We are Sorry Quaid!

Jinnah was Secular, Jinnah was Islamist. Jinnah never offered his prayers. These are some most commonly heard statements about Quaid e Azam, even after 133 years of his birth the nation is still dicussing what Jinnah was and whether he really used to offer his prayers which clearly shows where we stand and how much serious we are in following his teachings.

Quaid e Azam has given us the “nation” but we never paid heed on his words. Every warning of Mr. Jinnah, be it governance, law and order, education, they have all come true. He anticipated the problems which the young nation is going to face and gave us a slogan of “Unity, Faith and Discipline “, he knew that all the three pillars are equally important in strengthening the nation but we relied on “Faith” only.

Thus a Faithful yet divided and undisciplined nation has become an undeclared failed state facing suicide bombings on daily basis, bad governance, economic crisis, inflation, terrorism, we feel proud of being Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch or Pashto but Pakistani.

In such circumstances Pakistan cannot emerge as a nation in its true sense unless its ethnic, linguistic, religious and geographical groups are at peace with each other and perceive the federal system as a fair system of co-existence.  Due to our ignorance we have lost East Pakistan and we are still following the same path that leads us no where.

Today I am ashamed of being a part of the generation which is tend to waste Jinnah’s struggle.

We are sorry Quaid e Azam!



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