The Bold and the Beautiful

Not that famous American soap opera but an embarrassing Pakistani political talk show “Kal Tak” . This time the brawl was between Federal Minister of Population and welfare Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan of PPP and Ms. Kashmala Tariq of PML Q who during a live program aggressively held each other responsible for being “Lota” and “Prostitute” respectively.

This was indeed a matter of shame for the nation when the two loose tongued characters on a satellite tv channel nearly scuffled with each other to save their losing grace.

No wonder why Pakistani politics has miserably been losing trust and the level of respect in the eyes of common Pakistani and the world at large. Our “elected representatives” hail from respectable families are ending up on being rapist, liars, thieves, murderers, cheaters and what not.

To an extent the fault lies on our side as well, today we curse politicians  like Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Shumaila Rana or Munawwar Gill etc. but we conveniently ignore the fact that we are actually the ones who religiously pave their ways to the parliament.

We, in love of democracy have handed over the country to the people like Ms. Firdaus Aashiq Awan, Zafar Ali Shah, Khuwaja Asif , Abid Sher Ali and Mr.Ahsan iqbal who can’t even keep their cool in candid talk shows, who don’t know what to speak when. I am afraid if this is their approach in local media then how do they exercise their right of freedom of speech internationally. Nothing could be more embarrassing than this thought!

Unfortunately future of this nation is still grim since no one is there to replace the current lot of filth from our politics as  ruling gangs are actually the remnants of their crooked ancestors who were also  part and parcel of the same Pakistani politics which has  now become a family business.

Although Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken notice to this not-so-new-act of Ms. Firdaus Ashiq Awan yet I see no hopes in the attitudes of our politicians who lack basic communication etiquette.


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