You know you are from PTI when…

* You curse each and every political leader on earth.

* You freely discuss personal life of Salman Taseer and his daughters but never let anyone discuss Imran’s past.

* The only arguments you use to counter MQMites are “12th May”, “Altaf Hussain’s Salaam” and the word “Chooran”

* You don’t hesitate to gang up with even Jiyalas when it comes to argue with MQM

* Through out the year you PROTEST

* You criticize USA for challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty but conveniently ignore Taleban/ Al Qaeda for  doing the same in FATA

* You lodge more protests in UK & US than your home land

* Your leader has more fame than his vote bank

* You pretend to be moderate Muslim but your political compass tilts towards Jamat e Islami

* To remain in limelight your leader often holds small rallies in Islamabad

* You never realized that PTI’s voter’s average age is actually 15 year.

* Your party scatters after regular intervals.

* Your leader spends considerable time in giving Tv interviews

* The only excuse of defeat your party leader gives is “it’s a new party”

* You actually spend more time on internet to justify party manifesto than to work for it.

* Through out the year your leader campaigns for the change but when change comes he goes into hiding

* You don’t accept the fact that there is one man show in your party

* You actually support Taleban

* You don’t know any other PTI leader’s name.

* Your ultimate demand is Musharraf’s trial

* You often cry against NRO but conveniently ignore Nawaz / Musharraf agreement.

* Your presence in Karachi is still ZERO.

*When you enter in Karachi you call  MQM “natural allies”

* Your attention seeking argument is “Insaaf Zindabad”

*Your leader calls up Altaf Hussain , appreciates his bold stances on national issues and you start praising MQM.



  1. You know u r from MQM when u kill people and the start crying on AR?Y and then all lifafa anchors starts doing propagenda for you.

  2. Altaf Kalia :You know u r from MQM when u kill people and the start crying on AR?Y and then all lifafa anchors starts doing propagenda for you.

    lol, thats a great description 😀

  3. We cant forget……….

    imran Khan Scandal

    Imran Khan Arrested by Punjab Police HOT GEO NEWS

    Sharam ka muqam ha, doob ke mar jana chahie hum logo ko, maa, behen, beti wo rishte jin ki izzat ki khatir hume jaan ki qurbani dene se gurez nai karna chahie, un ke bare me aisi bate?I really do not want to say anything to this guy at all… obviously he does not have any moral/family values.

    Imran Khan Goldie Hawn scandal – part 3/3 with mubashir

    Never trust these monafiqs. They have more different facses then Hindu Gods

    Scandals of Imran Khan .. A Special Report

    imran shame on you

    Imran khan views on match fixing Scandal

    Pakistan PTI Tehreek-e-Insaf Leader Imran Khan Zani

    Imran Khan 3 Sister beaten like hell on street by police

    Imran Khan arrested by Jamiat

    Imran Khan’s detention at Punjab University

    Imran Khan arrested at Punjab University

    Imran Ke Ghar Walon Ka Hashar – 15Nov2007

    imran khan from lahore on sindhtvnews

    Harami Child of Zani Imran Khan, Sameol Reply

    Jemima bats for Imran

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    Jemima Khan

    Jemima Khan at Home

    Jemima Khan

    Imran Khan Seeta White daughter debate

    Imran Khan Pagal Ho Gaya 22-06-2007


    Harami Child of Zani Imran Khan

    Imran Khan Goldie Hawn scandal – part 3/3 with mubashir

    1. What the hell is wrong with you man?? Everyone has done some bad things in their lives. It doesn’t mean you have to keep barking about it all for the rest of their lives.
      And posting videos of Imran Khan’s sisters getting beaten up??? How cheap and degrading of you!!!

  4. Tanzeel: Firslty, shame on you. Secondly, you may like to check the leadership page on to get to know the leadership of PTI. The leadership includes several Phds, businessmen, surgeons, colonels, judges, intellectuals, journalists, and other middle class people and hence your assumption that the average age of a PTI member is 15 is FALSE. And yes we do criticize most poiticians of pakistan because if one is honest, that is the ONLY option with us! And you said that PTI members spend more time on internet? Well keeping in mind that 70% of pakistan’s population consist of the youth, and that most of this youth uses internet, is using internet (which is btw, the medium you chose to publish your rant and you always do from the comfort of your home and which is a cost-effective, speedy, intelligent way of making your voice heard) to promote ideas and to campaign for PTI such a bad idea?? You should remember PTI does not pay its members; it does not has BLACK MONEY to buy out people, put them in trucks and buses and transport them for some FAKE but BIG jalsa. We are the normal people who do day jobs and some work even 2 jobs and we still take out time to try convincing others that a man with a track record as clean, great and inspiring as Imran Khan is our ONLY GOOD CHOICE if we want our country to prosper.
    And no we don’t secretly or openly love Taleban. And even if we do love Taleban, it does not mean that we love the ideology of Taleban. Some wise man had once said, the best way to win a war against an enemy is to BEFRIEND him. So if we off and on say that “there are some valid grievances (injustice?, drone attacks killing civilians?, the fact that army ditched the taleban after using them as a strategic asset?, etc etc etc) of Taleban which should be solved it DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE SUPPORT VOILENT ATTACKS OF TALEBAN against the civilians and army-men.
    And i have not seen any common PTI member or any official of PTI discussing personal life of Salman Taseer or his off springs.
    Try to get your facts correct. It may actually HELP you. Thanks.
    Lastly, SHAME ON YOU.

    1. Relax dude, I have just penned down what I observed about PTI and its followers, I have no personal enmity with Imran Khan, take this write as an unbiased perspective of a common Pakistani : P

  5. So funny i almost laughed my stitches off!!!!!!!!!!! And so true!! Tanzeel, you have hit the nail on the head, bro.

  6. There is a thin line which seperates the use sarcasm as either wit or hatred; it is evident from the write up that the profound sarcasm used here crosses the line of wit and impartiality.

    PTI despite its many failings and seemingly ignorant, thoughtless follower base must be credited for not being involved in gun politics; a phenomenon ubiquitous in Pakistani politics.

    As for the points you raised most are totally skewed to suit your opinion. Some random points I choose to counter.
    *You curse each and every political leader on earth.
    << so does the media ,so its rather a media infleunce and most of the politicians are involved in some or other form corruption.
    *The only arguments you use to counter MQMites are “12th May”, “Altaf Hussain’s Salaam” and the word “Chooran”
    << actually thats a bad practice to defame political leader of any party, but what MQM did on 12th May shows the character of MQM. Plus the reason why it is cited mostly is because; its a recent issue as compared to the conflicts of 90s.
    * You don’t accept the fact that there is one man show in your party
    << so are the others, Sharifs, Zardari, Hussain all are one man show.
    * You often cry against NRO but conveniently ignore Nawaz / Musharraf agreement.
    << I fail to understand for whose convenience? since you yourself claim that PTI is anti-all-politicians & anti-Musharraf in the same article. Moreover, NRO bails out the accused from corruption and murders. A pact of 10 years is a minnow against NRO.
    * You actually support Taleban
    << ACTUALLY they don't support Taliban, they only hold USA as the primary agent for the unrest; though arguable but it never means that they support Taliban.
    Its like saying MQM ACTUALLY; uses violence,threats and fear; and exploits the ethnic bias and sympathy card; to hold its claws on Karachi. How inaccurate !

  7. hahahahaha tanzeel u know u exactly behaved like “khasyani billi khamba nooche” 😛
    keep living in world of dream boy and PTI is going to show you that how much vote bank PTI has and how much existence PTI has in karachi.

  8. That was written 3 years before. see how the things have been changed now. The trurth shall prevail. PTI is now 3rd force in political system of pakistan, with its footprints in every district of Pakistan. And yes the 15 years voters have now become 18. Now you will find voter of PTI in every second home.
    Khan has emmerged as a ray of hope. The youth has added a might to PTI. Not only youth, but people like me as well who were once in a romance with Bhutto.

    I think its time to reconsider what you expressed 3 years before.

    1. I agree 3 years back situation was same what I have mentioned. I hope they would improve by the passage of time. Good Luck PTI

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