Kickable Demons

The Sindh government has imposed ban on holding wedding functions beyond midnight. Daily Times

There is a famous saying in Urdu “Laaton kay bhoot baaton say nahi maantay” which means “Kickable demons are not agreeable to words”.

Recently placed ban on late night weddings is an example of above mentioned saying, this ban in a bid to counter security threats as well as to conserve electricity is largely appreciated by the citizens as well as the management of wedding halls.

This is the first time I witness Time Management practice by common people due to which most citizens would be able to go home earlier, reach to their work place on time and also be able to put their children to bed earlier. We will also be able to save reasonable amount of electricity and indeed it would be a big time relief for the “restless” wedding couples but the question remains — why citizens always need to be threatened for something which is even in their personal interests and for the nation at large.

In the wake of late- night -wedding- ban I appeal Government to also ensure implementation of one-dish and ban on usage of weapons and extra loud music at marriage ceremonies — this step would further help nation get rid of huge wedding-waste and celebrate decent weddings.

The day we realized sense of responsibility and discipline on such preliminary levels we would surely turn into one of the civilized and progressive nations on earth.



  1. Kickable demons..sounds funny, but true.
    I myself got stucked in such functions which started late and finished too late, time is precious and we are fond of wasting precious things.
    i agree the one dish policy plus dowry rules ought to be implemented too.

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