Pakistan Smiles

They came, they played they win. That’s what Pakistan is all about if filled with the power of IMAN. (Belief)

Pakistan yesterday won the World Twenty20, proving that pure love for cricket and outstanding natural talent is enough to make them kings of the cricket.

It was way back in 1992 when charismatic Imran Khan comes back from retirement to lead Pakistan victory. Younus Khan on Sunday made sure that his name will be taken in the same breath as Imran leading the unpredictable Pakistan to title victory.

It is obviously a feel good gift Pakistani team has been able to deliver to the nation after the ruthless wave of terrorism. Though I still don’t compare the T20 victory with the 1992 world cup triumph since it was a standard 50 over event however the nation through T20 WC victory has smashed the critics and lobbyists who were thinking that Pakistan cricket would die a slow death for it’s isolation from international cricket on security grounds.

This historical victory has yet again brought life in Pakistanis who almost had left all hopes and interest in sports, the same Pakistanis who used to read about suicide bombing, murders, robberies expected something pleasant in Monday’s Newspaper headlines which not only brought genuine smiles on their faces but made them discuss something other than terrorism/ politics.

This is the same team who when loses used to bear all kind of pressure, abuses, curses from the nation but at this time they realized their responsibility and did their best to bring back smiles on the face of the strife torn nation. I hope this much needed victory would keep Pakistan on winning track and they would bring us ICC champions’ trophy as well not for the sake of winning an event but for hearts.  I am also hoping that culture of street cricket and watching matches would again revive in Pakistan.

As for the nations who are hesitant to play with Pakistan in Pakistan should now understand that if they want to play with “Champions” they have to come to Pakistan anyway. Just the way we have saved Team Sri Lanka by sacrificing our people if God forbid something happens we would save them as well however the doors of safe, secure, and glamorous IPL are always open for them which Thank God terrorist and talentless Pakistan kept away from its shadow and made the Green Caps realize their own potential.

In the end I would like to second Pakistan captain Younus Khan words who said “This final must go to Bob Woolmer because he was working well with us and if he was alive he’d be proud of us. He was a father figure to us”. We are indeed the nations who don’t forget our Heroes.

Pakistan Zindabad!//


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