Demo [of] Crazy

The only point on which entire nation is united is all politicians are corrupted but we still vote for them and get them elected as a result they come in power ruin the country and quit. In next elections we get the next candidate elected keeping in mind that he would have been tamed but he proves himself more crooked than his predecessor, later their children take over and then their children’s children and the cycle goes on. We have the same old faces in politics which are simply unable to run country the way it should be. The most amazing thing about this country is it’s we who get these crooked leaders elected and later curse them however as compared to politicians — military dictators (though come in power by force) they do well for the country in terms of economy, development, foreign policy etc.

Interestingly we in the beginning welcome them, distribute sweets on military coups but later the nation starts expressing grief, our demand for democracy starts and we ultimately bring the same hypocrite political leaders again who we knew are the worst creatures on earth. The question arises why we are so much influenced with the word “Democracy” despite knowing the fact that it never worked in Pakistan because of obvious reasons. Even today we have democratically elected government but I never saw even a single day when they were not cursed or even abused.

I would not blame any leader for this mishap. I believe it’s we who don’t deserve development. In dictators’ regime productivity and the “essence of democracy” (freedom of media, minority rights, women empowerment, local government etc) could be experienced but in democracy we have parliament, politicians, provincial assemblies etc but we still don’t have ‘democracy’.

Our leaders still prefer to resolve issues on streets instead of parliament. Our President who represents the biggest political party of Pakistan is one of the most corrupt men in Pakistan. If this is the case I believe the Pakistani nation is not made for democracy or we still need to understand what a true democracy is. We are still not civilized enough to fulfill the demands of democracy.

The country where feudalism and dynasty politics have strong roots cannot emerge as true democracy, logically it can’t. Current situation of the country and the attitude of our political leaders make me realize that “A Good dictatorship is better than the worst democracy”. The survival of Pakistan is in Dictatorship or the “Democracy under the umbrella of Dictatorship” (Musharraf’s Model) at least for some more time.


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