Karachi witness deadly Ashura

On 28th December, A suicide bomber managed to kill 45 mourners as they marched in a procession in Karachi. The blast also wounded up to 60 more people, who were commemorating Ashura, the holiest day on the Shia religious calendar.

While no group has claimed responsibly for the incident yet but it’s obvious that the horrendous explosion on Shia procession was the contribution of our very own Sunni extremist alliance comprised by Lashkar e Jhangi and Taleban linked Jesh e Mohammad, the same Jesh-e-Mohammad that was formed by Molana Masood Azhar, the man released after a deal between Taliban and Indian authorities after the Indian Airline hijacked in Afghanistan.

These organizations are quite active in Karachi and despite being banned they are aggressively engaged in inciting sectarianism.

The Lashkar e Jhangvi & Jesh e Mohammad draw support, inspiration and assistance from various religious-political parties in Pakistan, primarily the Pro Taleban Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) who has a soft corner for Taleban and Al Qaida.

Just last week, Karachi police told Daily Times that they had intelligence that indicated Lashkar-e-Jhangvi would strike at the Shia processions in Karachi.

“They plan to carry out suicide bombings and target killings,” an anonymous police official told Daily Time last week. “These terrorists want to show their strength to the law enforcers and intelligence agencies, and they also want to take revenge of the killings of their leaders and workers in the last couple of months in the city.”

Right after the bomb blast at least 80 percent shops were torched by the extremist elements of Shia community as a reaction. It has been estimated that 2000(Rs. 30 billion loss) shops were set ablaze, which is hugely detrimental to the country’s economy.

Now the question arises how within seconds mobs torched the markets and no one could stop them. While the law and enforcement agencies were engaged in protecting rest of the procession that remained continued even after the blast, the extremist elements of Shia community (who vowed to react if incase of any terrorism during the procession) had loaded themselves with inflammable material that could blaze markets within minutes and did the job accordingly. It may be mentioned here that Iran has been accused of sponsoring Shia militancy (ISO)  in Pakistan.

So far MQM is the only political party that has been directly accusing Taliban for every major terrorist attack that has taken place in the country in the last five years however the PPP, PML N and ANP have turned a blind eye towards this issue.

Other than them Jamat e Islami and PTI of Imran Khan support negotiations with Taleban which seems an attempt to curb on going military operation against Taliban, to reunite them and to carry their agenda in more effective way since Pakistan’s tribal area  is the strong hold of Jamat e Islami.

The only solution to this problem is strict vigilance on the mainstream as well as underground religious parties of Pakistan whose leaders are freely roaming and preaching hate speech against different sects in Pakistan and gradually earning public support.


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