President’s Bullying

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad, said Euripides. This saying exactly fits in to the current PPP regime who to mark the party’s 43rd foundation day in Karachi thrashed almost everyone including media. Such an unprofessional attitude from the party’s top leadership exposed the fear and stress they have been confronting for quite sometime. The ‘Awami’ president  from his highly secured president house via telephonic address “warned” the nation (minus PPP supporters) that they are here because they have a mandate and PPP will foil all attempts of political actors. Mr. Zardari and co. during his bullying referred MQM, PML N, PTI, JI and Geo Tv as political actors who want to derail democratic set up by not supporting PPP’s corruption and mismanagement, in a sense he lashed at almost all the political parties and mainstream media out of frustration however the response came from the so called political actors should be much appreciated as they understand what the Awami government is currently going through and how fragile they are. The nation knows that a single long march or a comprehensive media campaign can topple this highly unpopular Government.

I believe at this point of time PPP should reconsider their governing strategy (if any) and include all the party veterans in their central executive committee who would not only sincerely advise the perplexed president but help PPP’s brand building as well. Currently Zardari brigade seems to be on defensive side as they have widely been criticized across the nation but unfortunately instead of fixing their blunders they have chosen to capitalize sympathy vote by portraying themselves innocent which is a sure way to self-destruction, People’s party under the disguise of democracy are putting all energies to earn people’s sympathy without realizing the fact that the hurdles of free media, courts and  now an alert Army would never let the nation befooled as we are facing one of the worst times in the history of Pakistan. This is the time when even opposition is reluctant to take charge of country and demand mid term elections despite their growing popularity graph but again whom gods would destroy, they first make mad.


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