The ‘Feel-Good’ Effect

When everything goes wrong and life doesn’t seem fair to us, we seek for happiness in petty things. Same happened to me, while coming towards home I found a street recently named on former President Pervez Musharraf. To me it was a pleasant surprise which simply brought smile on my face.

Let alone opposition this is the time when even the then loyalists of Musharraf are finding ways to sideline themselves from ex president and for point scoring majority of politicians are hell bent on trying him in courts, MQM’s City District Government Karachi has again surprised the Karachites and the nation by uniquely paying off “dictator’s efforts” of strengthening democracy.

To recognize his struggle more monuments and parks being constructed on the name of former President which indeed give the feel-good effect to the people like me who have witnessed progress in Musharraf’s regime.

We hope that Musharraf will come back again and restore Pakistan to its true glory.


One comment

  1. The Ex President did well for Pakistan but following Zia ul haq foot steps to be the President and army cheif simultaneously …… cannot be justified ….. I ll be his fan if he returns to Pakistan as a Politician.

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