

      2. Illiterate aka Hafiz,

        Language, please. I live in teh west and I hate it when people around me use bad language about our Holy Prophet, whom they do not recognise as a prophet. How can we complain if people like you do the same thing about a person who is respectful to someone else.

        It is not without reason that I say you are an @$$h0l€. Shame on you.

        Sarmad, my apologies to you for this expression by this illiterate jehadi aka hafiz.

      3. Sarmad,
        Why dont you first read “Rohaani Khazana” & “AIk Ghalti ka Izaala”, what rubbish is published by the Qadian leader,
        Remember Dreams, Letters and lots and lots of books are not the basis of Islam,
        Islam is based on Quran, Hadith, Fiqah , Qiyas and Ijmah.
        The Ijmah of Ummat is that Mirza Qadiani was a lier and imposter, accept it or research and than write something.


        Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said:

        “One who dies without accepting the Imam (Appointed by Allah) of the time, his death is a death in disbelief”. [53] ( Musnath Ahmad Bin Hambal Vol : 4. P : 96. )

        “And there is no Mahdi, but Jesus, son of Mary” ( Ibne Maajah Vol : 02 . P : 509 . Kansul Ummal Vol : 07 . P : 156 . )

        Regarding Imam Mahdi, our beloved master said:
        “When you see him (Imam Mahdi) then certainly perform bait to him even if you have to crawl over your knees through the mountains of snow because he (Imam Mahdi) will be the Khalifa of Allah.” [54]. ( Ibne Maajah P : 310 . Aboodawood Vol : 02 . Biharul Anwar Vol : 13 . P : 21 . )

        “One who obeyed Imam Mahdi obeyed me, one who disobeyed him disobeyed me” [55]. ( Beharul Anwar Vol : 13 P : 17 )

        “One who rejected Imam Mahdi he did kufr” [56].

        Do we see the promise of Allah made in the words, “And thou seest men entering the religion of Allah in troops.”, being fulfilled again in favor of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.


  8. hello don’t argue that much hard.just think if qadyanies were given such status not solely by mufties also by parliment so there is a lot don’t deny reality it waz proven that’s why they were called non muslims point is it’s not good to kill a human but how on earth its legitimate to make fun of muslims be bandey dey putter not so called sympathiser’s

  9. good dear abbasi you done a very good job regarding the discussion. i m very pleased that ab8 the qadyaniat kufar all muslim scholars gave fatawas unanimously in all ower the world. and all muslim leaders also accept this reality ab8 their kufar.
    sarmad you quoted the love of mirza lanti wid ahle bait bt u quote it wrong deliberately according to your eman and your so called nabi

    1. حافظ صاحب آپکی زبان بتا رہی ھے کی آپ کس قماش کے انسان ہیں۔ باقی رہا یہ کہ کون جھوٹ بول رہا ھے تو عرض ھے کہ حضرت فاطمہ سے متعلق کشف کا تفصیلی زکر براہین احمیہ حصہ چہارم میں ھے اور ان الفاظ میں ھے۔
      یک دفعہ چند آدمیوں کے جلد جلد آنے کی آراز آئی جیسی بسرعت چلنے کی حالت میں پاوں کی جوتی اور موزہ کی آواز آتی ھے۔ پھر اسی وقت پانچ آدمی نہیایت وجہیہ اور معقول اور خوب صورت سامنے آگئے۔ یعنی جناب پیغمبر خدا صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم و حضرت علی و حسین و فاطمہ زہرا رضی اللہ عنہم اجمعین اور ایک نے ان میں سے اور ایسا یاد پڑتا ھے کہ حضرت فاطمہ رضی اللہ عنہا نے نیہایت محبت اور شفقت سے مادرِ مہربان کی طرح اس عاجز کا سر اپنی ران پر رکھ لیا۔ براہین احمدیہ حصہ چہارم صفحہ ۵۰۴

      For on line Reading Please visit http://www.alislam.org/urdu/rk/rk-1-1.pdf

      1. Illiterate @$$h0l€ aka Hafiz

        What do you say now when the Urdu version is also here with reference.

        I am now one hundred percent percent sure that you do not come from a decent family. LIAR @$$h0l€

      2. MR OVER RATIONAL see the words. and also see the refrences of given by hafiz. rohani khazine volume 18. why you did not see???????????????

      3. I don’t see any problem with the cited words. I have read the English version myself and it carries reference back to this book.

        OK, if Sarmad brings the rohani khazain reference, will you then accept that you both are nothing but @$$h0l€$? Say YES now – do you dare?


        An outstanding poet, Mirza introduces himself as follows

        “I am neither made of clay nor I am any human being’s child

        I am really a shame for human beings and I am worth hating.”

        (Durre Sameen P.116)

        What an intelligent “Imam” wow!

  10. tanzeel plz read the sarmad comment.it is an eye opner proof, aqal walon k liye nishanian he kafi hoti hain

    1. He said

      the Founder of Ahmadiyya was perfect Lover of Prophet Muhammad (saw) & Ahle-Baait”

      I don’t see any blasphemy in Sarmads words, he rather proved that Ahmedis love Allah and his Prophet Mohammad PBUH just like any other Muslim.

      1. Yeh kia hai phr?? Agr khud mirzai ho tau khul kr samnay ao aur Munaziray ki Dawat Qabool kro. “In early teen-hood I saw a DREAM in which our Beloved Prophet (saw) along-with his family came to my house. Then I saw that Hadhrat Fatima (ra) put my Head on her lap like a LOVING MOTHER”.

      2. Tanzeel,

        Quran says about people like Hafiz and Gilani that Allah has sealed their hearts and their ears and their eyes and they are bound to hellfire.

        You can’t argue with a sick mind. Why waste time on these @$$h0l€$.

        Put them on ignore!


        Mirza Qadiyani writes in his book (May God Forbid)

        “I dreamt that I my self am God. I believed that I was God.”

        (Aina-e-Kamalat Islam. P.564, Roohani Khazain V.5 . P.564)

        “In a revelation I saw that I was God and I believed that I was so.”

        (Kitab-el-Biria P.85, Roohani Khazain V.3.P.103)

        Also :

        I (Mirza Qadiyani) dreamt that I myself am God and I believed in this that I am (God).

        (Roohani Khazain v.5 P.564)

        Some foolish ‘Sahaba’ could get (benefit) nothing from knowledge.

        (Roohani Khazain V: 21 P: 285)

  11. muhabbat e RASSOL s.a.w is our eman. chahye is k liye jan he q na daini par jay..

    jesii muhabat taliban ko haii ..

      1. shame on qadyanies and their sympathisers.chellenge accept kro tb pta chaly sealed tm ho k hm

  12. munazrah ka chellenge qabool kro us beghairat ne meryu piary NABI S.A.W ke lakht e jigr ke toheen ke tmhen kuch ni mlia???????????????? shame on you

      1. see original book. and refrence ask the sarmad to quote original words wid refrence of his leader. chellenge. he will never do it

      2. @Hafiz,

        I could not resist my temptation after your posting above and googled about to find out the exact words. Here is what I found. It says: “In a vision, Hadrat Fatimara placed my head on her lap and thus showed me that I too belonged to her progeny.”

        The link where I found the above is: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/A-Misconception-Removed.pdf

        I am flabbergasted by your lies and all I want to say now is that: “You are an @$$h0l€ jerk”.

        Eff off, please, now if you come from a decent family. Otherwise, keep on barking.

      3. mr rationale what is meant by Hadrat Fatimara placed my head on her lap and thus showed me
        that I too belonged to her progeny.???????????????????? please translate it into urdu from the original book of mirza lanti kana dajjal. chellenge you will never do it. english me likh k dandi marna chahty ho?????????????? translation should be taken from yhe mirza books. otherwise see this link on page 311 of this link http://www.khatm-e-nubuwwat.org/Books/Data/Mateen/saboot/saboot.zip

      1. @Hafiz,

        I could not resist my temptation after your posting above and googled about to find out the exact words. Here is what I found. It says: “In a vision, Hadrat Fatimara placed my head on her lap and thus showed me that I too belonged to her progeny.”

        The link where I found the above is: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/A-Misconception-Removed.pdf It is a footnote on page 14 of this book.

        I am flabbergasted by your lies and all I want to say now is that: “You are an @$$h0l€ jerk”.

        Eff off, please, now if you come from a decent family. Otherwise, keep on barking.

      2. @Illiterate aka Hafiz,

        Do you not feel sick when non-Muslims abuse the Holy Prophet?

        And you are taking pride in abusing someone who is considered (rightly or wrongly) a prophet by someone else!!!!!!

        What face you have to demand that the Christians and the Jews should not abuse the Holy Prophet?

        People like you have brought our country and our religion to this low. Shame on you

      3. rational
        it is clear from your posting that you r also a qadyani. dhoka daina tmari adat or tmara deen hy.

        mirzion qadyanion pe lanat byshumar
        khatm e nbovat zindabad

    1. @ Gilani & Hafiz: Our 24 hours Arabic Satellite Channel “MTA-Arabia” is challenging your top Mullahs for Live discussion. Why don’t you or your Mullahs ACCEPT that OPEN CHALLENGE? For web streaming of MTA visit http://www.mta.tv

      Live Arabic discussion Program is televized on every FIRST Thursday to Sunday of every month.

      1. Foolish SAYINGS OF MIRZA QADIANI (Reply with Proof if these are false)
        Some foolish ‘Sahaba’ could get (benefit) nothing from knowledge.

        (Roohani Khazain V: 21 P: 285)

        Who ever believes in Quran should throw away the sayings of Abu Hurerah like a useless thing.

        (Roohani Khazain V: 21 P: 410)

        How a man can escape from God, the God who is the Master of each and every particle. He (God) says that He will creep in like thieves secretly.

        (Tajjaliat e Ilahia P: 4, Roohani Khazain V: 20 P: 396)

        The unparalleled God is such a Being that has countless feet and hands and parts of body and this number reaches infinity and just like an octopus, His wires surround the universe.

        (Tozeh Mram P: 42 Roohani Khazain V: 3 P: 90)

        He liked sweets a lot and he had diabetes as well. During those days sometimes, he used to put pieces of clay (traditional ’tissue paper’ to dry out drops of urine) in his pocket while ‘gud’ (raw sugar) was also in the same pocket.

        (Mirza Sahib kay Halaat by Meraj Din Umar P:67 V:1)
        “I am the very Krishna.”

        (Tazkara P.381)
        ” The Promised Christ once stated his condition that under the feeling of revelation he felt as if he were a woman and God had intercourse with him.”

        (Islami Qurbani Tract No.34, by Qazi Yar Muhammad Qadiyani)

    1. @Illiterate aka Hafiz,

      I don’t need your certificate for my faith. You didn’t answer my question and I repeat…..

      Do you not feel sick when non-Muslims abuse the Holy Prophet? You are taking pride in abusing someone who is considered (rightly or wrongly) a prophet by someone else. What face you have to demand that the Christians and the Jews should not abuse the Holy Prophet?

      Answer, if you have…

      1. mr rationale
        now m quoting the original refrence of what mirza said about HAZRAT FATIMA plz for GOD sake see original books of qadyaniat not english edition .p 11 book 1 ghalti ka izala rohani khazain volume 18 page 218. agr yh bat na ho tu phr hmpy fatwa lgana. see following links to judge the reality of qadyaniat

  13. Munazira is the best Solution Tanzeel we van’t offer more than this. If you still opt to keep your eyes close We can’t help you. If you are right don’t fear Accept it. We will bear all the cost of munazira dont shy away if you think the Qadiyanis are right

  14. see this pessage
    In a footnote on page 53 of
    Zamima-i-Anjam-e-Atham he writes in connection with the
    revelation about the marriage of Mohammadi Begam that:
    “Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has already
    made a prophecy in confirmation of the present one to the effect
    that the promised Messiah will marry and also have children.
    Now, evidently the object in not to mention matrimony and the
    raising up of a progeny in a general way, for everyone usually
    marries and also begets children. There is no virtue in it. Here,
    ‘marriage’ means the special marriage which will be in the
    nature of a sign and ‘progeny’ means the progeny about which
    my humble self has already prophesied. Rasulullah (sallallahu
    alayhi wasallam) here, so to speak, is disproving the doubts
    raised by evil-hearted deniers and declaring that these things
    shall, definitely, take place”
    want more refrences???????????????????

  15. This is extremely shameful act. Muhammad never killed even people who rejected him, unless it was in a war or as a punishment for a crime, by Law. To Kill innocent humans like this is not Islamic, not even human.
    See you can have difference of opinion, but to differ is one thing and kill on those difference is another. How will you feel if christians decide that sunni or all muslims are not on right and attack a sunni Muslim mosque like this.
    This is against all ideas of Islam or any other religion. As this was done by a sunni sect I think it is appropriate to post a video a video by a sunni scholor on such terrorism.







      1. munazra shouid be wid qadyaniat. how can u say you r sunni??????????????? you r supporting qadyaniat and say that you r sunni. shame on you kazzzaaab

      2. same on you rational. read the original bookof mirza,you send me english translation se the following from the same book
        In the same book, close upon the above Divine
        Communication, is this Divine revelation:
        in which I have been named ‘Muhammad’ as well as
        ‘Messenger’. Then there is this Divine revelation recorded
        on page 557 of Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya:.
        now what can you say??????????? original book is not this it was in urdu and i have a hard cpy. come to osd i ill chek you. bt you ill never do it because call anyone lair is easy bt face to reality is difficult. i chellenge you give the answers which i quoted above

      3. Brother Tanzeel, I agree to do a voice Mazarah or written Manazrah provided it is moderated by a neutral person who will ensure the Debate to follow the Principals once agreed upon. eg about topic, restricting to topic by moderator, time or words limitation by both parties in case of written debate. Now you Mullahs come on IF YOU DARE!!!!

  17. see this pessage
    In a footnote on page 53 of
    Zamima-i-Anjam-e-Atham he writes in connection with the
    revelation about the marriage of Mohammadi Begam that:
    “Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has already
    made a prophecy in confirmation of the present one to the effect
    that the promised Messiah will marry and also have children.
    Now, evidently the object in not to mention matrimony and the
    raising up of a progeny in a general way, for everyone usually
    marries and also begets children. There is no virtue in it. Here,
    ‘marriage’ means the special marriage which will be in the
    nature of a sign and ‘progeny’ means the progeny about which
    my humble self has already prophesied. Rasulullah (sallallahu
    alayhi wasallam) here, so to speak, is disproving the doubts
    raised by evil-hearted deniers and declaring that these things
    shall, definitely, take place”
    want more refrences???????????????????

  18. Tanzeel very well written article. You have definitely mirrored my feelings & thoughts in a very articulate way. I’m very glad to see some moderate Pakistanis letting their words be heard. The silent voices of such moderates such as you are much needed.
    Do not worry about the animals like Abdul Wahab & Hafiz Mahmood. They even don’t have the decency to offer condolences in a civil way & not sprinkle salt on the wounds & kick Ahmadis in the face. I get the feeling from these animals like they are jubilant inside their hearts regarding this tragic event.
    The words of pure hatred of these fundamentalists like Wahab & Mahmood clearly illustrate the rising fundamentalism in Pakistan. It started with hatred & persecution against Ahmadis & look now how the whole country is engulfed in bloodbath.
    We can see from comments here too that Taliban & Mullah have common enemies. A peace loving enemy that preaches beautiful teaching of “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”
    If moderate Pakistanis don’t get their voices heard or do not decide which side of the fence they want to be very soon, I am afraid that some very horrific circumstances are in store for Pakistan in future days.

    1. Thanks Humanist, Insha Allah we will keep voicing for the oppressed.

      Taliban are enemies of everyone but I wonder why the same people who used to curse Taleban for killing their brothers and sisters have suddenly started celebration massacre of Ahmadis.

    2. YOU NOT HUMANIIST you r extremist. read our comment rationaly we strictly condemn that act bt discussion regarding the eman of qadyaniat. talk us wid proofs. we ev provided some proofs and ask logical questions. now its ur responsibilty to answers. bt jb haq aye ga batil bhag jay ga. chellenge hyntmen bi qadyanion k chamchy. hamin animal keh k dil ke bhras tu nikal le laiken tm sb harami zehr pee lo gy jawab na tamra bap dy ska tha na tm do gy.open chellenge hy

    3. We will spit on their face rather kicking, and will prefer kicking their Butts!!

      We give Damn to them than killing atrociously.

      We have condemned this heinous act and will condemn it too.

      If I and Hafiz are wrong accept the challenge of Munazira, and prove us wrong.

      the task is simple if you are right.

      Accept the Challenge.

      or Will you flee like Sarmad and shy away like others??

      An animal (Me) challenging a HUMAN, why fearing accepting challenge from an animal. Don’t become a part of shame for humanity by shy away a challenge from an Animal


      1. I am a non-Ahmadi and am not interested in knowing what they believe in. All I know is that you both (Gilani and Hafiz) are @$$h0l€$. EFF OFF!!!

      2. I agree to do a voice Mazarah or written Manazrah provided it is moderated by a neutral person (like Mr. Tanzeel) who will ensure the Debate to follow the Principals once agreed upon. eg about topic, restricting to topic by moderator, time or words limitation by both parties in case of written debate. Now you Mullahs come on IF YOU DARE!!!!

      3. @sarmad

        if you qadyaniies are agree to munazrah. write a letter to contact us or give us your adress. conatct us on following adresses.
        office khatm e nabovat muslim colony chanab nagar.
        office khatm e nabovat lakar mandi sargodha.
        marakaz e sirajia model town lhr.

  19. I strongly believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a sinner and he mislead his follower to believe that he was a prophet (Nabee) of Allah, but this does not make him a Non-Muslim. What about Yazeed who slaughtered the beloved grandson of Holy Prophet and members of Ahle-Bait. He did much hgreater sin than Mirza. Did anyone call him Kafir or Non-Muslim?

    As far as I am concerned anyone who believes in Allah, His books, His prophets and the Day of Judgement is a Muslim. Mirza and his followers met the requirements and no one has power to declare Mirza or his followers a Non-Muslim or Kafir. You do not need a refrendum to change the laws of Allah.

    Pakistan is going through the most critical state of “Jahilia”. Muslims are killing Muslims on a daily basis. May Allah guide Pakisatnis, whether they are Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi, Qadyani, Punjabee, Pashto, Balloch, Sindhi, Mohajir. They must accept they are all Muslims, brothers and sisters to each other. At this time they are fighting with each other like Pre-Islamic Beduins. They have to change and be true Muslims.

  20. @Rational beware of the liberty of thought you re having:

    “People who have no hold over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. If thought is immature liberty of thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.” (Allama Iqbal)

    I have no doubt for what I stand for thats y I challenged for Munazira,

    What fears you to Accept the challenge.??

    Mirzay ko Shareef admi Sabit krna Mushkil hai tum usko Nabi Sabit Krnay py Tullay ho.

    Do you know how Hazrat Fatima (R.A) will come to the day of judgement?? according to Ahadees??
    Do you know no na mehram have seen her?

    And that Pathetic Misrza Claims he put his Damned Head on Lap??
    Have you read the most quoted Liberal’s book Shahab Nama??
    How QudratuLLAH Shahab receives the message of Bibi Fatima (R.A)??

    Shame on you guys, Nabi ki wo beti jin ki Kuffar izzat krtay thay k kisi na mehram nai daikha aj tk unhain ye Mirza Kana unki gowd mein Sir rakhnay ki baat krta hai??

    by the Sarmad mis quoted, and twisted the line.

    You asked for proof Hafiz have given them??

    Do you have any answer to them??

    Don’t fear

    Don’t fear

    coz Haq o Batil mein Haq ki jeet hoti hai

    Accept the Challenge

    Munazira will be on T.V and we’ll manage and we’ll bear the cost even your T.A D.A

    Accept it if you can

    DAre, fear not.


    1. @Gilani,

      I have read myself what Hafiz has quoted.

      Seeing you both, I am now firmly of the view that contraception should be allowed in Islam. Otherwise, people like you come into this world whose [arents do not have time / resources to teach their kids some civic sense.

      1. mr rationale accept the chellenge of munazrah if you have any doubt in the kuffr of qadyaniat. we have proofs from their books. they abused the ALLAH. ANMBIA, AHLE BAIT AND FOR WHOLE ummah. you can say anything about us bt you will never accept the chellenge of munazrah. plz read irfan mahmood burq ex qadyani. may be his articles and books open you blind eyes. how you can prove ur eman witout the love of holy PROPHET MUHAMMAD s.a.w.?????????????????

  21. Enough hypocrisy!

    Well I never jump into technicalities of religion, I believe whoever wants to be known as Muslim and recite Kalma should be declared Muslim as Allah has to decide who is on right path but since Ahmedis have widely been discussed on every forum and called Non Muslims, let me share a comparative analysis with you that might help ‘Anti Ahmedis ‘ understand that Ahmedis are not Non Muslims because of finality of prophet reason.

    Infact it was Bhutto the opportunist in a desperate attempt to buy off religious parties agitating demuslimized Ahmedis that helped him gain political mileage from Mullah brigade however Ismailis who do not believe in finality of prophet hood and have entirely a different Kalma i.e

    “Ashhado an la ilaha il-Allaho wa ashhado anna Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Ullahe wa ashhado anna Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali-Ullah (i.e. I testify that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger and I testify that ALI IS ALLAH = H.H. The Aga Khan).

    are considered as Muslims. strange, isn’t it ?

    (Ahmedis recite the same Kalma what we (Sunnis) recite).

    Ismailis despite their STRANGE believes are still considered Muslims as per Pakistani constitution which is perhaps due to Agha Khan’s “massive investments “in Pakistan ?

    I wonder why Mullahs don’t shout and agitate against Ismailism.

    Is it because they get their treatment done in AKU hospitals ? and get benefited by thousands of Agha Khan’s projects ?

    Don’t Mullahs know that Ismailis believe that their Hajj is witnessing of Aga Khan.

    Ismailis call Agha Khan speaking/talking Quran, who is present and they think Sunnis have got merely a void Book i.e. Quran.

    In such circumstances when we have obvious examples of Ismailis who despite holding entirely different believes are considered as Muslims, I reckon Ahmedis constitutionally deserve Muslim status too .

    1. mr tanzeel you r directing discussion into another issue. what is kuffar in islam not according to ullama, anyone who deny the anything of islam which is imposed will be kaffir whoever who deny sunni, ismailee or qadyani. the thing is that why r you hesitating to accept their kuffar?????????? same like ismalees thier investment is also in pakistan but they r kaffir coz not only they denied the finality of holy PROPHET bt also claim mirza that he is MUHAMMAD ( naozu billah) and this is written in mirza book “1 ghalti ka izala” page 4. plz anyone AALIM name tell me who says ismaeelies r muslims.???????????? if you r liberal you have to foolow the laws of your country. and according to law qadyanies are non muslims. ap 1 galt bat ko sahi sabit krny per 1 ghalt bat ka sahara ly rhy hain. agr ullama ismaleeon k khilaf ni bolty ap bolain ap ko to sb pta hy un k kuffar ka. at the day of judgement you have to answer to ALLAH about yor knoledge and your actions. so plz take first step agianst ismalles

  22. Most of the comments are extremely depressing! Really do not see much future in Pakistan (or for muslims in general) given the attitude even of the general public. Let me elaborate…

    Islam teaches that adulterers be killed, muslim apostates be killed, anyone who insults the prophet be killed, homosexuals be killed (or punished), there is lots of killings wherever one looks…..What does this indicate? That the religion is not able to accept different points of view, different lifestyles…. What does this imply?

    Simple! Once the culture of not tolerating people who are different from you has set into society, it will cannot be clinically contained simply at killing apostates or adulterers. It spills out. Hence all sunnis will regard a Ahmadi or Shia or hindu as different from him. But for quite a lot of muslims this behavior does not stop at that. – That guy is different from us. Lets bump him off.
    You see the same situation in Afghanistan (taliban vs non taliban), Iraq (shia, sunni, yezdi), Saudi Arabia (sunni shia- The shias there live on lands which are oil rich but as a group they are the poorest)

    The oil wealth in muslim countries has to a very large extent papered over these differences but oil will not last for ever.The way intolerance is seeping in,civil war seem inevitable.

    Coming to the topic itself in my personal opinion – who are we to punish someone who has (sic) insulted the prophet? As the prophet is considered all powerful is he not capable of punishing such persons, if he deems fit, in this world and the next?

  23. Dear Tanzeel, im quite surprised to see your viewpoint, the attack on their place of worship is indeed very condemnable.

    However, you shouldn’t debate on things you are not sure of. Ahmeddi’s are non-muslims, its a fact.

      1. Which brand of Islam – Sunni, Wahabi, Shia, Barelvi, Deobandi and so on and so forth….

        Which one of these are Non-Muslim?

        The matter of understanding will always vary. We are all unique and have our own ideas. We should not try to impose our ideas upon others.

      2. @rational, dont blow it out of proportions. just for your information, Khatam-e-Nabuwwat is key factor of belief for a Muslim.

        There are different sects in Islam, but all of them believe there is No God but Allah, Prophet PBUH is his messenger. And there shall be no prophet after him (pbuh).

        I have sympathy with your lack of knowledge on the subject. You clearly don’t have any grounds to support your argument. Anyways, your personal opinion on this really doesn’t matter. Facts matter. And fact is that Qadiyanis are non-muslim.

        Even if whole world start believing earth is flat, it wont dear. So open your eyes, if you wish to, and no one will mind if you want to keep them closed, just watch out for the manholes, you might hurt yourself.

      3. Cervet,

        I think we should leave that to the day of judgment (if you believe in that!). We should not make this world worse than hell, something that you guys are hell bent on doing.

        I don’t claim to have a lot of Islamic knowledge, but an Ahmadi friend of mine had told me once that the founder of the Deobandi School of thought (Moulana Abul Qasim Nanotvi) also held the belief that the Holy Prophet was not the last of the prophets. I just googled and found his book which confirms the point. The link is: http://www.scribd.com/doc/27218092/Tahzeer-Un-Naas-Deoband-Edition-by-Sheikh-Qasim-Nanotvi-r-a

        I don’t know who is right and who is wrong neitehr do I want to be the judge in something that I have a very limited knowledge of. However, I do believe that we need to learn some tolerance. We can respectfully disagree to their views and hold on to our views. However, we are no one to apply any force on anyone as the use of force in matters of religion is specifically prohibited in Quran.

        I hate to see Mullahs of today who keep referring to Ahadith but overlook the basic teaching of Quran which is “peace” and restricts us from coercion or use of force in matters of religion.

        I will be laid in my own grave and I should not be bothered about someone else’s views. I should rather be setting an example of my religion through my conduct. If one were to judge religion on the basis of conduct alone, then unfortunately Islam does not have a great case; only because of @$$h0l€$ like you. Disgusting.

      4. @rational, now when you say you dont have ample knowledge, then why not simply admit it rather than trying to be the devils advocate.

        So thats the best argument you could come up with to support the fact “qadiyanis are muslims”? im enthralled!!

        listen why dont u simply accept that Qadiyanis were stated non-muslims by Ulema who spent their lives studying Islam! take a moment, sit back and realize. Otherwise, if u want to believe earth is flat, u r free to do that, but facts wont change, neither ur baseless unconvincing arguments that end up with abusive statement to support the weakness, can change the Governments verdict on the non-muslim Qadiyanis!

      5. You guys are educating me more about the issue and helping my hatred for you grow more.

        Do you think Deobandis are also kafirs – after reading what I had posted above?

        I know there is a Hadith that the Ulema in the later (today’s) times will be the worst creatures on earth. Indeed that is the case and so are their followers, including you jerks.

  24. dear cervet well said yar. we r trying to realized the tanzeel this fact. but he is blaming us specially me and gilani.

  25. @Hafiz,
    Life is not so simple and black and white!

    Fine, I may accept Islam and the Quran. But which sect of Islam and which interpretation of the quran?

    1. dear syed Quran is open for every one. you cant deny anything or any order of quran. plz i requesr ro all muslims dont ask me questions. i m only defending islam against qadyaniat. so plz dont mind

      1. @HAfiz Mohammad,
        Exactly who gave you the god given right to “defend” Islam against Quaidiyanat?

        And as hte quran is open for interpretation for all, as you say, quaidanis are perfectly entitled to their own interpretations,

        The mess you guys have made of pakistan today is because people like you are ever ready to poke your nose where it does not belong.

    2. yaar syed don’t be so stupid and ignorent islam is only one ie u ditch idol worship say Allah is one and mohammad SAW is Allah prophet and there will be no one after him, non of the sect differ in that its only other small things like how to offer prayers etc …. that they have different point of view…

      1. @syed its open to interpretation but with in limit or one day some one will come up with an interpretataion that there is no God nauzubillah……

  26. Dear Tanzeel, get your facts straight. If you don’t know arabic for yourself, then consult an authentic resource.

    The Kalima you quoted by Ismailis; it translates to this:

    “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah, Ali the Commander of the believers is from God”

    and not “I testify that ALI IS ALLAH”!!

    Its better to refrain from the topic on which you don’t have enough knowledge …

      1. AKF owns quite a bit of Pakistan and have several thousands employees (possibly including these jerks) – they will only say something against poor Ahmadis who do not even have the right to defend themselves

      2. @Illiterate aka Hafiz,

        Where does Quran or Hadith say that someone who does not recognise the Holy Prophet as the last messenger of Allah is not a Muslim?

        Why do you have double standards here?

      3. Dear Everyone,
        Specially those who are arguing and thinking that they are making a point. Are you aware that if your deny Quran, you are not a Muslim? If u deny any verse of Quran, you are out. And I can quote various Ayats (if u insist) which says Muhammad PBUH is seal on Prophethood!

        I am not enjoying arguments when you guys really don’t have any knowledge nor any grounds, i would love to join back when you people have done your homework. May God guide you!

      4. As per your reference to the Quranic Ayahs re seal of Peophethood – do you also consider Deobandis as Kafirs as Moulana Qasim Nanotvi (the founder of the Deobandi School of thought) also held the same view as Ahmadis re Khatme Nabuwwat?

  27. hi hafiz sahab its me unbeaten132
    well if any bloody mirzai has even a little self respect than they should think that whom they are defending mirza kana dajal whom himself says that he is human place between the legs.

  28. hi and do not u knw the constitution or more importantly islamic shariah bcoz u write mosques of ahmadies rather than mirzara of qadiyanis

  29. Indeed, there are actually forward messages on the go that congratulations are in order. This nation sinks to a new low every day. PMLQ, JI, Imran Khan and others have not even condemned the attack but just said that it is the responsibility of government to protect all citizens.

    However, regarding your opening statements regarding Bhutto and Ahmedis. I would like to say that though Bhutto did many things as political stunts declaring Ahmedis non-muslims was not one of them. He tried his best to stop it, however, the Ahmedi Caliph at Rabwah overplayed his hand and declared the rest of Pakistanis as non-Muslims, also read about the Rabwah incident or Chenabnagar as people call it now caused a wave of anger through out Pakistan. Leaving him no option to concede into the demands of Moududi.

  30. @ Tanzeel and all my fellow brothers,
    I am not aware of the Muslim history and here on this hour of grief of the citizens of my neighboring country, I am not interested in knowing such history or discussing the sectarianism in Islam or how and what to recite in Kalima.
    To my little knowledge, in Hindu mythology, I have heard about Bhasmasur. The story in short is – The God gave him power to burn people to death by keeping his hand on their head. In the last God come as a lady dancer and while dancing with her Bhasmasur put his hand on his own head and burne himself to death. The evil in people who committed this ghastly act have nothing but the soul of Bhasmasur while killing innocent people. By the grace of God or Almighty Allah, what ever you call him, the people who committed such condemnable act will destroy themselves while intoxicated by their victories.
    Please pardon me, but the entire discussion in the Blog is centered to describe the Islamic history from different angles and discussing Prophet or various other propagators of Islam, totally forgetting the Allah and the teachings for love and peace of Holy Quran. May Allah give all of us sufficient strength and show us right path to move on his teachings. Otherwise, one day all of us will destroy ourself like Bhasmasur. Please realize “Majhab nahin sikhata aapas main bair rakhna”.

      1. @tanzeel why on earth u not understanding these r two diff things no one is saying what happened in lahore against ahamadies is good and no one should be allowed to kill any one on the basis of religion but why r u mixing this incident with the ahamadies as being muslims………… what it had to do with this incident………..and don’t say that bc they a branded as non muslims thats why this hapanned as r hindus,christan and sikhs living in Pakistan they r not muslime either…… plz plz and those 3000 or more Pakistani who have lost their lives cos of this terrorism……call a spade a spade don’t try to give other meanings………

      2. @Imran
        “Whoever prays like us and faces our Qiblah and eats our slaughtered animals is a Muslim and is under Allah’s and His Messenger’s protection. So do not betray Allah by betraying those who are in His protection.” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 8 Salat, Number 386).

        Do you wanna defy the above Hadith?

      3. @rational i know of one group of people at the time of prophet who use to prayed with him but when they were amongs themselves they use to say we were just mocking him and i don’t know the exact ayaha or hadith but they were one of the munafiq…….. and other incident when a mosque was demolished……..and this blog has turn from condeming what had happened in lahore to ahamadies being non muslims…… and i have read ur views on this blog and find them disturbing and realy feel sorry for u that u quote(but realy don’t understand) hadith and quran to make ur point, like some one say LA ILAHA(meaning there is no God) but purposefully don’t quote the rest of the ayaha which says There Is No God But ALLAH………..
        “Do you not feel sick when non-Muslims abuse the Holy Prophet? You are taking pride in abusing someone who is considered (rightly or wrongly) a prophet by someone else. What face you have to demand that the Christians and the Jews should not abuse the Holy Prophet?” says rational, you r realy sick there is no hope for u Mr rational……. mirza is considered (rightly or wrongly) a prophet by someone else…. there is nor will be any prophet after Mohammad SAW there r countless hadith where He said I am the last of Allahs’ Massengers……. if ahamadies want to call mirza a (false) prophet call him one but should be bold enough to accept that they r not muslims……..

      4. @Imran bhai the panacea to all the problem is the understanding of “Khtam-e-Nabuvat” Those who do not consider it would not agree to you, me, Hafiz, Ashiq-e-Mustapha or any other. For us Khatm-e-Nabuvat is nore than our Lives. thats why Hafiz and Ashiq-e-Mustapha have offered them the munazara and even they have given the addresses. I offered to bear all the cost of the Munazira.

        “I any qadyanii agree to munazrah. write a letter to contact us or give us your adress. conatct us on following adresses.
        office khatm e nabovat muslim colony chanab nagar.
        office khatm e nabovat lakar mandi sargodha.
        marakaz e sirajia model town lhr.””

        I think we can’t offer more than that. They will shy away from it like always.
        @Imran may your name be enlisted who contributed towards the Tahfuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuvat (Ameen)

        by the way the Hadith is “La Nabbiya Ba’di” (Meray ba’d koi Nabi nahi)

      5. There is difference between Munafiqs and Non-Muslims. You are not allowed to call Munafiqs as Non-Muslims….

  31. DEar Mr. HAfiz Mohammad,
    Exactly who gave you the god given right to “defend” Islam against Quaidiyanat?

    And as hte quran is open for interpretation for all, as you say, quaidanis are perfectly entitled to their own interpretations,

    The mess you guys have made of pakistan today is because people like you are ever ready to poke your nose where it does not belong.

    1. if you r muslims you must accept this rule. eman is more than wisdom.it is responsibility of every muslim to defend islam against the enemies of islam. as a son of your parent you have to defend them without any reason if you truly love them. PROPHET P .B .U. H love’s is more than the whole world.
      dont lose talk

  32. @Rational:

    Accept the challenge of munazira??? Don’t beat about the bush.
    @Syed: Syed ho kay tum Ahl-e-Bait ki toheen sun kr b khamosh or by-hiss ho. Sirf apny Syed honay ka haq ada kr do.

    @All Accept the Munazira if you are so true

      1. accept the chellenge of munazrah. you have not prooved any my refrence false yet. jawb dauny ke bjay bat he or start kr daity ho.. jawab do dalleeel se/

        qadyaniat murda bad

    1. @Syed Gilani,
      Syed ya na syed hone ka masla nahin hain. Masla yahan par jiyo aur Jeene do ka hain.

      I do not see any difference between your mentality and that of the taliban. The only difference is the means being used by both to further their ends!

  33. @Hafiz Mahmood

    Where the Holy Quran says you cannot be a Muslim unless you believe the Holy Prophet Mohammad was the last prophet of Allah? I might say it is a sin if you do not accept him as seal of prophet.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran “Abraham was Muslim”. The question is “Did Abraham know anything about the Holy Prophet Mohammad, much less that he will be the last prophet of Allah.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran:

    “Verily those who believe, those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures), the Christians and the Sabians any who believe In Allah and the last day, and work righteousness shall have their reward with their Lord (They will not be overcome by fear nor grief.” [Qur’an 2:62]

    According to the above verse A true Jew, a true Christian who followed true teachings of Moses and Jesus, will be blessed by Allah.

    How do we know that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be new Prophet of God with new religion and new teachings, rather a reformer or a warner to re-inforce the teachings what Allah gave to the Holy Prophet Mohammad.

    My other question is why did Allama Maududee accept Ahmadis as Muslims? I will post his letter here:

    Maulana Maudoodi wrote a letter in Urdu in his own hand, dated 23 Muharram 1357 A.H. (which would be about 25 March 1938), in which he wrote the words:

    “… the [Lahore] Ahmadi group is included within Islam … we cannot issue any fatwa against them on the basis of the Shari‘ah …”
    The translation:
    Note that Maudoodi uses the term Ahmadi to mean the Lahore Ahmadis, and the terms Qadiani and Qadianism to refer to the group then headed by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad from Qadian.
    Darus Salaam (Pathankot)
    Dated: 23 Muharram 1357
    My respected and honoured,
    assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
    I have been here for only one week. After my arrival here, the correspondence that Sayyid Muhammad Shah has shown me included three letters from you, and I confess that it was your letters that made the greatest impression upon me. The earlier replies from the Shah sahib to you still stand valid, but I myself wish to write a brief reply to the three letters.
    Regarding the views you have expressed about takfir, I have myself written much more about it earlier. As you have not seen the Tarjuman-ul-Quran before this, you are not fully aware of my views. If you had been reading this paper from the outset, then probably not only about takfir, but also regarding the other issues that you have mentioned, you would not have needed to ask anything and you would also have known what my policy is.
    From among the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib, I also do not consider Qadianis and Ahmadis to be in the same category. In my opinion the Qadiani group is excluded from Islam, but the Ahmadi group is included within Islam. However, I consider it inadvisable to co-operate with this group or to encourage them because after becoming Ahmadi a man becomes very close to Qadianism. There can only be two reasonable attitudes in the matter of Mirza sahib. If a man believes him to be true then he should accept him as a prophet because a true person’s claim to prophethood cannot be false. And if a man does not accept his claim to prophethood then it becomes obligatory for him, far from accepting him to be a mujaddid, not even to consider him as a gentleman because the person who is guilty of such a serious fabrication cannot be accorded any position of respect. The middle position taken by Ahmadis is untenable. When a man accepts someone as mujaddid and the Promised Mahdi, he would necessarily confirm his truth and honour him. Then when he finds in his unambiguous writings a claim to prophethood and to receiving revelation, he will not be able to take any position short of Qadianism. As to the educated people from among the Ahmadis who are adhering to this unreasonable position, we cannot issue any fatwa (ruling) against them on the basis of the Shari‘ah because they are denying the prophethood of Mirza. But we are bound to conclude either that they are adhering to their past errors and are guilty of obstinacy, or that they are denying the prophethood of Mirza with some reservation of mind, or lastly there is some flaw in their minds making them unable to realize the contradiction in their position. In any case, although we appreciate the work they are doing in support of Islam, we consider it the expedient policy not to encourage them because it is a path to assisting Qadianism.
    As to the wrong beliefs prevailing among the various sects and parties of the Muslims, I have my own opinion about almost each one of them. However, I have never expressed those opinions nor taken part in fighting against them because I consider it to be merely a waste of time. The defect in the branches is due to a defect in the root. To allow the root to remain in the same condition while devoting effort to reforming the branches is foolishness. If we are to do something for the Muslims then we must devote all efforts to removing the weaknesses in the foundations. Then, Allah willing, the branches will by themselves become good.

    I am not a supporter of Ahmadis or Qadiyanese or Mirzaiees but Alhamdu Lillah I attend Jumah Salaat in a Islamic Centre where not only Ahmadis and Shias join us but also Jews and Christians stand with us side by side in Salaat and offer prayer. It is all because our Imam is not one of Fanatic Mullahs. The doors of the Islamic Centre are open to all to join us.

    1. mustafa
      r u muslim or qadyani?????????????? if you r muslims then read holy quran suar ahzab para 22. i asked aquestion last about the aqeeda e khatm e nabovat. define it? who gave the right to maudodi and how can you prove this letter was a rael of maudidi.???????????

      1. Illiterate aka Hafiz,

        Read what I had posted above re Aqeeda e Khatme Nabuwwat.

        I don’t claim to have a lot of Islamic knowledge, but an Ahmadi friend of mine had told me once that the founder of the Deobandi School of thought (Moulana Abul Qasim Nanotvi) also held the belief that the Holy Prophet was not the last of the prophets. I just googled and found his book which confirms the point. The link is: http://www.scribd.com/doc/27218092/Tahzeer-Un-Naas-Deoband-Edition-by-Sheikh-Qasim-Nanotvi-r-a

        Now will you also call Deobandis as Kafirs?

        Where will your Kafirism stop? You carry a seal in your pocket of mussalmani and kafiri and Allah has given you the authority to stamp people – right? @$$h0l€

      2. rationale you r coming to personal. when you have no ansers. stop using this languge and accept the chellenge of munazra. i have no spare time for you. accept chellenge

      3. mr ratioanal

        read the whole book of maulana qasim nantvi nad then talk about the kufer. you just read tha one highlighted sentence and concluded it, strange. read almost 3 previous pages and then tell us what you understand

  34. @ HAFIZ mahmood

    No one knows except Allah who is Kafir……When a Kafir Quraish said Shahadah probably to save his life when fighting with Hadhrat Ali and Hadhrat Ali was sitting on his chest, Hadhrat Ali still killed him with his sword. When the Holy Prophet heard that Hadhrat Ali killed a man after he said Shahadah (acceptance of Islam) he asked Hadhrat Ali, “Why did you kill the man after he accepted Islam……..Hadhrat Ali said “he said the Shahdah to save his life……The holy prophet asked Hadhrat Ali……..did you go into his heart if he said by fear or true belief……Lesson is…….only Allah knows who is a Kafir. No one has a right to call anyone Kafir or Non-Muslim who says Shahadah even if this is from the lips only.

    How many Muslims follow the teachings of Holy Quran today. Allah says in the Holy Quran, “Hold the rope of Allah and do not be divided”. But what we Muslims have done. We have formed groups of Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi, Deo-bandi, Barelvi etc. etc. and each one calling the other as Kafirs. Muslims are the worst enemies of Islam because they have refused to accept commandments of Allah but ready to pass judgement on others.

    May Allah guide Muslims. Ameen.

  35. mustafa you r misquoating abt hazrat ali. it is very famous rivayat that hazrat ali leave that kafir when kafir spit on him. can you give me refrence???????????????

  36. So No Qadiyani and None of their supporter is confident of their belief to our challenge of Munazira on T.V, it can be arranged in Nashtar Park Karachi, Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi and Manto Par Lahore.

    Shy away from Challenge means you are 0% confident of your belief. I can’tr offer more open challenge than it

  37. it will be on T.V. Mirza Nasir Could not prove it on 27 days how could thedecendent of Mirza would prove it??

    Accept the Challenge, Call your best of the best at Munazira, we’ll do the same.

    Mirzay Kanay Gamay ko Shareef insaan Sabit krna Mushkil hai tum Nabi Sabit krny py tullay.

    Go ahead, CAll your best of the Best to Munazira.

  38. @Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani,
    Well, I am not a pakistani, never been to pakistan & never intend going there, munazira or no munazira!

    I have an observation to make here — Issues that the world does not even give a passing thought to, are given so much importance in pakistan that you are ready to organise a munazira, spend time and effort on debating whether quaidianis or ahmadis (later on i am sure other sects will also be included) are muslims or not (which will only generate more hatred)! Time that could be so much better spent in solving the umpteen problems you guys are up against.

    The picture of your country as seen by an outsider from this blog is certainly not pretty.

  39. @ Hafiz Mahmood

    The revayat that you quoted is not the one I quoted.

    There are more revayat where the Holy Prophet accepted just the recitation of Shahada from lips as proof of being Muslim. I am sure you are aware all Ahmadis, Qadianees and Mirzaies, Shias and almost all Muslim sects at least read the same Shahada as such we have no authority to pronounce them Non-Muslim or Kafir.

    The following article found on the Internet:


    How do we judge if someone is kaafir? Can we judge someone’s heart, to see if he is kaafir? Is that possible? If we look to the example of someone who comes and says Assalamu ‘Alaikum to us, we would undoubtedly say that he is Muslim. Do we need to check his heart? No, we know his Islam from his sayings and his actions. We do not need to check his heart, so why if someone’s sayings and actions are kufr, should we need to check his heart? Rather when we see someone who is clearly in kufr and Shirk, or we see people competing with Allah (swt), i.e. that they are Taghout, there is no need for us to check his heart, we must make Takfeer on him – that is the Haq of Allah (swt). We have a principle in Islam, that:
    “We consider only the apparent in regards to Imaan and kufr, we do not consider that which is concealed.”

    Usama bin Zaid was sent in an expedition, he spoke about one man in the battlefield, he said:
    “… I saw one of them, he said “laa ilaaha illallah”. I stabbed him, and after that I felt bad and so told Muhammad (saw) what I did. The Prophet (saw) asked: “did he say laa ilaha illallah, and you killed him?” I said: “He said it, but only out of fear for my sword.” He (saw) asked “did you check his heart to see if he believed it?” he kept on repeating that question until I wished that I was not Muslim yet until that day.” [Muslim V-2 P-107]

    1. @Mustafa

      Do you think these jehadi @$$h0l€$ have read ANYTHING except being what is TOLD to them by bigger @$$h0l€$.

      Wish they had a brain to use….

    2. then y you quoted wid the name of HAZRAT ALI(R.A). do you know about the penality of wring quotion of ahddee?????????. bhai jan qadyani islam k basics ko he ni manty hm unhen kesy musalman keh skty hain???????? AQEEDA E KHATM E NABOVAT PE 100 ayat or 200 AHADITHS hain. plz consult wid an AALIM NOT a professional molvi. or plz visit any office of almi majlis khatm e nabovat to see and understand qadyaniat.. or send me ur e-mail adress. i will send u books to undestand aqeeda e khatme nabovat and reality of qadyaniat.

      1. The reference to the Holy Prophet certainly increases the importance of what was taught. Instead of getting that point, you idiot are teaching him about the importance of referencing. What a shame!

        Do you still believe that you should call a Kalma reciting person as Kafir?

      2. o
        mr bloody rational

        OUR ALLAH Knows that why we hate qadyaniat.ALLAH knows betterr ab8 which is in our hearts. shame on you. this rule is totally ignored in critisim on qadyaniat. tb tu fat fat tmen ALLAH YAD AA JATA HY. munafqeen was also kalma reciting but read quran decisions about them. only kalma is not enough for eman. read the translation of Emaniat.

      3. There is a Sahih Bokhari Hadith that “whoever prays like us and faces our Qiblah and eats our slaughtered animals IS A MUSLIM and is under Allah’s and His Messenger’s protection. So do not betray Allah by betraying those who are in His protection.”

        Now tell me if you know more than the Holy Prophet, pbuh? DO NOT tell me that your so-called Mullahs have told you something else. I want to know if there is a Quranic reference or Hadith, period.

  40. @Rational: onece again beating about the bush..
    Challenge nai accept krna.
    na tum kro gay
    Nasir Mirza aik dfa poori qaum kay samnay sharminda ho chuka ab tum aur sharm gawara nai kr sktay.

    Mein b kin py wqt zaya kr rha hu jo Confident itnay hain k Challenge qazaboll sy krnay sy dartay hain.

    1. Gilani,

      I am a non-Ahmadi Muslim and not interested in your offer as I dont have much information about their faith and the issues involved. To me, it is enough that they call themselves Muslims and follow the same rules as us. I had an Ahmadi room mate in the UK and he was no different than other good Muslims. In fact, he was better.

      However, if you and your molvis are so confident of your Munazras, then why are Ahmadis not allowed to preach openly in Pakistan? I know that under Pakistani law an Ahmadi preaching or professing his faith is liable to imprisonment. Is there a reason for it?

      1. Because our parliament was a bunch of jokers. You think our politicians are saints??? I have serious doubts over your mental calibre now!

      2. The Parliament of Pakistan needs to raise its calibre substantially before I would even consider sitting with thesse jokers.

  41. The following article is an eye opener to all Pakistanis. Instead of fighting each other on petty issues, they should unite to save Pakistan from its enemies and improve life in Pakistan.

    I have decided not to participate in debates as Muslims have been debating on many issues for the last 1400 years with no end is in sight. We are divided in so many groups each with their own agenda. Let the Mullahs and their followers fight each other and the rest of us concentrate on how to bring about peace in this world. May Allah give wisdom to Pakistanis.

    The Naked Truth of the Pakistani Mullahs

    By Anwaar Hussain

    His chief weapons remain an outright incitement of his followers to kill his opponents for divine rewards, promoting senseless hate, intimidating and declaring his opponents as apostates and blasphemers and twisting quotations from the Quran towards that end.

    THE MULLAH now holds the Pakistani society by the throat. His version of Islam has plunged Pakistan into an epidemic of honor killings, hate murders and mob executions of fellow Muslims and minorities alike. The society is paying the price for allowing the Mullah to propagate extremism and intolerance from the pulpit.

    There is no ordained priesthood in Islam. Every Muslim can be an Imam and can deliver a sermon. No ceremonial attire is needed for the Imam or any special dress for the congregation. Who then is this Mullah and from where did he creep into our religion?

    It obviously could not have been through trade and commerce interaction with earlier Christianity. Islam rather attracted large numbers of its early conversions from the ranks of Catholic Christianity who wanted to escape the straitjacket of the Church and its priesthood to a priest-free religion.

    A majority of the historians agree on Zoroastrianism to be the genesis of Mullaism. Zoroastrians, a semi-migratory people from the fourth to the third millennium BC, forged a religious tradition, latter known as Zoroastrianism. This is considered as the oldest of the revealed world religions and has directly and indirectly influenced the other religions in the area, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and a host of other faiths.

    Under the Abbasid and the Umayyad, Islam took root and flourished in Iran. A nagging problem remained though. Some verses in the Quran clearly disallow obedience to any man-made laws that are in conflict with the Quran. Consider the following;

    “No human being – even though Allah may have given him a code of laws (Kitab) or the power to enforce (Hukmah) it or even Prophethood (Nubuwwah) – has the right to say to others: “You should obey me rather than Allah”. He should rather say: “Become people of your Lord because you keep reading and teaching His book” (3:79)
    As Islam in Iran had steadily grown more Zoroastrianized, to solve “this problem” the kings borrowed its priesthood which our Prophet (PBUH) had abolished. The new priesthood, consisting of scholars and muftis, obliged the kings by changing the core belief of Islam from “obedience to Allah” to “worship of Allah.” This mutually convenient combination of kingship and priesthood worked very well for the benefit of both the kings and the priests: the priests blessed the kings for exercising earthly powers; while the kings let the priests exercise divine authority over the people.

    When Persian culture influenced the surrounding region, priesthood too moved into these areas. Iran, to this day, remains the hotbed of Mullaism. Towards West, it blossomed during the Ottoman Empire, where even an office of Sheikh-ul-Islam existed. Many historians cite this religio-political mix to have greatly contributed to the fall of that empire. Eventually, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’s Cultural Revolution brought it to a bitter end in the later day Turkey.
    Towards East, Mullaism crept into the sub-continent at the heels of Sufis and invaders from Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. It stayed in the background until the British wrested India from its Muslim rulers. The Mullah then sprang to the pulpit to sooth the bruised ego of a vanquished people with convenient doctrines. He convinced them that God always subdued people who allowed their souls to be tainted by the lust of worldly desires e.g. ruling dominions and empires. He implored them to remain prostate on their prayer mats and use this respite from the grueling task of ruling for cleansing their souls.

    The Muslims flocked to the thousands of mosques scattered all over India straight into the welcoming arms of the Mullah. He gave numerous references from the Quran to obey God, His Prophet and the established authority. He promptly deleted the references to Muslim kings from his Friday sermons and instead recited the name of the Queen-Empress of British Empire. He bitterly opposed the creation of Pakistan where, if formed, he would have to work anew on its newborn constituencies. But when the Quaid-e-Azam flew into Karachi on his Dakota, the Mullah grumblingly followed him on his bullock cart.

    Once here, in partnership with some indigenous like-minded interests, he went into his old vocation with a renewed gusto. His counter-part that he left behind in India, though, got swallowed up in the wave of secularism that overtook India after partition. Since then, the convention of Islamic orthodoxy survived and thrived in greater depth and conviction in Pakistan than anywhere else in the Islamic world. The Pakistani Mullah became the personification of this ritualistic orthodoxy.

    How does the Pakistani Mullah operate?
    He asks a simple question from his flock. Would they prefer the Word of God and that of the Holy Prophet of Islam or would they rather have western educated men under a godless society to guide and shape their nation? This question is extremely difficult for a common Pakistani to tackle. Pakistani masses adore Islam. Pakistani politicians and the educated elites, however, despite knowing the truth of Mullah seem to be divided and indecisive. Some even exploits this situation by siding with the Mullah and patronizing him. The Pakistani Mullah, in the meanwhile, rules supreme.

    He of course does not tell his congregation the whole truth. He does not tell them who would interpret the divine for them. If the authority for legislation lies with God, whom a Muslim cannot deny, then as a natural corollary, it would be none other than the Mullah himself who would define and interpret the divine law for them. He blurs, or purposely does not draw, the line between himself and scholars (Aalims) well versed in worldly and religious disciplines.

    He does not tell them that such scholars will need to be guided by the essential basic rules requiring a scholar to have thorough knowledge of religious text as well as the prevailing conditions in the world and his community. He remains quiet on the fact that it is only through such twin knowledge that a scholar can apply Islamic jurisprudence and principles to meet people’s needs.

    He of course does not tell them that, unlike him, the theologians or the learned scholars who would engage in this exercise must be intellectually gifted and unremittingly consistent so as to arrive at a healthy symmetry between the basic principles of Islamic jurisprudence and the realistic conditions in our modern-day world.

    He also does not tell them that both the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) ordered Muslims to seek all forms of knowledge. He does not inform them that due to his closing the door on interpreting the Quran in the light of modern events and sciences, Muslims have stood still while their cohabitants of planet earth have even escaped gravity and launched deep into the universe in their quest for knowledge.

    He promotes the style of the Prophet (PBUH) by supporting a beard, putting surma in his eyes, an Arabic scarf on his shoulders and tying his shalwar above his ankles yet does not inform his congregation of the other sterling qualities of the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) was not just an old man leading prayers in the mosque. He established an empire by uniting the various warring tribes, sent emissaries to other empires, received dignitaries in his court, signed at least one historic treaty (Hudaibya, A.D. 630), led armies in the battlefields, experienced numerous victories and also a defeat (at Ohad, A.D. 624), was a devoted father and a husband. The momentum that he built eventually landed the Muslims in Spain in the west and India in the east.

    The Mullah himself is mainly responsible for dividing the Muslims into Sunni, Shia, Ahle-Hadith, Ahle-Fiqah, Ahle-Quran, Hanfi, Shafi, Malki, Hanbli, Deobandi, Barailwi and propagating mindless hate between these sects. He, therefore, never tells his followers God’s injunctions on sectarianism where He says;

    “As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou has no part in them in the least….” (6:159)

    To keep his hold on his followers’ minds, he professes that the Quran is an extremely difficult piece of divine literature to understand and to interpret by ordinary Muslims. He knows that most Pakistanis do not know Arabic and even if they did their skill in the language is not enough to literally interpret the language of Quran. He also knows fully well that most Pakistanis do not have the patience, time or the resources for learning Arabic. He, therefore, insists so much on the mastery of the Arabic language and culture.

    He takes advantage of people’s ignorance and pretends to be the sole agent of the Quran and its interpretations. He does not explain to these Pakistanis that the Quran was meant for every one. That they don’t require a Mullah or any one to intercede on their behalf. That Allah does not make his words so difficult that ordinary people have difficulty in understanding them. That they only have to make an effort and there are numerous ways to seek the truth themselves. Regrettably, the majority of Pakistanis either cannot, or would not, seek these answers on their own.

    A glance at the contemporary world shows that the Buddhist monk is verifiably dormant. Some Christian neocons and Hindu religious bigots have, of late, begun to participate in the framing of political agendas. Yet, by and large, a vast majority of the Christian and Hindu societies remain unaffected by their militant fundamentalists. Because most Christians and Hindus do not consider their religious priests as their political leaders or even correlate these religious individuals with any state system. Two facts are noteworthy; the stupendous rise of the west since it broke free from the priestly hold of the Church and the horrendous decline of the Muslim world since the entry of priesthood into Islam.

    On the Pakistani scene too there is a change in the wind, however faint. With the modern age of computers, internet and information a phantom has begun to haunt the Mullah. The truth is slowly, but surely being sought by enlightened minds young and old alike. Pakistani Muslims are increasingly expressing their disgust and disdain for the irrationalities and backwardness of the Mullah. His grip is fading but he is not likely to give up just yet.

    To his good luck, a faith system that is so deeply embedded into the minds of the believers is hard to wish away. Still harder is the task to disrupt the unholy alliance between hypocrite Pakistani elites and the Mullah. In his final throes, he too is putting up a brave fight. He continues to issue endless fatwas and thinks that the fear of death sentence and the declaration of jihad would silence the voices of reason, logic and progress. In his desperation he is counter-attacking with every possible means. His chief weapons remain an outright incitement of his followers to kill his opponents for divine rewards, promoting senseless hate, intimidating and declaring his opponents as apostates and blasphemers and twisting quotations from the Quran towards that end.

    For common Pakistanis to join the universal quest for progress, efforts have to be made to seek the truth themselves rather than having to rely on the word of Mullah. They have to make a clean break from the past by disallowing and disowning the Mullah from being the de-facto leader of their communities.

    There is a race for progress among all nations. The world is busy in development of human resource, mental enlightenment, sound technological growth and tangible prosperity for all. The Pakistanis have to wake up from their self-imposed slumber and join the global race. The alternate will surely condemn them to crawl on all fours eating the dust of the beaten path trailing leaders who are even now well past the horizons.

  42. Excellent, outstanding, marvelous, spectacular thoughts………. I love the time spent in describing true Islam by all herein. This shows the Islamization of education in Pakistan, for which it is known now world over? However, I am pained that in the process of this sectarianism we have forgotten the beautiful teaching of ‘Universal Brotherhood’ in Quran. Wake up! Time has come please divert your resources of knowledge for good of the humanity, love and peace, rather than taking out daggers against each other. To my opinion, the future of Pakistan would have been much brighter if such vast knowledge and energy would have been diverted to business acumen, technology and social development?
    Eshoo Messiah ne kaha tha –
    “He ishwar inhe maaf kar dena kyunki yhe khud nahin jante ke yeh kya kar rahe hain”
    In Pakistan, it appears, that Jiaul Haq induced school curriculum has stated showing its results denigrating the beautiful religion of Islam into a cult? The seeds sworn by political superiors in Pakistan, the imposition of political will of dictatorialness in the name of religion has now started bearing fruits? Please realize and analyze whether they are good or bad for society and social development? Remember, Islam which is one of the largest religions can be further spread only by ‘Universal Brotherhood’ and not by hate of one-upmanship. Aaameen …………..!!!!!!!!!

  43. Qadianism is a fitna as long as they call themselves muslim and use logo of Islam and fitna must be crushed. Declare yourself as minority.

    1. Guys esp. Hafiz et al I expect you to discuss issues with civility. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Hundreds of people read you, is this how you represent your sect ?

      why can’t you be logical ?

  44. dear tanzeel
    apko qadtanion pe ziati to yad aa gai laken jo karachi me roz target killing hoti hy us pe q ni likha??????????? esp jo kahtam e nabovat k leader maulana jalalpori or un k baityon ko shaheed kia gia? maulana abdul ghafoor ko shaheed kia gia????? tb ap ka neutalizim kidhr tha??????? q ni condemn kia??? hm aj bi qadyanion per tashudad ko cindemn krty hain mgr hm unhen musalman ni manty or na he unko jinhon ne hamary mulk me aag lgai hoi hy. chahye wo taliban hon. qadyainon ko apna status jo country ne dia hy accept kr laina chahye. bs.

  45. Thanks Abida , as you are also very much part of the society you know how things work here and the instant reactions of people on various issues.

    When I heard reactions on Ahmedis assassination it was shocking to me ,I knew something like that would come from extremist elements but to my surprise even the moderates joined those forces, some literally supported Taliban for this heinous act…

    Ps: I am no more administrating Pakistandesk, may be thats why you ain’t getting any mails. Will speak to owner and make sure you get site updates regularly.

    1. @Tanzeel
      This just goes to prove that the distinction between the moderates and extremists is getting blurred.

      Pakistan needs to change direction and fast else it will become a basket case!

    1. I never said they generally support Taliban but in this particular case majority of Pakistani were with Talibans side because of Ahmedi issue, I have cited few examples also.

  46. —————————————————————————
    A Killing in Ferozewala, Lahore

    by Professor, C. M. NAIM
    Ferozewala (Latitude: 29 18′ 10”, Longitude: 70 25′ 50”) must be a meagre little place in Pakistan. This is how “Wiki” describes it:

    “Ferozewala is a city of Sheikhupura District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is tehsil headquarters and is located near … Lahore, Pakistan, … on the famous Grand Trunk Road…. The economic and social life of the city, which has two police stations and a rail station, mainly depends on Lahore.”

    It also says there are five high schools in Ferozewala, and three health clinics, and that three tribes, Rajput, Jatt, and Ara’in, dominate the area. A different website gave the town’s population in 1998 as 118,958.

    My two sources were not interested in religious divides, but the 1998 census of Pakistan, the last held, was. According to it, the population of the Punjab province itself was 97.21% Muslim. Of the 2.79 percent non-Muslims, only 0.25 percent were listed as “Qadiani (Ahmadi).” Extending that ratio to Ferozewala, we may assume that there were at least 300 to 500 people there in January 2010 who regarded themselves as Ahmadi Muslims but were labelled by the census-takers as “Qadiani (Ahmadi).”

    Why my interest in Ferozewala, and its affairs in January 2010?

    I first read the news on January 6, in the Internet edition of the Daily Times (Lahore). Its two headlines were: “Ahmadi leader shot dead in Ferozewala,” and “Victim’s son claims police took no action despite being intimated about threats.” The report [1] by a Rana Tanveer read:

    An Ahmadi leader was gunned down allegedly for seeking police protection against sectarian zealots in Ferozewala police precincts on Tuesday.

    The family of 70-year-old victim Muhammad Yousaf – leader of the Ahmadi community in Ferozewala – alleged that extremists killed him for demanding police to stop them from creating religious strife in the area. Earlier, extremists had gathered together, carrying placards and signboards bearing slogans against the Ahmadis.

    Ferozewala Police Station House Officer (SHO) Muhammad Munir told Daily Times that police had registered the first information report (FIR) against unidentified persons for Yousaf’s murder. Although no one had been arrested so far, the murderers would be brought to justice, he added.

    According to complainant Fatehul Deen – son of the deceased – two armed assailants on a motorbike sprayed bullets at his father around 8am when he was sitting at his general store, where he (Fateh) and his brother were also present. He said his father died instantly while he and his brother narrowly escaped the attack.

    Fateh alleged that the assailants were the henchmen of local religious leader Muhammad Ahmed Faridi. He alleged that two men – Inamullah and Shaukat – were also involved in his father’s murder.

    Fateh said that on December 29, Faridi erected a huge signboard at the main roundabout in Ferozewala Bazaar, which bore slogans provoking people against the Ahmadis. He said the accused also made phone calls to him and other Ahmadis in the area, threatening them to leave the area or else face dire consequences. Fateh said despite being intimated about these threats, police took no action against the accused that had resulted in his father’s death.

    I then checked the two major Urdu newspapers I read. The Jang had carried the news but relegated it to its sub-section on Shaikhupura; its single headline said, “Man Shot Dead by Motorcycle Riders.”

    In Rachna Town on the G. T. Road and in the middle of a bustling market two men riding a motorbike fired upon Muhammad Yusuf, the president of a religious organization, and escaped after killing him. Ferozewala police has registered a case against unknown persons. However, the police report further explains that the murder was a ‘target killing,’ and Muhammad Yusuf was killed at the instigation of one Maulavi Faridi and two other persons.

    The two reports were about the same incident—Rachna Town being the colony in Ferozewala where the killing had occurred. However, where the English daily had stated the religious identity of the victim and the motive as reported by the victim’s son, the Urdu daily, one of the two biggest in the country, had erased both. The other hugely popular Urdu daily, Nawa-i-Waqt, did not carry the news, but in its sister English language publication, The Nation, I found this in the regional news:

    Two motorcyclists shot dead Prof Yousaf in Ferozewala on Tuesday morning. According to police, two unknown assailants riding on a motorcycle came to the shop of Prof Yousaf and opened indiscriminate fire at him killing him on the spot. Later, the assailants fled from the site.

    The police, on the report of Fateh-ud-Din, son of the deceased, have registered a case against Maulvi Muhammad Faridi and three others. Investigation is underway.

    The following day, the Daily Times surprised me by publishing a follow-up by Rana Tanveer; it was rather boldly written too. The main headline said, “Police ‘unwilling’ to arrest Ahmadi leader’s murderers.”

    Ferozewala police officials are allegedly reluctant to arrest those accused of the murder of an Ahmadi leader, while the bereaved family is constantly facing threats to their lives.

    Professor Muhammad Yousaf, leader of the Ahmadi community in Ferozewala, was gunned down two days ago for seeking police protection from sectarian zealots, but police had not made a single raid to arrest those nominated in the first information report (FIR), according to the family of the deceased. They told Daily Times Ahmadis in the area were at risk, as the accused lived in the same area as the victim’s family and could potentially harm them if they were not under police protection.

    On the other hand, Ferozewala Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Tariq claimed that he was on leave on the day of the incident and had no information about the case. He told Daily Times that the station house officer (SHO) could better comment on the case. However, sources in the police department said the DSP was indeed on duty on Tuesday and did not get a single leave during the current week….

    Complainant Fatehul Din – son of the deceased – said the accused had been making threatening phone calls to his relatives…. [The] accused had warned them to withdraw the case or face the consequences. Fateh said he had abandoned all hopes of justice after seeing the attitude of the police…. He said although he had managed to lodge an FIR, the police wanted him to divert from the facts and make up a story in the application. He said the police also wanted him neither to mention the applications the family had filed for police protection before the incident, nor include the element of religious hatred in the FIR.

    In addition, a signboard displayed at the main square in Ferozewala Bazaar bearing anti-Ahmadi slogans has not been removed so far….

    According to the FIR, the assailants were the henchmen of local religious leader Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, and according to the complainant, Inamullah, Ashraf and Haji Arshad were also involved in the killing of his father. SI Zulfiqar said the police had been collecting information about the whereabouts of the accused and would arrest them soon.

    I decided to keep track of the investigation. The two Urdu newspapers were of no help; they published nothing further on the killing. The same was true of their sister English journals, The News and The Nation. But the Daily Times of January 11 carried another revealing instalment, under the headline, “Alleged murderers claim Ahmadi leader ‘killed by family.’”

    The men accused of murdering an Ahmadi leader . . . are now claiming that the leader was killed by his own family over a monetary dispute…. The four men accused of Muhammad Yousuf’s murder in the first information report (FIR) # 14/10 had gone into hiding and are still at large, according to police sources….

    Ferozewala Station House Officer (SHO) Munir Ahmed told Daily Times that police had removed the signboard that Yousaf had complained about before his murder. Police wanted to avoid further religious strife in the area and was trying its best to resolve the matter amicably, he said. Munir said the accused were on the run, but certain prominent people of the area had assured him of their support in apprehending the alleged murderers. The SHO said that so far, police did not have any clue about the identities of the murderers, but the situation would become clear once the four men were in custody. Police have not ruled out the possibility of a financial dispute being the reason behind the murder, he added.

    According to local sources, after the removal of the signboard, Faridi’s supporters had planned to hold a protest against police for registering the FIR and removing the board. However, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MPA Pir Ashraf Rasool managed to talk the protesters out of staging the demonstration, assuring them he would get the board back from police custody.”

    The report also contained an image of the infamous signboard.

    Painted in gaudy colours and dominant in size, the sign first quoted three verses from the Quran in Urdu translation then urged people to follow their alleged message.

    The Quran’s Message to the Muslim Ummah

    “O believers, do not make friends of those who are my enemies and yours.” Chapter 60, verse 1.

    “And those who should demean your religion you should kill them, the leaders of Kufr.” Chapter 9, verse 12.

    “And fight with them, for Allah Ta’ala will punish them and demean them at your hands, and He will help you against them (Kafirs), and Allah will cool the breasts of the believers.” Chapter 9, verse 14 [2]

    Therefore we request you:

    “Keep yourself away from the Mirza’is and Qadianis, the worst branch of kufr and Islam’s worst enemies. And also keep your children away from them, because those who will maintain social ties with them will, on the Day of Judgment, find themselves denied any intercession on their behalf by the Prophet Muhammad.”

    Khatm-i-Nabuwat Youth Wing, Ferozewala [3]

    Judging from the image, the sign must have dominated the roundabout where it was set up to exhort the 97.21 percent of Ferozewala’s population against the unfortunate 0.25. It had stayed up for weeks. Thousands, including any number of men with power and authority, saw it but chose to do nothing. Finally a retired schoolteacher victimized by the sign and fearing worse approached the police for relief. A few days later, he ended up dead.

    I became curious about the man. What was he like as a person? I went to an Ahmadi site on the web; it led me to a video report (“Murder of Professor Muhammad Yusuf, Ahmadi, in Ferozewala, Lahore #1/2”).

    It told me how to spell the victim’s name as he wanted it. The video said he was born in 1945—so he could have been only 65, and not 70, when he was killed—and that his parents and siblings had not been Ahmadi. He had worked as an educator all his life, serving in government and private schools in several cities. Now in retirement, he had lived in Rachna Town with his sons, helping them in their grocery store and also running a small school. The survivors included the widow, four sons and a daughter. People who had come in contact with Muhammad Yusuf described him as exceptionally caring and kind, particularly with children. His non-Ahmadi neighbours spoke of his genuine affection for them, and expressed their grief and anger at the murder.

    It was, of course, not the first murder of an Ahmadi in Pakistan. Searching through the archives of the Daily Times and my own files now, I find the following:

    •23 Ahmadis, including eleven doctors killed in Sindh between 1984 and 1986.
    •An Ahmadi doctor named Dr Abdul Manan Siddiqui shot dead in Mirpurkhas in September 2008.
    •9 Ahmadis killed in different cities in 2009.
    There is sadly also much else: expulsion of 23 Ahmadi students from a medical school, exhumation and reburying of a little Ahmadi girl’s body, vandalizing of Ahmadi mosques, false arrests of Ahmadis under trumped up charges of blasphemy, physical attacks, attempts at extortion.

    On January 12, an apparently indefatigable Rana Tanveer put in another report; the headline said, “Ahmadi leader killed in Ferozewala: Police let suspects leave with PML-N MPA.”:

    Four suspects – who remained at large for six days after their nomination in a first information report in the murder of a local Ahmadi leader were brought to a police station on Monday, but police let them leave with a member of the provincial assembly instead of arresting them, sources in the Ferozewala Police Station told Daily Times.

    The sources said the MPA, a member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), had brought the four suspects – Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, Inamullah, Ashraf and Haji Arshad – to the police station, and they remained there for more than an hour. They said the investigation officer listened to their side of the story, wherein they claimed they were innocent and had been wrongly implicated in the case. Following this, the police – instead of arresting them – let them go with the MPA….

    The policeman in charge of the investigation, Sub-Inspector Rai Zulfiqar Ali, told Daily Times that the suspects came to the police station with PML-N MPA Pir Ashraf Rasool, and conceded they were allowed to leave, “as the complainant party did not come to the police station”…. He said although the four men had been named in the FIR, they were allowed to leave on the MPA’s guarantee. “The MPA will bring them to the police station on Tuesday (today),” he said.

    Yousaf’s son Fatehuddin told Daily Times that police and the MPA were giving the suspects “an undue favour”…. He claimed that the MPA had been “sheltering the suspects since the day of the murder … they have been living with him”. He said while police summoned his family to the station on Monday, they did not go because “we were feeling insecure because of their influence.”

    The following day, January 13, the Daily Times published an editorial, “Protect Ahmadis”. As a rare editorial stance at the time, it deserves to be reproduced in full.

    The recent incident of murder of an Ahmadi leader in Ferozewala, a city of Sheikhupura district situated near Lahore, is a sad reflection of how society chooses to treat a section of the minorities, variously known as Mirzais or Qadianis in Pakistan. What is more disconcerting though, is the apathy — rather collusion — of the state, which not only allows such incidents to take place under its very nose, it tends to protect the perpetrators. According to a series of reports published in this paper, Professor Mohammad Yousaf, leader of the Ahmadi community in Ferozewala, had sought police protection against sectarian zealots in his locality who had been threatening him. Allegedly, in response to this, two unidentified assailants shot him dead while he was at his general store. It was with some effort the family managed to lodge the FIR against the two murderers and four abettors known to the victim, who live in the same area. Instead of arresting the accused and investigating further, it is reported that the police let the four abettors go when they visited the police station with PML-N’s member of the Punjab Assembly Pir Ashraf Rasool. Meanwhile, both the police and the nominees in the FIR have been pressurising the family to withdraw the murder case. Alarmingly, even after the ghastly retribution visited upon Mohammad Yousaf, Khatam-e-Nabuwat Youth Wing’s signboard on the main roundabout of the town, which urges believers to kill and maim Islam’s enemies and to socially boycott Ahmadis, has not been removed.

    While we are witnessing the gruesome consequences of promoting extremist Islam in the form of suicide attacks, this incident shows another dimension of the free rein given to hate-mongering mullahs. Most often the paranoia and hatred against Ahmadis inspired by self-styled Islamic leaders has taken a murderous turn. Not long ago, a TV presenter incited the wholesale murder of Ahmadis by declaring it an obligation for Muslims, as a result of which two targeted killings took place in Sindh. This continues unabated because of the failure of the concerned authorities to take action against the culprits. Apparently, it is due to a deep bias that runs through the entire system. There is a visible nexus of protection as demonstrated in this case. Whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim, the state is responsible to protect all citizens of Pakistan against oppression. It is these kinds of cases that really require judicial activism, as the legislature and executive have both been found siding with the perpetrators rather than the victims.

    Nothing could be more forthright. It had, however, no effect. On January 14, Rana Tanveer filed the following report, with the headline, “Ahmadi leader’s murder suspects ‘visit’ police again.”

    All four men accused of murdering a local Ahmadi leader … appeared before the Sheikhupura superintendent of police (SP) (Investigation), accompanied by a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member of the provincial assembly, to “prove their innocence” on Wednesday.

    Eight days have passed since the victim’s family nominated the four men in the FIR but the police have yet to formally arrest the suspects despite getting two chances – when the men visited the police station with PML-N MPA Pir Ashraf Rasool to ‘prove their innocence’. It is important to mention here that the suspects have not moved the court for bail so far….

    Syed Amin Bukhari, the SP, told Daily Times that the accused were not on bail and according to the law they should be arrested, but with the consent of the complainant the police had given them a chance to prove their innocence.

    The SP said both parties had appeared before him, adding that he had given them a few days to resolve the matter through a local panchayat. He said the accused had guaranteed their cooperation and would not evade the police.

    However, Faatehul Din, the complainant and son of the murdered Ahmadi leader, told Daily Times the accused had been given undue favour by the police and PML-N MPA Pir Ashraf Rasool. He said he had never asked the police not to arrest the accused.

    The MPA told Daily Times that the four men were innocent. He said he had advised the four not to get bails as they were innocent, adding that the competent authority to decide the case were the police and the courts. Ashraf said he was ready to hand over the men to police custody.

    Nine days after the shooting, and following two friendly visits by the four accused, the police finally moved—with great caution—as reported by Mr. Tanveer under a marvelous headline, “Ahmadi leader’s murder suspects finally arrested: Police fails to present men in court for remand.”:

    Ferozewala police have arrested all four men accused of murdering a local Ahmadi leader, but failed to present them in court for physical remand, Daily Times learnt on Thursday. According to police sources, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Pir Ashraf Rasool presented the alleged murderers before police….

    The PML-N MPA told Daily Times on Thursday that he presented the four men before Superintendent of Police (Investigation) Amin Bukhari to be taken into custody, but he sent them to Ferozewala Police Station. Rasool denied allegations that he was favouring the alleged murderers or was trying to exert political pressure on police. He said he just wanted to resolve the issue amicably in order to save the people of his constituency the trouble of enduring lengthy litigation. The PML-N MPA said he handed the men over to police once he realised that the deceased’s family did not want an out-of-court settlement. [4]

    Sources said the investigation officer (IO) had not presented the accused – Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, Inamullah, Ashraf and Haji Arshad – in court for physical remand. Criminal law expert Muhammad Azhar Siddique told Daily Times that according to section 167 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code, police is bound to produce the accused before the court for physical remand within 24 hours.

    The complainant said the police told them (Yousaf’s family) it was a police tactic to try getting information out of suspects before presenting them in court for physical remand.

    A few more days passed in silence, then Rana Tanveer rose to the task again. The Daily Times of January 19 carried the following report, headlined, “Ahmadi leader’s murder in Ferozewala: Police yet to ‘book’ suspects in custody.”

    The ‘arrest’ of four people [on January 14] in connection with an Ahmadi leader’s murder was meant to merely pacify the bereaved family, as police have not made the case against them official, nor have their names been mentioned in any paperwork. In addition, the men are yet to be interrogated, Ferozewala police sources told Daily Times on Monday.

    Sources said police had arrested the men only to placate the aggrieved party, but had not fulfilled all the legal formalities. They said certain influential individuals were pressing police not to book them and keep them in lock for some time before declaring them innocent and releasing them without presenting them in court.

    When contacted, Ferozewala Deputy Superintendent of Police Tariq Gujjar avoided comment on the issue.

    Fatehul Din, son of the slain Ahmadi leader Muhammad Yousaf, told Daily Times that police was using ‘delaying tactics’ to hush up the case. “The police are probably serious about pursuing the matter, but certain influential politicians are pressing them to hush it up.”

    Three days later on January 22 came another report, describing the defiance of the accused in police custody:

    The four . . . accused . . . have claimed that the [victim’s] family has offered to withdraw the case against them if the Khatam-e-Nabuwat Youth Wing (KNYW) is shut down. Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, Inamullah – the president of the KNYW — Ashraf and Haji Arshad, all currently being held at the Ferozwala Police Station, told Daily Times on Thursday that the complainant had sent them various messages, offering to withdraw the case against them provided that the men guaranteed that they quit the KNYW and dismantled its operations, a claim that the complainant denies…. They said they would never quit the KNYW, going as far as saying that they would prefer to die before they thought of leaving the organisation.

    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Member of the Provincial Assembly Pir Ashraf Rasool, who is allegedly favouring the accused, told Daily Times that the complainant had asked him to offer the compromise to the accused….

    Fatehul Din, Yousaf’s son, told Daily Times that no one had made any such offer to the four men.

    How defiant and virulent the alleged killers were came out also in a detailed report that appeared in The News International (Islamabad) on January 17. The writer, Aoun Sahi, had travelled to Ferozewala along with some people from the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Here are some relevant excerpts:

    Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, who originally belongs to Okara district and is nominated in the FIR as the abettor of the killers, tells TNS on the phone that he has been targeted by Ahmadis only because of his public opposition against them. “It is only because of our efforts that the whole Muslim community in our area is against them. We have created hate against them because they deserve it. They are enemies of Islam and Shariah allows Muslims to kill such people. We have only written the message of Islam on these signboards, posters and banners….”

    According to Faridi, Pir Ashraf Rasool, the PML-N MPA from his area has been very supportive. “He is my old friend and we have been working as members of TTKN since long. He is helping me only because he is a Muslim who strongly believes in the finality of the Prophet….” he says.

    The report vividly brought out how poisoned the small town had become:

    Many residents of the locality seem satisfied by the role played by TTKN…. “Majority of the population in our area belongs to the Sunni Barelvi school of thought. Other sects, like Shia and Wahabis, also have a presence. There are almost 50 mosques in our area and most of them are affiliated with TTKN. It has been working actively in our town since 5-6 years and at present an overwhelming majority of our area is convinced that fighting against Qadiyaniat is a religious duty,” says 40-year-old Javed Iqbal and a father of three.

    He thinks Muhammad Yousuf was a good human being but does not feel sorry about his murder. “He was a good man and was never involved in preaching openly but after all he was a follower of Shaitaniat (Satanism). I do not think that TTKN is involved in his murder.” Iqbal says that a visible difference has been observed in the youth of the area during the last few years. “Now, they are more inclined towards religion.”

    “We are peaceful, but if the police try to arrest Maulana Ahmed Ali Faridi and others, we cannot guarantee peace in the area,” says 20-year-old Abdul Jabbar, a charged resident of Rachna Town.

    On January 22, Rana Tanveer filed another report, highlighting the cunning of the accused:

    The four men accused of murdering Professor Muhammad Yousaf, an Ahmadi leader from Ferozewala, have claimed that the man’s family has offered to withdraw the case against them if the Khatam-e-Nabuwat Youth Wing (KNYW) is shut down. [The four accused held in custody] told Daily Times on Thursday that the complainant had sent them various messages, offering to withdraw the case against them provided that the men guaranteed that they quit the KNYW and dismantled its operations…. They said they would never quit the KNYW, going as far as saying that they would prefer to die before they thought of leaving the organisation.

    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Member of the Provincial Assembly Pir Ashraf Rasool, who is allegedly favouring the accused, told Daily Times that the complainant had asked him to offer the compromise to the accused. He said the accused had informed him that they were ready to face imprisonment or even the death sentence for the sake their beliefs.

    Fatehul Din, Yousaf’s son, told Daily Times that no one had made any such offer to the four men, adding that the accused were trying to divert attention from the real issue.

    A week of silence later, on January 30, the Daily Times published Rana Tanveer’s final report on the killing. My heart went out to that intrepid man as I read. For twenty-five days he had conscientiously gathered information and brought it to the attention of his fellow-Pakistanis. His uneven English suggested he was not from among the coddled. Just an ordinary man, doing what he thought must be done in a civilized society. But to no avail. The headline put above his report could have been predicted on day one: “Men accused of Ahmadi leader’s murder released.”

    Ferozewala police have released all four accused of murdering a local Ahmadi leader, after keeping them in custody for 17 days, sources told Daily Times. Police released accused Muhammad Ahmed Faridi, Inamullah, Ashraf and Haji Arshad on Thursday. The four were nominated in the FIR, which accused them of abetting the murder of Muhammad Yousaf in Ferozewala police precincts on January 5. The Ahmadi leader was allegedly killed for his religious views. Ferozewala Deputy Superintendent of Police Muhammad Tariq told Daily Times on Friday the accused were released without any charges being filed, as there was no direct evidence showing their involvement in the case. Tariq said the accused had not been exonerated from any charges, and would still be required for further investigation. On the other hand, Yousaf’s son, Fatehul Din, accused police of favouring the accused by releasing them. Fateh said police and local politicians had been favouring the accused since the outset of the case, adding that they were being discriminated against simply because of their religious beliefs. He said the release of all the nominated accused in the FIR had endangered the lives of all Ahmadis in the area.

    And that was that.

    I looked but did not find any report in The News, Dawn, Jang, and Nawai-i-Waqt. National papers all. I could be in error. I could also be in error in thinking that the case was never reported in any TV news in Pakistan. A conscientious reporter brought out all the lying and collusion on the part of the authorities and a politician, but no one took any action. Not even Salman Taseer, the owner of Mr. Tanveer’s newspaper who also happens to be the Governor of Punjab.

    The following too went unnoticed:

    •On January 14, an Ahmadi mosque built in1982 near Rabwah was taken away from them by court orders and handed to anti-Ahmadis, “in order to pre-empt extreme law and order disturbances.”
    •On January 28, a court at Vehari, Punjab, sentenced three Ahmadis to imprisonment and fines on trumped up charges of preaching their religion to “simple Muslims.”
    •On February 3, an Ahmadi was similarly killed at Shehdadpur, Sindh.
    •On April 1, three Ahmadi traders were ambushed and killed near Faisalabad.
    Then, on May 28, 2010, in well-organized attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore, just a few miles away from Ferozewala, more than 90 Ahmadis were killed and scores wounded. We can only hope it was the worst such incident, for unfortunately it was not the last. On June 1, just three days later, the Daily Times reported another killing: an Ahmadi man was stabbed to death in his home and his son seriously wounded in Narowal, Punjab. The assailant, who reportedly threatened not to leave any Ahmadi alive, escaped.

    C.M. Naim is Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

    1. You are right but dear Ali,earlier you said and protected these Qadiyanis who say that Al-mahdi (MIRZA KANA) has shown up and died now. Thats y I say these Qadiyanis are non Muslims and blasphemous.

      Real, Mehdi (A.S) is yet to come. InshaALLAH Soon.

      Thanx for finally getting back on track.


  47. beholders of self established islam will fall on their faces…..
    the real owner will when emerge..the mahdi
    and every one then taste the real sweetness and wisdom…..these scum heads r of no good…just destruction is their destiny….and thetruth that it is we the people who adopted these sectors and sent out children to these infidel maddrassass…which promotes homoism more than anything…..just hijacked islam and now r insulted and got prophet insulted as well in the whole world……sham on muslims…..sham on them….who let the prophets grandson martyred and let yazid be the emperor…..what do u expect as the outcome….more blood is waiting for usss dnt worry

  48. While I strongly believe, regardless of beliefs of Ahmadis, they believe in one Allah, his prophets including the Holy Prophet Mohammad, the day of judgment, and recite the same Kalima that we all Muslims do, I see no justification of calling them as Non-Muslims.

    I am very disturbed to know that in Pakistan an Ahmadi can be prosecuted for saying to a Muslim “Assalamo-Alaikum”. I see all the time in Middle East and all over the world, Arabic speaking Christian saying Assalamo-Alaikum to Muslims and Muslims replying back “Wa Alaikium Assalam”. If we can accept Salaam from Christians, what is wrong in accepting Salaam from Ahmadis who are much closer to Islam than Christians.

    However, I am very disappointed to learn that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said these and would like to know from my Ahmadi brothers/sisters if this is true and what Mirza Saheb meant:

    “I am the Maseeh of the time and I am Moses on whom God conferred His speech. I am Muhammad and Ahmad, the selected one.”
    (Taryaq-ul-Qulub, P. 3/6; Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 15, P. 134)

    “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and those accompanying Him (His companions are very strict against the unbelievers). In this divine revelation, I am named Muhammad and the prophet of Allah.”
    (Aik Ghalti ka Izala, P. 3; Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 18, P. 207)

    “Muhammad has again come down among us. His position is an improvement on his earlier visitation. If any man wishes to see Muhammad, more competent, then he should see Ghulam Ahmad, in Qadian.”
    (Al-Badr, 25 Oct. 1906)

    “Twenty Six years ago, God called me Muhammad and Ahmad, in Buraheen-i-Ahmadiah.”
    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 502)

    1. mustafa
      this is reality. if you r a patrioat plz read the following books of mirza to understand the reality of their faith.
      rohani khazaine
      1 ghalti ka izala
      baraheen ahmdia
      i think these books are enough to see it. and plz see the point blank 2nd june. if you r rational it will be a proof of their wrong faith.

      1. I saw point blank on 2nd June and to be honest, I was impressed with their point of view. There was nothing wrong in it. Did you find anything wrong?

        Do you know anything about “An’Al Haq” as said by Mansoor? Today the whole world understands that it was part of his Sufism, but Mansoor was executed for this “crime” at the time.

      2. Hafiz Sahab,
        i read few books of Mirza, i obtained hard copy from their Pindi markaz and honestly speaking after few pages, i discovered that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a very cunning and sharp agent, he played with the minds of innocent muslims and showed his real black face (his original face was also very ugly) in his books.
        I pray for all Ahmedi community to get out of the hold of Mirza family, who take monthly from them and are living lke Royals in England,
        poor Ahmedis are dying in chenab nagar and their coward leadership has no courage to save them.
        Alas they believed an ugly person, who didnot deserve to be a respectable man, rather being Prophet – May Allah save our Emaan.

        Each Prophet is the most honest, beautiful and notable person of his time, Each prophet has a single name ( Adam, Ibraham, Moses Jesus, Muhammad -SAW), each prophet is NOT a STUDENT of any teacher.

  49. @ HAFIZ akram tofani

    I know there are Muslims who are “Zaanee”, “Qaatil”, “Mazaar Parast”, “killers of last three Khalifahs and Imam Hussain, believing Hazrat Ali to be a prophet of Allah yet no one calls them a Non-Muslim or Kaafir. It is my feeling that regardless of what misleading things Mirza Ghulam Ahmad preached, it does not amount to Shirk or rejection of existence of Allah, His prophets (specially the Holy Prophet Mohammad) and His books and the day of judgment. No one has a right to pronounce anyone who says Kalima even if it is from lips only as only Allah knows what is in his heart. Have we Muslims exceeded the limits set by Allah to call one who recites Kalima, a Non-Muslim or Kafir?

  50. About Munazra,

    When Peer Mehr Ali Shah invited Mirza for a Munazra several times, publicly, privately , mirza didnot come!
    how can his followers come to a munazra, they can only shout on internet, and thats it.

  51. Video clips from a Muslim – Who left Ahmedia Community and now blasting them.

    Search for more on youtube,

    for Guys who are fond of “Munazra” , first fight with their own Ex-boy !………….enjoy the videos

  52. I condemn the Killing of innocent people regardless of color, race and religion (Blazing Sword)


    Parallel to the teachings of Islam Qadiyaniat is an artificial religion that is planted by anti Islamic imperialistic forces. This is a group of traitors and hypocrites. Its purpose is to weaken Islamic foundation and to prepare an atmosphere in Pakistan where Israel could get hold easily. Qadiyanis are always busy in making their evil designs against this Pak land. As a result of the Muslim unity in 1974 the Qadiyanis were declared as a non-Muslim minority. At that time all the Muslims of Pakistan left aside their differences. Today again such an atmosphere of unity among Muslims is the need of the hour so that this mischief could be eradicated once and for all. Our religion lays this responsibility on every Muslim to struggle for the uprooting of this great mischief.

  53. Our Country is in Danger

    Salaam to all ,

    I think its a very sensitive topic …and must be discussed with complete knowledge…As i said before in so many blogs that first we must identify the problem …so we can work on the solution otherwise we’ll be lost and its a waste of time as well….Pakistan is in extremely critical condition ….we are victim of targeted terrorism and its not just happenin randomly …it’s according to the plan of our ENEMIES ..yes i am using ENEMIES,we are surrounded by them… internally and externally …its time to understand and think ..act wisely…every word we said ….we share with other….specially in a community like that on internet world…..as we know its the key weapon to change mindset of people around the world to control them as a puppet or a dummy …

    I really appreciate young people of Pakistan when i saw them on Blogs debating and discussing issues here….but….the point is without proper knowledge or because lack of knowledge we cannot achieve the real essence of the subject matter….for that we have to dive into the deep to understand it better ….

    So please my request to all of the people commenting and makin BLOGS dont become a part or tool of our ENEMIES by promoting things what they are spreading through their or our ( Aik Hi Baat Hai ) fake media….its a very sensitive topic and our discussions could harm or heal our nation ….so its a great responsibility.Please discuss and comment but with proper research and homework……

    ” Pehlay Toulo aur Phir Bolo ”

    so Toulo is the first step……

    Allah hum sub ko ilm aur danish ata farmai….aur sahi rastay par chalney ki taufeeq ata farmay…Aameen.


    “One who obeyed Imam Mahdi obeyed me, one who disobeyed him disobeyed me” [55]. ( Beharul Anwar Vol : 13 P : 17 )

    “One who rejected Imam Mahdi he did kufr” [56].

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