In the name of Religion

After frequent demands and fatwas of assassination of Gustakh e Rasool [Salman Rusdhie] I came across with another interesting yet disturbing demand from my patriotic Pakistani Muslim brothers i.e Gustakhe e Ali (Read: not other Sahabas) should also be executed and interestingly that blasphemous personality is none other than our renowned religious scholar Dr. Isar Ahmed.

On  inquiry I came to know that Dr. Israr passed a not-so-blasphemous statement regarding Hazrat Ali on QTV that made certain “intellectuals”  declare him Wajib-ul-Qatal.  Don’t know what the motive behind this graffiti was but one thing is quite clear for sure that Taleban are not the only source of extremism/ terrorism in Pakistan but other religious groups too, mainly from Shia, sunni sects.

I would also quote the incidence of Fatwa of Imam Khomeni on the issue of Salman Rushdie regarding his book Satanic Verses and the fatwa states that it is obligatory for Muslim to kill Salman Rushdie.

I was literally stunned when I read that Fatwa news and had various debates with different people around me and shockingly many people supported the argument that whoever commits blasphemy should be assassinated.

I am still confused if it’s so easy to murder someone just because he has a different view point.

After observing the growing religious fanaticism in Pakistan I can safely conclude that even if we get rid of the menace of Taleban, religious extremists in other forms will always remain in our roots as they have been operating legally and very systematically in our society. These half backed knowledge Mullahs are in our mosques, Imam bargahs and even in our homes in the form of ” MOLI-SAAB” who come from tribal areas or rural Punjab with a Siparah, Saudi scarf, white Qameez Shalwar  and turn into a  respectable religious  personality and sometimes scholar.

We seriously need to ponder this issue by not only keeping an eye on such so called religious scholars’ activities but also by raising voice against unacceptable activities.  IMO it’s easy to eradicate extremists but it’s equally tough to maintain an extremism free society as our “scholars” are swiftly enlightening the masses on daily basis.



  1. The religious extremism is often reflected in a little hypocritical manner. You pointed out right.It is indeed a cheap way of getting publicity and who is this blo any way. I seriously don’t get one thing. Firstly who cares if Dr. Israr has said something against Hazrat Ali. Its not that he was some inevitable savior of Muslim kind, he was just a preacher for a sect, not to mention he was Zia-ul-Haq times’ Dr. Aamer Liaquat.. just another religious guy who got famous because of mere lectures on TV. Besides why not the people from other sects who are all against him actually open religious books by themselves to know where they have gone wrong instead of procrastinating and beating themselves every start of year.. stuck ups..

    Our sunni religious scholars act often like irrational stuck ups too. Take the case of Qadiyanis for example.. Why the hell Qadiyanis are treated the way they are these days and Bahais are not. Just because they are rich..? or just because it didn’t started in their marked territory or maybe they have more hate for Shia sect thn to accept any of there fatwas..
    The whole case of Rushdie’s book did anyone has ever read that book? about the cartoons did anyone ever check islamic paintings of 15th and 16th century of Hazrat muhammad (P.B.U.H).. and by the way did anyone care for those paintings. where are they now? does anyone even know about that. If we stop giving importance to such abominably petty issues and think of more important things like killings of Muslims around the world, mutual peace between the sects we may survive. Again, its not the time of Islamic renaissance when all the major issues of life are solved and kings and wazirs are sitting in their palaces deciding whether owl is halal or not or nazaakat of beauty of islam is not hurt by some random man’s hallucinative blabbering (rushide and cartoonist)..

  2. Well said, Bahais or Ismailis are not only rich but they have lots of say in our establishment as well esp in issues of northern areas. Extremism in any form is condemnable, initially I used to think it was only sunni extremists who talk about assassinations of other sects but Shias extremism is not hidden either. I don’t see any difference between Sipah e sahaba and this BLO.

  3. O ye who believe ! be strict in observing justice and be witnesses for ALLAH, even though it be against yourselves or against your parents or kindred. Whether he, against whom witness is borne, be rich or poor, ALLAH is more regardful of them both than you are. Therefore follow not your low desires that you may be able to act equitably. And if you hide the truth or evade it, then know that ALLAH is Well-Aware of what you do.
    (Holy Quran: 4:136)

    1. The True Muslims
      Now, let us see what the Holy Qur’an says about a True Muslim. God Almighty has commanded us, in the Holy Qur’an, that a Muslim should enjoin what is good and forbid evil; and if you do that, in that lies your greatness.
      As God says,

      “You are the best people raised for the good of mankind; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in God…” (Holy Qur’an, Ch. 3: v. 111)
      Muslims Created For The Good of Mankind
      Now, as stated in the Holy Qur’an, you have been created for the good of mankind. So, it cannot be that a person should be created for the good of mankind, but nothing except mischief should come from him and mankind should suffer from him and be terrorized by him.
      In fact, God Almighty has taught Muslims to work for the good of mankind, to guide them towards that which is good, to invite them towards God, their Creator, and to fulfil the obligations that they owe to Him and His people.
      Everyone should benefit from a Muslim. And Muslims should stop those among them who are involved in evil and are causing loss and suffering to people, and are killing God’s creatures without any just cause. In this commandment, therefore, a Muslim has been made responsible for the good and the betterment of the entire mankind.

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