Peanuts for Pakhtoons

With majority consensus Pakistan’s democratically elected parliament has finally been able to pass a long awaited 18th amendment that not only clips presidential powers but ensures greater powers for the parliament as well. Apparently a win-win situation for all the political parties and nation at large, the same 18th amendment reduce tensions between the central government and the provinces over the distribution of authority and revenues date back to Pakistan’s inception and have prompted some of its most traumatic upheavals, most prominently the secession of Bangladesh and long standing retaliation in Balochistan.

It has widely been perceived that 18th amendment has finally closed dictator’s doors for good and Pakistanis are united under it.

During entire process of brainstorming and getting the amendment approved from parliament the Pashtoon nationalist party ANP has also succeeded to rename NWFP province as Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa, to which they consider as “historical victory”.

ANP as they claim themselves ” Son of the soil”  since came into power have not started even a single project in their crises stricken  province. Pakhtoons are confronted with very banter situation of various kinds including loadshedding that surpasses more than 14 hours a day, unemployment, law and order situation and above all the lethal war against terrorism that left thousands of residents homeless.

Current provincial Government  is doing nothing for development in Peshawar and adjoining areas for the last two years and is only busy in either quarreling on Eid Crescents or playing Identity politics, despite promises to construct roads, underpasses and over-head bridges at various places in Peshawar, so far, not a single brick has been placed.

Surprisingly in parliament nobody has raised voiced against ANP’s zero-performance in NWFP, the opposition and government are engaged in settling their scores in Islamabad and turned a blind eye towards the deprived province, somehow other two provinces have managed to initiate constructive projects. Even for Balochistan a comprehensive package is arranged but what NWFP is offered? A mere rebranding ?

Pakhtoon masses were already oppressed; just a name change would never serve purpose. Unfortunately all political forces including “establishment” have supported ANP’s non sensical cause so that the party give same tranquilizer to people of their province and don’t let them demand more.

It was well understood by the establishment that renaming was the only readily available Gift for the people of NWFP that might shut Pakhtoons’ voices for at least a year or so. To achieve their vicious objective federal Government had even given free hand to the ANP in Hazara that claimed 10 precious lives without any inquiry against culprits.

In this entire 18th amendment episode Pakhtoons have ended up on being the biggest losers as they got nothing but just peanuts.



  1. If the development projects are not focused on the betterment of people then they will never consider themselves as a part of any decision making process and the sense of alienation would increase. So if the government has already achieved such an important milestone then it should do something about its people.

    1. It seems provincial Government had a policy to work on renaming issue only and keep Pakhtoons mouths shut till rest of their tenure. I don’t think name change has anything to do with development. They could have initiated projects the day they took over Govt.

  2. yea well – it was all perceived and presumed from the very beginning.

    some things just wont change here no matter if its the 100th amendment that takes place

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