I am probably one of those rare people of my generation who are still not convinced and able to decide whether to join Facebook. When I see my siblings, cousins, friends and even professionals on Facebook they either indulge in playing childish games, exchanging messages on what they call “Wall?” or proudly uploading loads of solo and party pictures which I don’t think should be the reason to join this famous social networking site.

Other day an extraordinary situation filled me with amazement when a professional lady whom I often come across in elevator ended up embarrassing herself, whilst doing her Blackberry she missed her floor, and the reason was none other than her Facebook!

Even in gatherings with friends Facebook is something that always pops up during discussions and for a moment this makes me feel lagged behind as if I don’t belong to the tribe of contemporary generation. I wonder why not being a part of fad made me share my two cents here but this feeling is in my mind for quite sometime. Not sure whether I will ever join FB to connect myself with everyone I know but then again what Facebook offers that don’t let today’s generation live without it?

I asked this question to many of my friends but they couldn’t come up with a persuasive reply, they all ended up on calling it fun and it keeps them connected with friends and people around the world.

Those who became my friends during Orkut time have switched to Facebook, a better, clean and more privacy oriented site as compared to Orkut, according to them, but what privacy has to do when it comes to Social Networking?

Most of the time I think to at least test out Facebook charisma but I believe developing a nice profile and adding friends from scratch is no more my-type-of-thing.



  1. true, I have seen my bro and sis filling up quizzes and even creating. All what i could judge from your post is “Its cool” so let’s just have it!

  2. I joined facebook to kill time, never played games on fb but now I am addicted to it, because it keep me in touched with my friends, perhaps its the only way left these days.

    //but what privacy has to do when it comes to Social Networking?

    Social networking is not that you want to share your status and info with EVERYONE, but within your circle of selected friends.

  3. No one uses orkut, I have two friends left there and both are inactive :s, people have quit using msn and stay online on fb now.

  4. Self-expression is the entertainment this generation, which is why blogging and Facebook are so popular.

    But I see what you meant. I feel the exact same way about Twitter.

  5. lol it was interesting going through the comments of some of the readers here on this post. I respect tanzeel’s opinion about facebook and it is his choice not to go ahead with it. He prefers orkut. In the end one’s own choice matters. It is interesting to see though that sometimes ppl respond to this sort of a post in a very defensive way as if to justify their use of something that the blogger may have not gotten the hang. I am not trying to offend any readers so please dont bash me for this 😛 lol.. its just a mere observation on other blogs or during other discussions of such nature. I think its ok to accept one’s choice without justifying your own choice. We after all are different people by nature.

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