Here comes the 14th August and Pakistanis despite being victim of terrorism, inflation, load shedding and what not have again charged up. Green- White flags hoisting everywhere bringing joy and happiness on the face of every patriotic Pakistani — being a “creative” nation we have got style and the potential to look “different” and in order to obey our thirst of creativity some genius Pakistanis have come up with a great idea which is highly appreciated by children as well as their parents. .

According to those creative cum patriotic brains there is an immense need to transform the perception of world about Pakistanis thus an effort to convince international community about softer image of Pakistan an effort  is made by transforming National flag (the only unique identity of Pakistan).

In pursuance of this innovation thousands of parents either to introduce soft image of Pakistan or to compete with the theory of Eurabia where Disney Land would be turned as “Disneystan” have gathered  on different stalls to grab limited edition of Mickey-Moused-Flag over a standard Pakistan flag for their kids, those respectable elderly citizens seen smiling and hoisting the new Pakistani flags on road sides with their sons and grandsons in which the father of Nation Mr. Mickey Mouse proudly holding SOME Green and White flag on white portion while two fainted pictures probably Jinnah and Iqbal printed on right side.

I don’t know from where and by whom these flags were systematically floated but whoever did that — the idea has religiously been followed across the nation and as usual no authorities paying heed into this very sensitive issue.

We as a nation who literally sacrificed for the homeland need to understand that a flag represents an idea and history. Likewise the Pakistani Flag in white and dark green field represents minorities & Muslim majority, respectively. The crescent on the flag represents progress and the five-rayed star represents light and knowledge but what we did? We made Mickey Mouse stand on minority side as if minorities are something we don’t take seriously.

Our flag is neither a mere piece of decoration it is honored for what it represents. Such respect does not depend on the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Many flags are held in high esteem for their history, for the sacrifices made by the people, for the qualities for which the country and people stand but sadly we Pakistanis are even failed to pay respect to our National Flag.

God Bless us!



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