Societal Marketing

Karachi’s famous Agha’s supermarket has come up with an interesting societal marketing idea. They are providing grocery and other day to day items to customers in nicely designed Newspaper bags made by needy women, these newspaper bags are provided to Agha’s by NGO Rana Liaquat Craftsmen Colony Welfare Program (RLCC),  such newspaper bags would not only help women keep their homes running but at the same time address the conservation issue as well.

Basically the concept has an emphasis on social responsibility and suggests that for a company to only focus on exchange relationship with customers might not be suitable in order to sustain long term success. Rather, marketing strategy should deliver value to customers in a way that maintains or improves both the consumer’s and the society’s well-being.

I am glad that Pakistani marketers on retail level have also started realizing their social responsibility as ethically and socially responsible practices are simply good business, resulting not only in favorable image, but ultimately in increased sales.


  1. For me it was a pleasant surprise to see such a generous effort on retail level. Agha’s gone one step a head to overlooked charity boxes we often find on cash counter tops.

    Thanks indeed for choosing this write up for Karachi Metblogs. I am honored!

  2. Do you happen to know the contact details of RLCC??

    I would like to contact them for these bags and get them placed at other retail outlets.


  3. Nice initiative. I believe the organizations and companies should let go cause marketing now and take a step ahead and start making efforts towards context based philanthropy. The chain of economic activity will only run once these efforts are made. Donations and CSR should be such that they either create employment or at least enable people to generate wealth for them and create opportunities for other.

  4. Excellent effort to help the underprivilages women as well as a great idea to recycle paper.Keep up such work!

  5. “Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell”
    Aghaz Super Market has proved it right by introducing a social welfare initiative in their business.

  6. Indeed a good initiative by NGO and the overwhelming support by Agha’s.
    These kinds of welfare initiatives are usually undertaken by NGOs.
    Why not others, individually or in organized groups?

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