Naseem brings smiles to the country

A star in the name of Naseem Hameed has rocked the conscience of the dead authorities, when she turned out to be a queen of the athletic track of the Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka where she emerged as the fastest woman of South Asia by clocking 11.81 seconds in the 100m sprint of the South Asian Games. Indeed we are proud of this Pakistani lady.

After doing little research on the career of this “queen of track” I have come to know that she’s  a Karachite and belong to not to so financially sound finally, she earns around 9K Rs/ per month and live in only 40 yards un plastered house of Korangi. Initially her career’s best feat was when she was a part of bronze medallist 4x100m relay team of the country in the 10th South Asian Games held in Colombo in 2006.

Naseem Hameed who has received international recognition across the world and has become one of the most prominent ladies of Pakistan should be the motivation for not only women but men also. Our cricketers who have been earning unlimited and dictating their terms to the authorities should learn basic lessons of struggle and patriotism from this 23-year old lady. Naseem without having international standards of training, proper diet and financial support have a done a miracle for nation.

After her brilliant performance, Naseem now feels that her feat will definitely add to her responsibility.

“Definitely, after such an achievement, the pressure builds and it will certainly add to my responsibility but I will try to face all the pressure and will struggle to make my career more healthy,” the proud athlete said.

On the other hand in the interesting course of action when Naseem getting enormous welcome in Pakistan, other gold medal winners apart from Naseem Hameed were not given any protocol at the Jinnah International Airport on their arrival from Dhaka on Thursday which greatly demoralised and depressed them.

This is a prime example of our authorities and media’s injustice towards other gold medalists who belong to different cities of Pakistan.I wonder why no cash prizes and same recognition being given to them by different associations and political heads.

In the end nation salute and thank all those Pakistani athletes who brought honor and smiles for us.

Pakistan Zindabad


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