Nation with no motivation

Due to the recent developments in the country I have observed that with the passage of time our priorities have been shifted to negativism. There was a time when Pakistan was known as champions of squash, hockey, cricket and even snooker. Our drama serials, movies and music were something which we could proud of but sadly everything has been overshadowed by the Politics & terrorism.

A poor man has nothing to do with Kerry Lugar bill or F 16s when he is unable to purchase flour/ Sugar for his family but unfortunately top leaders of Pakistan are engaged in discussing problems that are not related to common Pakistanis at all. All these developments have left an awful impact on our mind. Our entrainment has become politics now, even in gatherings discussing politics has become fashion. We switch on Tv to keep ourselves updated with the political developments in the country not for what they play on MTV.

On the other hand our media try their level best to engage the nation in worries. Even cartoons have gone highly satirical which we happily enjoy without realizing the terrible condition of Pakistan. There is no doubt that one day we will emerge as one of the most intolerant and failed nations in the list of some XYZ magazine if such developments continue.

This is the fist time I feel Pakistan has no standing in the world and in such hopelessness it’s simply impossible for us to do some thing remarkable which could make us feel proud.


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