A Pakistani Judge

Supreme Court of Pakistan  has directed former President of Pakistan. Mr. Musharraf to appear on court on 29th July.  The case has not even started but a quick judgment prior to hearing from The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and that too in front of hundreds of lawyers and media has already been passed.

Addressing the oath-taking ceremony of the Ferozwala Bar Association in Shekhupura district, Lahore High Court Justice Mr. Khwaja Sharif  passed a statement that Musharraf had seen good times and now should be ready to face bad times because of his deeds.  He also said that Punjab  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif would resolve issues of the judges’ salaries because he considered quick dispensation of justice vital according to The News, July 25, 09.

I am not sure if a serving high court judge has the right to pass any judgment or even comment on the extremely sensitive issue which is going to be started in Supreme Court of Pakistan after couple of days.

Mr. Khwaja’s views on former President and the current Nawaz Shareef Government clearly tell us the inclination and behavior of judiciary in Pakistan.

After witnessing that particular behavior of our “esteemed judge” many doubts have been raised in my mind not only regarding the fair trial of Pervez Musharraf but the overall behavior and professionalism of Pakistani judiciary.

In next few days big things going to happen in our country. This is just a very first loop hole revealed in Musharraf’s trial.//


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