Flare vs Method

T20 world cup’s second semi final was a contest between “Flare vs Method”. No doubt  Australians are one of the most professional squads of the world, their core competency in every department of cricket is far ahead of us as they follow proper cricketing methods.

If we had won this match or even the finals we would not have improved our major shortcomings exposed earlier this tournament.

Inconsistency or unpredictability is not something to be proud of. For PCB its high time to work out on their weaknesses and try to achieve a level of consistency and professionalism to bring Team Pakistan on victory stand.



  1. Afridi should be handed over to Tehreek-a-taliban Pakistan so that they can shave his head and chop one of his arms off for asking a spinner to bowl the last over specially when he saw how the batsman hussy was hitting Pakistani with ease on the on side .

  2. Mike Hussey, an absolute freak as his captain said. He was hitting almost every bowler of Pakistan. Ajmal had a great track record and he had been bowling cleanly in previous matches even in this match until last over. I don’t think Afridi should be blamed for this. In absence of Umar Gul and other fast bowlers, Ajmal was the best possible option to contain runs.

  3. I will go for the Taliban option! They got to the Semi’s because of luck and prayers, and with stupidity in the last overs – we gave them a won match.

  4. I felt if Afridi has given the bowling to Razzaq and same thing has happenned, again everybody would have blamed him. I will blame only Ajmal who could not think around Hussey, Anyhow kudos to pakistani team, they deserved to win that day

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